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Apple iPod Touch / 16GB / 1st Gen

Manufacturer: Apple

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Customer Reviews

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  Yay or Nay?

| | See all LiamGreen101's reviews (1)

I'm always paranoid about purchasing pre-owned items. Just wondering if anyone has got one of these from Play.com Recently, and if so. Does it work? Any bad damage? and of good standard?


| | See all DanielKing14's reviews (3)

Kernal u can actually make calls on it there is an app i saw on youtube where some1 made calls with it but i think it is a jailbroken app

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  Ipod Touch....wow

| | See all clidbury's reviews (11)

What can I say? The best mp3 player on the market by far!

I used to have a Creative Zen Sleek 20GB, then a Samsung YP-P2 8GB. I never said I would go Ipod because they have broke on alot of my friends and the repair costs are astronomical.

However I gave in...

I saw the Ipod in shop and I melted on the spot. The design, the interface, the sleekness (is that a word?), the touch-screen. From a eye-view I cannot fault this. It is one sexy looking machine.

Now I don't personally use the mail hosts provided on here, or check the stocks for that matter. But they are useful additions should you want to use them. The Maps could come in handy, providing you can pick up a wireless signal from somewhere.

The album sorting on here is a thing of beauty, scroll through your library like an actual spin-wheel, it's excellent.

Sound quality - superb.
Picture quality for video and movies - superb

The only worry about this would be the worry of dropping this little gem.

5/5. Cannot fault it.

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  Its more than just a MP3 player, much more.

| | See all Kernal's reviews (4)

This is my 2nd ipod, I also have an ipod classic which have served me very well so I had no hesitation in buying the ipod touch. The ipod touch can play music, view photos, videos, surf the web, in fact it can do pretty much what an iphone can do but obviously can not make call as its not a mobile device. It has the same features as the iphone like the accelerometer which detect any movement you make. The touch screen is very effective and accurate, the interface is very clear and straight to the point. The only real criticism that I have of the ipod touch is that it doesn't have a volume switch on the device itself, sometimes when you wanted to turn the sound up/down it can take you a while to do that as the device maybe passcoded and the screen lock is on etc. I also find that even with 16gb, which may sounds a lot, it isn't really enough to hold all your musics, videos, photos and games so I had to be quite selective as what goes in it.

Going back to games on this device, you can actually purchase a full version of Super Monkey Ball by Sega off the App store for £5.99 compare this to say a Nintendo DS Lite game price (£20 - £25) its a real bargain. Though not many good games are out at the moment but i am sure that will change in the future.

  Fantastic Gadget

| | See all MiKeStEeL's reviews (1)

This is my very first iPod.
For all of these years I despised the iPod, and always prefered mp3 players instead.
But now, I bought the iPod Touch 16gb, and I must say it's a hell of a lot better than any other music/video player out there. For this price it's worth it.

- Everything About it


  Thee best MP3 player on the market...

| | See all Geoff900's reviews (3)

Having never had a ipod, i got the ipod touch and I was very impressed with the build quality, the U.I and the and the general ease of use.

The ipod touch comes with a USB cable, headphones, a stand on a docking clip.

When you open the box you have to sync it to itunes to work, in which it formats your ipod, which should be done before hand but oh well.

After the hour+ (Depending on the capacity of ipod) waiting for your ipod to format then after that your ipod is then ready.

One of the major let downs with the ipod isn't the ipod itself it's itunes, it isn't drop and play you have to create play lists first and import the albums or tracks which go into a separate folder then you have to drop the tracks into the play lists. This takes alot of getting used to and is annoying as hell.

Pros +
Great interface
USB cable makes it easy to charge on the go
Easy to use
Easy to install apps onto
Video quality is amazing
Headphones are good quality (does depend on your track bit rates though)

Cons -
itunes is annoying, you cannot just drop and play
Not allot of 3rd party content
Can be hard to find your music
Having a sliver, back like all ipod's it scratches easy you do need a case if you don't wont it scratched

  Smooth, Sleek And Stylish.

| | See all tennishead39's reviews (33)

This is my first iPod/ Mp3 player and I must say that so far I am very impressed with it. I bought it in the first month that it arrived on the shelves wanting a high quality iPod and one with a stylish design so I decided to give this one a try. Was I to be disappointed??

Well as you might have guessed by the star rating that I gave it I am not disappointed with it. The iPod touch is the best iPod/ Mp3 player that I have tried. First thing is first and that is the sound quality and the music. The sound quality is something that lets the iTouch down a little, the earphones that come with the iTouch aren't the best and that is why the sound quality is mediocre and lets the iTouch down somewhat. Next is the music, the 16 gigabyte (16gb) can hold up to 8000 songs and the 8 gigabyte (8gb) can hold up to 4000 songs which is plenty unlike some iPods that can hold up to 30,000 songs, which to me is a ridicules amount of songs, many people don't even know 30,000 words!!

Next is the video quality, the large screen makes for very enjoyable video viewing. The video quality is crystal clear and can hold a decent amount of videos as well, there is not much more to say about the videos on the iTouch so I am going to move on.

The iTouch also comes with the Internet built into it, this is my favourite thing about the iTouch as you can connect to the Internet on the go- Amazing!! The Internet connection quality varies depending on which router you connect to, Example: if you connect to a internet connection with a good signal then it will be faster, however if you connect to a weaker connection then it will be slower. The Itouch also comes with Youtube built in this is extremely useful as you don't have to always look it up on the Safari; you can also bookmark your favourite videos. On the Internet you can bookmark your favourite sites instead of looking them up again and again!!

Overall the iTouch is a highly entertaining and an extremely useful piece of equipment. It includes many extra things installed in it like photos, clock, weather, stocks, videos, the Internet and of coarse iTunes built in you won't know where to begin. Overall a really brilliant piece of equipment and I highly recommend it if you are thinking of getting a ipod or Mp3 player.

+ Smooth, sleek design.
+ Super video quality.
+ Smooth touch design.
+ Decent battery life.
+ Glass screen doesn't scratch.
+ It's an iPod.

- Sound quality is only mediocre.
- Adequate headphones supplied.
- The back scratches too easley.

Overall: 9/10
Sound Quality: 7/10
Video Quality: 9/10
Internet: 8/10.

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  Worth Every Penny !

| | See all Youss12345's reviews (12)

The Best mp3 available on the market by far. Ipod always deliver on quality and they have done so here. Who needs an iphone when they've got an ipod touch! Browse the web, listen to your favourite tracks, look through photo albumns.... You will never get bored with your ipod touch !... The Touch Sensitivity is Incredible. Some touch screen devices deliver poor touch sensitivity but the ipod surely does'nt !

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  I'm Loving my Ipod Touch!!

| | See all gadgetaddict77's reviews (11)

Got an ipod touch last week and i think its the bee's knees. I previously was debatting whether to go for the Archos 605 wifi or the Ipod Touch. in the end i went for the Archos.......and boy was that a mistake!!! Ended up having two Archos'....both of which were faulty. In the end i got a refund and got myself an Ipod. The touch in my honest opinion is a fantastic piece of kit!! Its much more portable and convenient than the Archos. I'm so glad i ended up going for one of these, and i cant recommend it enough!!

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  Sound quality

| | See all starboy's reviews (8)

I have to disagree with claims on the sound quality, the reason that the quality is rubbish is the headphones. apple headphones are cheap, tacky and terrrible. If you want a proper ipod experience treat yourself to a pair of sony,BOSE,seinheisser, skullcandy or if your feeling really rich a pair of shure will not let you down

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