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Apple iPod Classic 80GB (Black)

Manufacturer: Apple

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all 300Spartans's reviews (1)

Hi got this ipod recently it is wicked well worth the money.
But i still dont know how to get movies on it can anyone enlighten me?Thanks

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  Now You're Talking

| | See all ThisIsSparta's reviews (14)

This is why iPod is THE name in MP3 players.

About 4 years ago I bought an iPod mini (which was good) but the battery wasn't keeping a charge so I upgraded to this beauty.

This has a huge 80GB hard drive, crystal clear colour screen for watching videos or veiwing your pictures, a new cover flow system so you can browse through your music collection easily and a few ok games.

When I was choosing my new iPod it was a toss up between this and the iPod touch but the size of the hard drive an battery life swayed me to this one and I have been delighted with it

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| | See all tim2801's reviews (12)

I bought this iPod in USA a few months ago and I can't fault it. I know atleast five people who have all invested in a iPod Touch, and sold it on after a month to get this one because the Touch is so awkward to use (you can't just quickly change the volume or track etc. it's such a hassle).
The black colour is the best in my opinion, the silver one looks cheap and the white is a bit boring I think.
The headphones are an improvement although not quite there yet in terms of sound quality. But I'm not going to deduct a star for this.
Only other SLIGHT annoyance is the two second or so lag-time when you go back to the original menu, and also coverflow takes a while to load up, but it's a really cool feature despite it being... pointless but pretty.
The 80GB space will satisfy 99.9% of people - I keep my top five favourite films on, and then a couple of thousand songs and still haven't filled half the memory yet. It's so easy to use compared to other competitors such as the Creative and Samsung ones.
The iPod IS the king of portable entertainment. The iPod Classic is the king of iPods.

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  My first ipod

| | See all flashbsd's reviews (4)

This is my first ipod, i have also been converted. I would highly recommend this model, the 160gb is quite alot fatter than this, and the nano is too small (data wise) for me.

Just make sure you put a decent covering on it, go for the Invisible Shield.

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  ive been converted

| | See all BigDav's reviews (1)

I had never been convinced by any ipod before and never felt the need to buy a mp3 player due to the brand but following my old mp3 player giving up on me i started to look for a new one. I looked at various makes, models and sizes of player and the one i kept coming back to was this and now i see why. I read the other reviews on here and on the net and took the plunge. The iPod classic is an amazing piece of kit and great value for money the 80gb harddrive provides more than enough room for your music, videos and pictures and the look of the iPod itself cannot be faulted you'd be hard pressed to get this much out of your mp3/mp4 player for the price i'd definately tell anyone to get one plus i got it less than 48 hours after i ordered it.

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  Great iPod!

| | See all brady88's reviews (4)

I bought this after reading some of the previous reviews on here, and also i needed an MP4 player for train journeys. Everyone recognises the high standard Apple hold up when they produce there new range of iPod's every year, and this clearly etsablishes their reputation for providing the ultimate portable music player. My whole music library fits on it and I can add Tv Shows, Games and Photos if I needed a change of medium to be entertained. I would recommend the iPod classic over the iTouch or iPhone, purely for cost and space reasons in all it is a much better deal. The only thing it lacks in comparison to the iTouch and iPhone is the Wi-fi and touch screen...I personally dislike the touch screen, really isn't the best if you do not like grubby finger prints on screens. But the wi-fi access would be perfect! although Laptops are common place and so those can be used whilst you listen to your Pod with a sense of tranquility. Play.com provides yet another great price, one recommendation that a lot of people would concur with is a new set of headphones making that addition really does upgrade your iPod to a superstar status in MP4 player ranks.

  Excellent, very helpful and convenient!

| | See all Brumbass's reviews (2)

I was never convinced by the other ipods priory to this, mainly because of price. I needed something where I could put my music collection on and this is excellent. It's got a perfect design - not too big but not too small - and has more than enough space. It's a bit weighty but I should have expected that. It's a small price to pay considering its capabilities. The cover flow lags quite a bit. I've also noticed that it takes a while to load some songs from the cover flow as well. But I try not to use cover flow, mainly because it eats at your battery.

The front remains perfect in condition, although the back scratches very easily. Within the first day of getting it, the back was scratched to high heaven and I still don't know how! After putting over 4,000 songs and 500 videos on here, I am still left with an incredible amount of space.

After using the latest nano, I recommend this to everyone over it. The nano is just too small - the click wheel is awkward to use compared to the classic. Invest in this design before it gets replaced by the new ipod touch!

  Very Impressed

| | See all TedKeyboard's reviews (2)

Upon getting a new job I decided to treat myself to a new MP3 player as my old one (2nd Generation iPod - 20GB) was getting a bit old and, well, really I wanted to treat myself. So I looked around at the various makes on the market and after a fair bit of research settled for Apple. (Sony - Capacity no where near big enough. Creative - Nice but pricey, 60GB version of this iPod is £220. Archos - Lovely, lots of space, nice design, fantastic reviews, too expensive)

So, having chosen Apple I had a look at the range and decided it would be between the Classic and the Touch as the Nano doesn't have a big enough capacity (I didn't want smaller than my previous player!).

I finally chose the Classic because of the capacity, 80GB, it's loads. Seriously, loads. And the Touch, nice as it is, has features that I wouldn't use (Wi-Fi, Internet) and it's expensive by comparison. And a lot of your money's going toward that touch screen which I'd prefer not to have anyway.

So decision made. Ordered from Play on Wednesday, turned up 11.30am Friday. Fantastic service. Charged it up, sync'd it up with my PC (no problems), add all of my photos, every album I have and a few TV shows just to test the quality. Right, the review.

Sound - 5*. The sound quality of this machine is very good. Crisp clear sound and all instruments come out well defined. I was a little worried having read an earlier review on this site, stating that the volume level wasn't high enough. I had found this a problem on my old iPod as the volume was ever so slightly too quiet. I can report that (when using decent headphones atleast) I didn't need to worry. Turn it up to full volume and you're likely to turn it down pretty quickly as it's too loud.

Video / Picture Quality - 6*. I know you can only give 5 stars but I can't empathise enough just how good the picture quality is. The resolution and definition is outstanding. Photo look vibrant and pin sharp and actually look better than they do on my Sony TFT! Video quality is also excellent and I can see myself watching many a movie on it.

Capacity - 4.5*. If the 160GB Classic didn't exsist this one would get 5 stars as it's more than enough for most people. I've put on all of the albums on my PC (About 250), all of my photos (About 5000) and about 2.5 hours of video and theres still about 45GB of space left. I think I'm going to be pretty hard pushed to fill it and don't feel I'll have the same space problems I had with my 20G iPod.

Design - 5*. Apple really know how to design beautiful products. No other manufacturer comes close. You know you've got a well designed product when you're impressed with the box comes in and the little box they've made for the instructions! (Just me?) They've changed the finish, the front is more matte than before which I can only assume means it'll look better for longer. The backs still the same scratch attracting finish as before but it's nothing a case won't solve.

Software - 4*. A lot of people I know complain about iTunes and won't buy an iPod because of it! Personally I don't see what their problem is. I've been using it for years now and it doesn't exactly what I want software to do. It works. It's soul function is to copy files from my computer to my iPod and it does that. Everytime I ask it to. Maybe it should have been given 5 stars but it does take a while to copy large amount of information but thats really USB's fault not iTunes. It has crashed a couple of times but thats understandable when it's copying over 10,000 files.

In summary, if you're looking for a large capacity MP3/MP4 player you can can't go wrong with this little beauty.

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  The First Complete iPod

| | See all BIGDONBOWSKI's reviews (2)

I recently bought this iPod and have been suprised and delighted with the performance.

I had one of the older models in black and white which was good but had bugs and problems. This was not sorted and almost every model has had significant problems such as freezin, faulty battery etc.

However this version is very complete and works great. I am constantly finding nice touches to it.

The big bonuses is a great battery, not as prone to scratching, easier interface, better games.

Only problem is that it still is a little fussy with what videos that can be played although the iTunes video converter can overcome this.

Overall, fair price, great value and piece of kit -

No chance of a dissapointment!

  this thing just kicks ass

| | See all JohnGoy's reviews (3)

I didn't have the money for the 160Gb one but this is the best of both worlds for size and memory (the 160Gb one seems a lot thicker when you're holding it)

Anyway, it just doesn't leave my side. I just need a FM transmitter and I'm sorted. As far as I'm concerned this is the last MP3 player I ever need to buy.