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Apple iPod Classic 80GB (Black)

Manufacturer: Apple

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (61 reviews)"

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  My first ever iPod!

| | See all RyanFitton's reviews (9)

This was my first ever ipod and i am very pleased with it. i've got 13 films and 1050 songs on it and its only 1/3 filled. Although i didnt get mine from play.com its the same price. And its the old model now as Apple have released just one version of the classic - the 120gb model, i believe that 80gb is plenty for anyone.

The battery life is superb and the screen is excellent. I was thinking about getting one of the iPod Nanos but they were only about £20 less than what this was, so i thought it was pointless by spending that much money and only geting somthing that would hold around 2000 songs on it and hardly any videos. I also found the nanos to be to light for my likeing and the weight of this classic makes it feel more durable and exspensive than the Nanos.

Thanks Apple for making another great product!
I would reccomend anyone getting one of these, if they love their music or films. =D

  Another great invention from Apple...

| | See all Boooof's reviews (196)

I got this after seeing my friend with it. It's a real nice colour it's also a bit heavy but you get use to it after a while. The memory is perfect, I know that I will aways have enough room for a new album to be put on there and the fact that you can play videos on it too is just amazing! A great iPod, probably the best one out of the entire range.

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  The Best MP3 of the moment

| | See all WykkedVampyr's reviews (38)

It's a shame that Apple insist on conning us by releasing a new iPod so frequently, but alas, it does mean that we get some good iPods...

To the comment below, 25 months? That's better than MOST mp3 players will ever last mate...

Anyway, for the review. The iPod classic boasts 80gbs memory. People complain that in actuality you only get 75odd gb but thats due to the softwere. And, if your buying this version, chances are you won't fill it up anyway.

The sound quality is excellent, providing you have good headphones. As usual, the ones in box are...well, pathetic. I recomend getting a £25 pair of Sonys (thats what I did and they are lovely) or some Skullcandyz.

The picture quality is also brilliant - I often just watch a slideshow whilst listening to music on the bus to college or town. IT's a good use of the device. There is also the option to rip your DVDs and put them on here, or buy them from the (rediculously overpriced) itunes store...

Coverflow is nice, but if you have over 100 albums, beware, it will take a while for the album art to load up...and it will also take a good few mins to find what you want anyway.

The games are also good - especiall the new improved music quiz.

I've played about on the 2nd gen iPod nano, 5G iPod and iPod mini and this is definantly the best...I even prefer this to the iPod touch!

Well done apple =D

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  Good for 25 months

| | See all brendasfancies's reviews (10)

Mine's just died after 25 months....good to look at...great when it works...but in terms of longevity and modern electronic items it sucks big style....no support from apple.... £116 to repair!!! Buy one for the short term ONLY!!!!

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  amazing :)

| | See all booyacasha's reviews (1)

Best ipod tbh :)
And that is coz its chunkier than the nano
I prefer things bigger as i tend to break small, thin items such as the ipod nano. :L

If you want to get a ipod this is the one to choose coz its got plenty of space for everything (music , movies , tv programs and games)


  Great product

| | See all Zonder's reviews (12)

Bought one of these because i wanted a good MP3 player what plays videos, music and films. 80GB is taking ages to fill up. I find that Ipods are far better then normal mp3 players because the software Itunes is easy to use and its easy to change music. It also fits all ipod docks so theres a big list to choose from without looking to see if it fits.

Problems i find with it are the mirror backing gets easly scrachted and its too big to be carrying all over the place for music so best to get the nano.

  Simple, Practical, Perfect!

| | See all Wrayman's reviews (5)

To be honest I've always hated Apple because of their tendancy to make flashy products that could be so much cheaper and more functional. The classic totally changed my mind, it has a massive amount of space, it plays video files so I can watch my favourite TV series on the go and it's very reasonably priced for what you're getting... and yes it looks nice too. For anyone who's interested it also has a very smooth scroll wheel and it feels quite heavy for its size but I personally think it makes it feel more "substantial" and more sturdy, if it were too light I'd be scared to take it places in case it broke!

  Fails todeliver where it matters

| | See all Sentient's reviews (9)

I own this iPod for almost a year now and it's my main music player. However I would not buy it again since it's audio quality is seriously lacking. Especially the highs sound too crispy and artificial. I googled to see if there was anything I could about this but apparently it's a known issue.
A shame really since it's a fine piece of equipment otherwise. I like the UI the album art everything else just not the sound quality. My old Creative Labs Zen is definately not as good but it sounded better. So if sound quality matters over features look elsewhere.

  Best iPod Yet!

| | See all xXxFairyBabyxXx's reviews (24)

I have the iPod Classic Black 30GB & I love it. The quality of the item is very well made, it's heavy and doesn't feel as plasticy as the iPod nano or mini.It holds so much music, photos and videos and looks great whilst out on the go. I have had no problems with mine yet, and must admit this is the best iPod yet. Definately buy it :)