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Apple iPod Touch / 8GB / 1st Gen

Manufacturer: Apple

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (46 reviews)"

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  OMG !

| | See all Rhodri1981's reviews (12)

After owning a gen 2 Ipod and a shuffle for gym use I thought it was about time to buy a new gizmo.

Now as a true die hard Mac only fan (wouldn't touch a PC or Windows with a long stick) I am used to simplistic, intuitive menus, gloriously clear screens, wonderfully sleek designs and a piece of kit that just doesn't go wrong...

However, I was so gobsmacked by the use of the Ipod I really consider the Ipod to be THE best gadget currently out there ! Whether its downloading straight from Itunes, playing brilliant games, watching beautifully colourful, bright, crisp videos, using WIFI to access the internet or email,the pinching of the screen to zoom in and out... Oh yeah, and playing some tunes too !!!

Ok, they've been out for a while now but it is just such an amazing piece of kit I really think everyone should have one !

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| | See all barrydutfield's reviews (1)

Can you delete songs from the ipod touch directly without going back to the computer to delete them?????

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  A Must Buy

| | See all LeaderOfThePack's reviews (1)

I was orginally going to get an I-phone but after reading that the I-pod touch also had wi-fi and many of the other features that the I-phone has, i decided to buy this inside - and i've never been happier. I had an I-Pod nano before hand.

Both sound and picture quality is amazing.
Wi-fi connection works really well.
Through I-tunes you can get software updates - when available.

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  Smooth, Sleek And Stylish.

| | See all tennishead39's reviews (33)

This is my first iPod/ Mp3 player and I must say that so far I am very impressed with it. I bought it in the first month that it arrived on the shelves wanting a high quality iPod and one with a stylish design so I decided to give this one a try. Was I to be disappointed??

Well as you might have guessed by the star rating that I gave it I am not disappointed with it. The iPod touch is the best iPod/ Mp3 player that I have tried. First thing is first and that is the sound quality and the music. The sound quality is something that lets the iTouch down a little, the earphones that come with the iTouch aren't the best and that is why the sound quality is mediocre and lets the iTouch down somewhat. Next is the music, the 8 gigabyte (8gb) can hold up to 4000 songs which is plenty unlike some iPods that can hold up to 30,000 songs, which to me is a ridicules amount of songs, many people don't even know 30,000 words!!

Next is the video quality, the large screen makes for very enjoyable video viewing. The video quality is crystal clear and can hold a decent amount of videos as well, there is not much more to say about the videos on the iTouch so I am going to move on.

The iTouch also comes with the Internet built into it; this is my favourite thing about the iTouch as you can connect to the Internet on the go- Amazing!! The Internet connection quality varies depending on which router you connect to, Example: if you connect to a internet connection with a good signal then it will be faster, however if you connect to a weaker connection then it will be slower. The Itouch also comes with Youtube built in this is extremely useful as you don't have to always look it up on the Safari; you can also bookmark your favourite videos. On the Internet you can bookmark your favourite sites instead of looking them up again and again!!

Overall the iTouch is a highly entertaining and an extremely useful piece of equipment. It includes many extra things installed in it like photos, clock, weather, stocks, videos, the Internet and of coarse iTunes built in you won't know where to begin. Overall a really brilliant piece of equipment and I highly recommend it if you are thinking of getting an ipod or Mp3 player.

+ Smooth, sleek design.
+ Super video quality.
+ Smooth touch design.
+ Decent battery life.
+ Glass screen doesn't scratch.
+ It's an iPod.

- Sound quality is only mediocre.
- Adequate headphones supplied.
- The back scratches too Easley.

Overall: 8/10
Sound Quality: 7/10
Video Quality: 9/10
Internet: 8/10.

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  this thing is amazing!

| | See all UnknownWarrior's reviews (1)

I knew this thing would be good but I didn't expect it to be THIS good! With the updated software there are so many apps, I have a map with route planner, calendar and so many more available (games too). The touch screen is amazing it's so responsive and accurate and not sluggish at all. I love this little thing, it's so much more than a media player!

  Buy buy buy!

| | See all Djheat's reviews (1)

I'm writing this review off my iPod touch and it is amazing! Trust me guys, this is a must have! I have the 8gb version and that is plenty for my music, pics and videos! Very friendly user interface and smooth running. Well worth the money

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  Oh My Buddah!

| | See all Loki1989's reviews (2)

Im a lover of Ipod, my one is Called Roseta and its the best £200 ive ever spent! Id like to be able to right big passages like below comments, but honestly, for me; My Roseta makes my Ovaries tingle, and im a guy!

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  Absolutly Fantastic!

| | See all kibble's reviews (21)

Like the person below me states, This is one of the best inventions over the course of the new 'Technology era'. This literally has everything you need to being one step closer to everyone. Of Course it's no iPhone but It still has WiFi connection and countless amounts of Application's from Crash Bandicute style of Mario racing games, this is literally a DS with the same graphics and games.Ontop of the new additions it still has the superb sound quality that the iPod has allways had and with more and more video's being updated everyday,endless amounts of hours of video to purchase in the iPod store.You must literally be a fool to miss out on such a fantastic product.

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| | See all ic1male's reviews (2)

This little gadget has got to be the best invention of the 21st century, so far. The touch-screen technology is simply amazing and coupled with the genius software engineers at Apple who have implemented a fantastic mobile version of Safari, provides the user with the best Internet experience for handheld devices bar none. With software release 2.0 due in 10 days, the iPod touch will get even better with third-party apps.

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| | See all PhilipGoodger's reviews (5)

Ight an iPod Touch a few months ago, and it is the best £200 i have ever spent.
Well worth it.

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