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SLX Sky Magic eye kit

Manufacturer: SLX

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Customer Reviews

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  Works but introduces noise

| | See all anothername's reviews (2)

It works, as in it allows you to turn over your sky box from another room that is connected via the coax, but it introduces a lot of unwanted picture noise, which then means its not really watchable :( I have a different type of sky eye, that doesnt do this, so would recommend you look elseware.

  Excellent Value

| | See all MisterQ's reviews (1)

In response to the question, does it allow all the functions on the second remote? The answer is yes. I have the original Sky eye but they cost 15 pound so this is a bargain.

  Utter garbage. Avoid this waste of money.

| | See all Scoots3567's reviews (2)

I bought two of these "simple easy-to-use" items, in the hope of extending our SkyHD & Sky multiroom to our kitchen and son's room. What a waste of money. Neither works or even picks up a signal from the coaxial cable (which has been checked). The instructions do NOT provide for SkyHD, despite what they say. The process is completely different from normal Sky or Sky+.

It's not simple. It's not easy. It just does not work. A total waste of money and considerable time and effort (going under our house to run and drill holes for the coaxial cable).

Avoid, avoid, avoid.

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  Brilliant value for money

| | See all Ruby1Lenny's reviews (7)

Bought at just a fiver. This little gadget has been brilliant, bought it so i could view, watch and record from my sky plus box (downstairs) on my television upstairs. easy to set up and comes with instructions of the steps you need to take on the sky remote to set it up. I have a remote version that does not require any cables which i purchased for 60pounds 2 yrs ago but is no where near the great quality that this gadget provides because it is directly plugged in using a Coax cable. I drilled a hole in the ceiling to put the cable upstairs & using a 10m coax lead it doesnt loose any quality of picture. Highly recommend at any cost.... much cheaper than buying multi-room through sky but obviously with this gadget you have to view the same channel shown on the main TV, which isnt a problem for me as downstairs tv is switched off when i go to bed and watch upstairs tv anyway.


| | See all kellswells's reviews (1)

does anyone know if you can have 2 magic eyes at the same time??? i have one in my dining room but would also like to conect 1 up to my bedroom

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  Mason1182 RE: Need Help

| | See all Jordanm86's reviews (2)

Hi Mason1182,

it may be possible to use this with the Virgin+ hd box but Virgin rather annoyingly removed the RF output on the back of the box which means you cannot conntect a coaxial cable to feed to a second TV. To get around this you will need to connect a scart to the back of the virgin box and then connect the scart to a universal modulator (this works like old VCR's which allowed a scart input feed and an rf output). You can then run the RF output to the second TV. The other issue is that sky boxes allow infra red commands to be sent through the eye product shown, down the coaxial and into the rf output of the box. Virgin boxes cannot do this so you will need to add an infra red repeater (which takes the signal sent through the coaxial and emits it from a small box near the Virgin box). We use a universal modulator box and a BlueDelta Smart Blaster & eye set.

Our setup is like this: 2nd TV -to- BlueDelta Smart Eye -to- Coaxial Cable -to- BlueDelta Smart Blaster -to- Universal Modulator -to- Scart Cable -to- Virgin+ HD Box -to- HDMI Cable -to- Main TV

The quality on the second tv is not perfect closeup but 4-6foot away it is quite clear and definitely watchable

Hope this helps :-)

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  It's Up To You

| | See all littlehelper's reviews (1)

Watch the same satellite channel and control your satellite receiver from a second TV in a different location. Run coax cable from your Satellite Reciever's RF2 output to another room, attach the magic eye and you can watch your satellite channels and change the channel on the reciever. Suitable for Sky, Sky + and Sky HD. Instructions supplied.

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  Help Needed

| | See all Mason1182's reviews (1)

I was just wondering if this is only Sky specific and whether anyone has used one of these and it has worked on a V+ hd box?


| | See all tigerdvds's reviews (2)

i was thinking of buying this because i thought i would have sky in 2 different rooms and i thought that i could watch football in 1 room and wife could watch soaps in another room both at the same time of night etc. can anyone tell me if this is correct or not? no pun intended but i seem to be getting mixed signals, 1 person says both rooms show the same channel, and another person says he and wife can watch 2 different things in 2 different rooms to stop any arguing. i dont see the point in this gadget if you can only watch the same channel in the bedroom as the living room

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  Not sure

| | See all cotts88's reviews (1)

Going to buy, but wondering if anyone could help. How long is the cable?
Or is it two parts? plug one bit into the sky box and the reciever into the tele in the other room?

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