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Logic3 TX101 / SoundStage 5.1 Surround Sound Cinema Speaker System / Soundbar

Manufacturer: Logic3

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  Could be better

| | See all carpman79's reviews (1)

I bought this over a year ago as I didn't want to install a full 5.1 kit. Mistake!. This box is good if your TV sound is missing depth of sound. The room filling sound is true, but all the sound is in front of you. You will need to turn the bass down.. a lot and the pre-sets where a waste of time. If you don't want to get a 5.1 system , I recommend getting a dedicated 2.1 with a Sub instead!


| | See all chester2's reviews (3)

This does not produce true surround sound, no soundbar can. However, it does produce excellent sound quality at around 1 billion decibels. I have an average size living room and I had to turn the bass right down. I have a standard large glass stand for my big telly. This has been designed to fit snuggly onto the middle shelf. Not only does it look the part, but it hides everything behind it. We changed from a true surround sound system to this to eliminate the use of about 5000 wires. Job done.

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  Logic3 TX101 SoundStage 5.1 Fantastic

| | See all davidred5's reviews (7)

Easy to set up
Easy to configure
Remote is a piece of cake
SRS is unreaal
THis is much better than I thought it was going to be.
highly recommned
I had this up and running friom BOX to Fully loaded in less tahn 10 minutes.
Buy it you wont regret it. :)

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  Excellent product!

| | See all NinjaPSPete360's reviews (2)

Great set of speakers all-in-one! The sound quality is great, better than i expected really! Connected to DVD and PS3 via optical port, the sounds are bombastic! Very good quality, a worthy investment for people who don't like wires trailing all over the place! :)

  Awesome for what it does

| | See all billybob691's reviews (2)

Bought this system about 8 months ago and have loved it since,i use it as my tv speakers as my tv ones lack BASS which this system has on tap! when i play call of duty i have to have the bass on -5 ass the room shakes.

plays films really well and does sort of throw the sound around the room to give the effect of a 5.1 system.i use it with my ps3 which i have music on and its class for that too!!

The only flaws on this system is when i mounted it on the my wall it doesnt leave much room for the cables to be connected in the back! i had to use the optical cable which was supplied in the box which is ..ok but i did go out and buy some decent ones which wont fit so if ur mounting it and having loads of inputs look out for this, ive only got 1 optical lead and the fm antena installed ,thats the only thing i think is awkward about this system.fm radio is good also. hope this helps anyone :-)

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  Cheap and Cheerful

| | See all Hobbes16's reviews (2)

If your main requirements for a new sound system are 'No wires' and 'cheap' then this is the product for you. Dead easy to set up, optical inputs x 2. You'll notice the difference most on films but it isn't true surround sound. Someone posted that it feels a more natural sound and I kind of agree with that. Kung Fu Panda was the first film I watched on it and it worked a treat in 5.1. If I had £400 I would have bought a true surround sound system with rear wireless speakers but I didn't so I didn't. It's solid, looks nice and is sharp and clear, great for Games Consoles too.

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  Great piece of kit if you're low on space...

| | See all TimothyLemon's reviews (8)

A great idea for anyone with a box room (like myself) who wants the best from their tv/console etc. I don't have room for a seperate sub and speakers so this is ideal. It sits neatly in front of my tv on my cabinate. (Also comes with wall-mounting brackets)

The first one i had was faulty and had to be returned but don't let that put you off. I wasn't. Once my replacement arrived it was set up and working in no more than five minutes. Very very simple to use.

So far watched Batman: The Dark Knight (blu-ray) and Judge Dread (dvd) using the TX101 and well, the sound quality on both was brilliant. The way that the score fills the room in Batman and the bass effects are awesome. The bass is very overpowering for a system as small as it is but great none-the-less.

With Judge Dread for example in some of the bike scenes you get a really good sense of which direction the vehicle is coming from and again the rattling of gunfire and pounding of explosions fill the room.

Every single speaker has it's own volume setting so you can fine-tune your experience to your hearts content. Which is great!

Personally i just turn mine up loud and play Rock Band! :)

There's also an fm radio built in with programme storage.

The remote allows you to quickly switch from different inputs at the press of a button.

You can also switch the system between 5.1 and 2.1

If you're low on space or don't want the hassle of wires around your room, and you want a powerful system then definately give this a go.

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| | See all Benjamingunas's reviews (1)

i bought this product around four months ago and it isnt what its supposed to live up to. it probably because all the speakers and subwoofers are in the same box. maybe if the subwoorfers were in separate boxes the base would sound cleaner.

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  Don't dismiss this as a gimmic

| | See all PBDURHAM's reviews (1)

The Logic3 TX101 is an impressive piece of kit. The sound is satisfying and involving both for movie watching and music. Although it cannot pretend to be as capable as a seperates 5.1 you do get the impression of surround sound and can unmistakeably hear planes flying overhead and bulletts passing left and right. If your expectations are not too high, you will be suprised and pleased with what this can do. For the money, a very good buy

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  would you put this in front or behind?

| | See all Dave101t's reviews (12)

Ive bought the dlp projector off play and am looking at this, as the projector will be behind me, id rather put this behind to save on the wire for the audio, would you recommend this, or just keep in in front, by the screen?

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