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Toshiba HD-EP30 HDMI Upscaling DVD Player With HD DVD High Definition Playback (Includes 2 Free HD DVD Titles!)

Manufacturer: Toshiba

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Customer Reviews

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  An amazing offer

| | See all zeropoint1's reviews (1)

I have this HD DVD player and waited or the demise of the format before I brought one. I paid £79.99 ish on Pay and am more than happy. The picture quality is stunning especially on Heroes S1 [I have the US version] but I have yet to find fault on playback using my 32" Viera. Now Play has HD DVD titles fom £5 I deffinatly recomend buying one...my ps3 now sits unloved and unplugged waiting for me to buy a new bluray movie!


| | See all gurch27's reviews (3)

this is a brilliant product and even if hddvd is gone, get 1. u wont regret it, it upscales dvds to amazing quality and hddvd discs are now also dirt cheap. the guy below hasnt got a clue what he is talking about this hddvd is perfect in every way!!!!
shud have beaten blu ray as it is the superior and cheaper technology!!!!!!!!!!!

  Excellent Blu ray beater, Amazing machine.

| | See all LaurieP's reviews (4)

The review by Hawkins85 doesn't reflect this player at all. It appears he doesn't realise he bought a dud! These things happen and there are ALWAYS people who knock the product as a whole brand and not just the one they have. He mentions a slow boot up time. This is standard as it has to boot and run software like a computer. It even says in the manual that the boot time will be much longer than a standard DVD player. If you wan't a machine that takes ages to boot, slow to user commands and frequent crashes then buy a Sony BD player.
I've had my HD DVD player for months now and have yet to find a problem with it. It performs flawlessly with any disc, standard or HD and is very easy to upgrage software via ethernet connection, not like the Sony models who don't even come close in features and stability. I'm actually surprise that Blu ray won the war because it didn't win because of its user friendliness or its features. It won because its much more expensive so in the long run, Sony & the movie companies will have you pay more because of the pirates. I believe this was a collaboration between Sony and the said movie companies to pull together to make sure Blu ray won. In other words, all you who bought a Blu ray were forced.
The HD-EP30 is an excellent performer in every way over the Sony Blu ray players and have better HDCP compatability as well. Toshiba have informed me that producton of HD DVD movies will continue even though the players are no longer produced. NOW is the time to grab a bargain FULL HD player and get some less expensive movies than Blu ray and start your HD collection. Either that or you can get robbed buying a Blu ray inferior product which was FORCED on you by Sony and the movie companies. Bad luck to Toshiba who actually invented HD and lost out to the bigger companies who banded together and stole their glory. I'm going to stock up on HD movies and will never buy a Blu ray item for the sole reason it was forced on us and didn't win by the consumers popularity choice. You have to ask the question, Why did the less expensive but highly superior brand lose out? Was it because we are stupid people and like to throw our money away? Think about it. Sony have you in their pockets.

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  A Cracking Machine

| | See all diGriz's reviews (8)

Should have reviewed this months ago when i paid £200 for it. Even at that price it was worth every penny. Yes Bluray won, but this is a dedicated machine that will upgrade DVD so well some are hard pressed to tell the difference. About 400 region free HD-DVDs to choose from, bargains can be had. I'm tempted to buy another for the bedroom it's such a good machine.
Understand though, this is a computer in most respects and takes a minute to boot up. This annoyed me until i realised. And if you stop watching a film and turn it off, hit resume play and not just play as it will start from the beginning.

Sound and image quality are truly amazing. Very sound buy.

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  great player at great price "buy buy buy"

| | See all ronnieb's reviews (4)

ok so hd is losing or has lost the battle to blue ray, but i wasn't looking for a hd player, only an upscaler.

but when i looked in the local big retailers your talking 60 - 150 notes just for an upscaler, so a hd dvd player with upscaling and 2 free hd dvd's for 79.99 seemed too good an oportunity to miss.....

i ordered mine on monday at about midnight and recieved the player on the wednesday before 9am...

i did the update i downloaded from toshiba website and installed it as 300 didnt play too well before update...now perfect...

this is one hell of a bargain and what a difference it makes to my normal dvd's on my pany 50"....

very happy and advise anybody to buy while its still available....

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| | See all VanBashted's reviews (4)

well i am truly amazed by the quality of hd, i have been using the bluray player on the ps3 and was amazed by that but if im honest, hd is by far better picture quality.

am i chuffed with my purchase and can not say a bad thing about it.

79.99 is bargain, get it bought.....u no it makes sense

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  Make the most of your HD TV

| | See all archer77's reviews (1)

This is an awesome unit, and for the under £100 price... well what else can you say.

It is going to be a while before you can buy a Blu-Ray with 1080P upscaling for anywhere near this price. So to make the most of my new Samsung 1080P tv I thought I would take a chance.

The HD DVD's that come with the unit are a strange choice as they do not show the true quality of 1080P, but they do show the power of the extras and the internet connection.

When I put some of my favorite DVD's in I was blown away by the quality improvement. I can tell we are going to be watching a lot of our old DVD's again.

Play did a great job with fast delivery, and the firmware updates from Toshiba have helped with a freezing problem and are easy to apply.

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  redevil daz great price buy it while you can

| | See all seasidedaz's reviews (1)

with the hd dvd war over who care's got mine today from play and delivery time was a lot quicker than expected.
don't bother with the bad review from the blue fan boy,even if the format war is over don't worry i have been in touch with toshiba today, and they confirmed to me they will keep updating the player if and when it need's it.that also include's firmware.
so for £79.99 it now make's a great upscaling player for the price and and with over 500 hd title's still out there you can also add them to your'e libary.
with blu still to dear this will keep you going until the price come's down what more can you want. before you you play a movie on this player toshiba advised me to install the firmware and all update's this can take upto 45 min's but it's worth it and it is slow on the start but by the time you have chosen a movie to watch the player will be ready, so if your'e looking for a very good upscaling player with hi def playback then this is the one, and with transformers played on it the picture is fantastic and sound brilliant. and don't forget the bonus of 2 free film's and another 5 free by send away you can start a libray for £79.99 a great deal.

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  what a bargain!!!!!

| | See all medway's reviews (2)

At this price its given away! picture and sound next generation -not worried about hd war -you can still build a collection of hd discs which im doing-upscaling -fantastic!
why do people bang on about slow times-does your computer boot in 30 secs! this is a high tech machine!
for best results you need an hdmi av amp with full audio via that connection -its the way forward
any probs with machine should be rectified by toshiba customer care -referring to a previous review
paid more for mine -not crying lol

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  How can they do it

| | See all adzfasts's reviews (1)

Toshiba HD-EP30
All i can say is stop reading this rreview and buy it now
£79.00 i would pay the full price of £279.00 if not more
The only thing about the Toshiba HD-EP30 is that it,s a bit slow on loading apart from that BUY IT

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