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Creative Zen 8GB MP3 Video Player (Black)

Manufacturer: Creative

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (66 reviews)"

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  my constant companion

| | See all shonieo's reviews (4)

Was looking for something to replace my Nomad Jukebox as I wanted something to play video to keep my little one occupied on long journeys. Decided to go for this one, due to the SD memory expansion slot, which I have found really useful. I keep videos and my audio books on different SD cards, keeping the main player for the music. Screen is pretty small, but excellent picture.
I work nights, so it is constantly on. I normally have it plugged it into the PC, via the USB slot.

I knew about it freezing before buying it. Does it maybe once a couple of months, but I have a paperclip handy that I push into the reset button and we're back up and running again. I have been lucky and it has not wiped all of my stuff when I reset it, yet.......

I would recommend that if you are going to buy one, to get a case for it. My colleague, who bought one after seeing mine, got the leather case. It didn't have a screen protector, so she had to improvise. I got the Zen clear case and it is great. Have dropped it a few times and protects it well.

The software is not the greatest. It is very slow at converting video. It is meant to support lots of different formats, but it always says the format is not compatible and has to convert it. This can take hours depending.

Apart from the software and the occasional freezing, I love it and would recommend it to anyone. I have had mine for over a year now.

  Well worth a pop

| | See all SamsTown's reviews (54)

Purchased one of these elsewhere but thought I'd add my review to Play's site.

Firstly this was purchased as an intended update to several MP3 players which I currently own ranging from Zen Stones, to a Nomad Jukebox to an Aigo Multi Function MP3 player which is essentially the double of this player but without the quality and experience which Creative add to their products.

The player itself is literally the same size as a credit card with the exception of the thickness obviously, I would say its around 1-2 cm thick.

Upon starting the player I was somewhat disappointed the menu seemed like a pain to navigate and I gave up for a few days. When I finally got round to playing with it a little more I was well impressed.

My recommendations would be to firstly use Windows Media Players Sync option in tandem with their find album info option to automatically clean up your mp3 files add album art and transfer too your player. Then switch the allbum view to show album covers, trust me when I say it makes navigating so much more pleasant than Creatives text based default option.

I then changed up the menus placing them in the order which I would use each function the most i.e. replacing the Microphone menu with Music, Video and Photo menus at the top of the tree - this is how Creative should have set them up by default in my opinion. I also changed the shortcut button from "album of the day" to go straight to "my albums" which is a lot more desirable in my opinion and less frustrating if you accidentally hit that button and get some random album playing out.

Also changed the wallpaper to something more suitable. I believe the player uses a specific size of image file for wallpapers but it also gives the option to use larger images with the player either resizing them/cropping them or adding black bars depending on your selection, which is a nice touch.

As for the actual sound/video/screen quality I was well impressed although I did purchase a set of Creative EP-630 In Ear Headphones for £6 at the time of purchase as I was told they far exceed the standard Creative headphones packaged with this player which is true.

All in all you could say im very happy with the player just wish the accessories didn't cost the earth, £15-20 for a leather wallet or silicon skin pack is a little excessive in my opinion but cest la vie.

  Great player

| | See all SexyNoJustu's reviews (10)

Had mine for a year now and i think its a great player. Sound quality is great and its superb for watching videos on. The software that comes with the player will convert any video format so it will work on the player. Very handy.

I've had a couple of problems like some people have said bellow, but instead if bellyaching about it i just updated the firmware which took about 5 mins. Thats 5 mins in finding it on the net and installing it. doesn't take long.

My only gripe is my computer one minute recognises the player and then doesn't. not good when trying ot put music on the player, thats why i only gave it 4 stars, but its really not that big a deal. Like i said i've had it for a year and i use it everyday and not had any major problems that simple logic couldn't solve.

Well worth the money especially at £82.99

Get better headphones though. I didn't even waste my time trying the junk that comes with them hehe.

  Great Little Player

| | See all MrBadger's reviews (26)

I got this player a few months back and have had no trouble with it at all. I've not even had any trouble with SR3 version of Windows working with it unlike some reviewers. I can only assume that it's the luck of the draw as to whether you get a faulty MP3 player, as I had 4 ipods break in a year.

  not very good

| | See all lisaEFP's reviews (1)

I bought this product about 11 months ago and it has completly stopped working it freezes on a screen and then doesnt unfreeze for ages. It now is stuck on a screen that says reboot or clean up and when you push the select it just says no problems found and has wiped all the music off so i have now lost it all. It has the same problems as some below.

  not worth the risk.

| | See all muzinator's reviews (1)

I got my fisrt zen about five months ago and was really pleased with it. Its easy to use, looks great, and if you replace the cheap headphones that come with it, it sounds great too. My happiness what short-lived however, after a few weeks of having it (and spending a long time filling it with music) the player suddenly and inexplicably stopped working. I foolishly decided to get a replacement rather than a refund, and a few months down the line, the same thing happened to the replacement too! I'm not sure if its just bad luck on my part, i've certainly not damaged the player in any way through heavy handling, but i would reccomend people not to buy this, its not worth the hassle.

  The little player that's BIG on faults

| | See all iloveGranola's reviews (1)

I wouldnt normally write a review, but I feel that I must add to these negative comments in order to prevent people being suckered in by this players sexy looks!
The problem I had is that the player almost always froze when attempting to transfer files, rendering it useless straight from the box. I contacted Creative and went through their troubleshooting process which confirmed that the unit was faulty, but instead of exchanging it for a new one I am taking a refund, which I will be using to buy an ipod, as I should have done initially!

  Another faulty Zen, why are they still selling these

| | See all trippy666's reviews (50)

I bought my zen a couple of months ago. When i first got it i was quite impressed, but then came the issues, first of all transfering music onto the zen takes quite a long time, especially if your trying to fill it up with songs.

Then theres the video playback feature, this was the main feature for me, but the conversion software they supply with the player doesnt do anything, it refuses to convert everything i tried. In the end i had to spend allot of time and extra money trying out loads of different software to finally get the films onto my zen player.

I would say i got a good 2 weeks out of my zen before the other problems started. I went to charge the player, then the zen froze, it wouldnt turn off or on, wouldnt register the charger or the usb connection, nothing. I had to do a reset and that didnt work either.

I rang play.com straight away but they told me i had to ring the creative company, who are based in ireland. So not only have i been sold a dodgy player i now have to ring ireland. I rang creative and they told me to reset it and everything would be ok, not the most helpful answer. Im just in the process of trying to get a new one sent to me but so far thats not happened.

So my advice is, read these reviews, see how many faulty players there are and decide against buying this version. Its caused nothing but problems and is a big disappointment.

  Many faults

| | See all Nath182's reviews (2)

Ive had my zen since January of this year
and since having it; have encountered many faults
currently at the moment
my Zen keeps freezing, and/or turning itself off
and lately struggles to charge, even though ive taken very good care of it
although it has good sound quality and is fairly easy to use...
there is also the problem that when you play through random play all; it does seem to play the same bunch of songs; even though my mp3 is full


| | See all mark50's reviews (3)

I have had my zen for a few months now and I use it for music only and I have to charge the battery almost daily so much for the 25 hours bit. Also I set it to random songs and it seems to play the same bunch and not vary considering I have well over 1000 songs on it.