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Sony NWZA818B 8GB Video Walkman MP3 Player (Black)

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (115 reviews)"

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| | See all n3k0tal's reviews (1)

i bought this back in 2008 and i still use it every day. charges fast and the battery lasts a a good while. the headphones supplied are fantastic (but i broke mine last year). some great settings, good storage, can do video, audio and podcasts.
only thing missing from this version is the radio, which later versions added, as well as increased size. the Sony NWZ's are a good buy!

  Great Little Mp3 Player

| | See all CeliaFan's reviews (20)

I've had mine for nearly a year now, and I love it to bits! I bought it to replace a 20gb iPod classic (that just dropped dead on me for no reason) and thought I'd find it difficult having under half the capacity, but no! It just meant that I had to be a bit choosy about what I put on it ;)

Videos play clearly, photos are displayed nicely and the equaliser options are pretty comprehensive for the price. I was very impressed with the earphones too. Instead of the nasty, tacky ones you usually get supplied with players, these are well-designed and give excellent sound quality. I also love the fact that one earphone wire is longer than the other, so you can wear them around the back of your neck and not have the wires dangling in front of you.

The only gripe I have is that it takes a long time to synch it to Windows Media Player...so I gave up after the second attempt and just dragged and dropped what I really wanted on there. It means I don't have any album art displayed, but who stares at the screen when they're listening to music?!

A great buy :)

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| | See all nibster's reviews (2)

Brilliant MP4 player. Videos are fab quality. Don't notice size of screen after a while. Used to have an old sony mp3 that you had to use the stupid sonic player bt am so pleased they got read of it and can now use windows player. Brilliant quality sound and headphones are realy good quality. Fits all the music i own on there and having the ability to shorten the headphone wire is handy. Only slight grype is no case at all. Even a small cloth case would have been nice to stop scraching in ya pocket.
Overall love it! Happy listening!

  Brilliant offer! But...

| | See all Duncoman's reviews (1)

£75 was what I paid for my last mp3 player ( a 1GB creative zen nano plus, about three-four years ago, i forget now. Still running as well as the day I bought it, but simply too small now bless it.), and this easily outstrips what it replaces.

However, I do have Four minor gripes. The headphones supplied annoy me immmensely. The sound quality is superb compared to the rubbish you normally get packaged with mp3 players, but for some reason one of the leads leading out of the headphones is shorter than the other. And not by a little amount. Obviously they don't expect people to wear both at the same time, or all the SONY people have narrow heads....

Secondly, there is no screen protector or case! Not even a cloth one! This is diabolical, and I simply am not going to risk taking mine out in my pocket until I get one.

Thirdly is a specific one for me. I know the companies say to allow a 10% Plus or minus on the 8GB size stated. Mine is 7.3GB. That's pretty damn close, and I just hope it's my bad luck. Luckily my old player is so small I can carry that around in addition, so it's not too much of a problem really, and it's probably specific to me. Even so, very galling to plug it in and read that I've ordered something that's 0.7GB off of what i've paid for.

However, play.com's £75 price tag means that I'm paying only £5 more than a 4GB version from some Amazon sellers. SO I can't really complain that much

Videos and photos are brilliant too. You don't really notice the 2" screen after a while, the videos are brilliant quality. However, it doesn't come with an mp4 converter- you need to do a bit of searching to find a decent free mp4 converter, I haven't found one yet, but my friend has got one he paid for, and Star Wars, 300, and old Pokemon episodes look brilliant on the screen.

This is all rescued however, by the ease of use and the quality of the player. I didn't TOUCH the installation CD, simply plugged it into my computer, and it was automatically recognised and i could start transferring files straight away. A major plus point is that the Sound quality is exquisite! This arrived with 7 Seconds of Love's album, and it sounds better through this than through my laptop. Truly brilliant. Definitely the player for anyone who's an audiophile!

Gets it's 4-star rating due to the fact the supplied headphones are stupidly laid out, it comes with no protection whatsoever, and it doesn't come with an mp4 converter bundled. (And my minor gripe about the size of the one I got... But that's luck I suppose.)

Would definitely recommend!

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  Exellent but...

| | See all zamman's reviews (1)

Brought two of these,one for me and one for the misses,I think i must have been the unlucky one as mine died after three weeks!got it replaced and had to re order as the price had gone up!still a cracking piece of kit ...

  Best MP3 player ever!!

| | See all chrisn0123's reviews (2)

Bought this walkman from play a couple months ago and have been using it non-stop! The sound reproduction is EXCELLENT on the supplied earphones, lots of space and can even drag and drop music to it without using a silly program.

Put a couple of videos on it too expecting it to be not great, but even video is good!!

The battery lasts a very long time too. 10/10 ! Thanks Sony for making a great product!!! Much better than my old Zen Micro :P


| | See all Elc1989's reviews (7)

Fantastic mp3 player, recomend this to anyone and is simple and easy to use, the sound quality is amazing. Bought this item and received the next day, all in all this is a great mp3 player and well worth it's money.

  This review says it all.

| | See all dandabluedog's reviews (3)

Firstly every review here tells how great this little Mp3 player is and they are all correct. I was so impressed I bought one for my dad and even he can use it. For transferring video files try using "videora iPod converter" it's easy to use and free. I also use Nero 7 for converting video files so don't be fooled into buying a video conversion tool. Overall this is so much better than any iPod I have previously owned and I am chuffed to bits with it. ps The sound quality when used with the headphones supplied is immense so don't delay and buy this bargain machine now.

  Best MP3 player I've owned.

| | See all Eldiablozine's reviews (72)

Based on the reviews here I opted for the walkman over the I-pod and I have absolutely zero regrets. This is an exceptional little mp3 player and worth every penny.
I'm a bit of a technophobe so I'll not be able to big up some of the aspects that others have, but I can say that the music is crystal clear, the headphones are a dream, the battery life is exceptional and the loading of it is a piece of cake.
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this.
The only reason that I haven't given it a five is that I'm not sure what kind of docking bay I can use with it and accessories (covers etc) are a bit thin on the ground, but maybe someone here can help with a point in the right direction.

  sony nwz 818 walkman

| | See all jacqui73's reviews (1)

Just recived my new walkman, the sound on it is great, my only problem with it is that to enable you to transfer videos onto it you are requied to buy software from sony to convert videos. Which isn`t as simple as hooking it up to the computer and dropping the files into the walkman. I think this software should be included when the walkman is bought.

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