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Sennheiser CX 500 Headphones (Black)

Manufacturer: Sennheiser

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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| | See all music1983's reviews (4)

bought 2 sets of these, both broke within a month, great sound, just appalling build quality and poor materials used, ive had 6 sets of Sennheisers all broke in very similar ways the CX300 also broke, all mainly the one side of the ear not working

  Very very good headphones (The genuine ones, anyway)

| | See all layersofhistory's reviews (2)

First of all, i'd like to warn all of you about these headphones being counterfeited. I bought a pair that were one of the cheaper ones from the PlayTraders, recieved them very quickly but they were in fact fake. I suggest you should all check the recieved items against some internet guides to check that you have the genuine article. No fault to some of the sellers, though, as the person that I bought them from was unaware that their supplier was giving them fakes. Be aware.

To the headphones themselves now! These are excellent headphones, I must say. The sound is crisp and metal and rock music sounds thick and full-sounding on these. Perfection. Virtually no noise leaks in and hardly any gets out either. The 6 sizes of earbud are comfortable and easy to adjust to your size of ear and the cord is symmetrical, which I personally prefer. I don't know about build quality yet, but sound quality is pristine.

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  Not good enough!

| | See all maryam4437's reviews (2)

I bought 2 of these headphones and they both broke within a month ! the sound quality is fine ,u can hear the base clearly but the build isn't a good quality ! If you want to but pair of cheap headphones i would recommend CX300 .I had a pair and they were far much better and lasted longer as they don't have the volume control and the cable will not break on them !


| | See all AlreadyToldYou's reviews (6)

I've had 3 different sets of Sennheisers and they've all been excellent - but these are awful.
Bought these as a temporary stopgap after my Shure 110s were away under warranty. I wish I'd not bothered - although I got these through a Playtrader and have to assume that the ones I've got are genuine.........although I have my doubts......
Disappointing fit. Disappointing sound. Disappointing loudness. No detail in the sound - from my Ipod Shuffle - which was fine with the Shures......these are 'fine' if all you're using them for is a cheap pair down the gym and don't mind if they get sweat all over them. If you're buying them for any other reason, don't. If this is all you can afford, then do your ears a favour and don't bother inflicting these on them - save up and buy anything else but these.
If I bought a genuine pair of Sennheisers then they are shocking. If they are fake, then whoever made them needs shocking.

  Good to wear but wearing to listen to.

| | See all MrFixitCV's reviews (1)

Well built and very comfortable to wear, but what a poor sound.
Very heavy bass overpowers every thing else, the mid range sounds are destroyed in my opinion. they make All Angels sound like poor singers down the pub. I suppose they are balancing the sound to young rock loving listeners. You can though make them sound reasonable if you are willing to reset the equalizer each time you play a different type of song. If you are really serious about your music, save hard and buy Sennheiser's superb IE8 earphones, they will last you for life and outlast many iPods.

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| | See all hayderfeel's reviews (1)

These sound great, and specially fit great, from the go
The sound improves after about 15 hours of use but its very good to start with and amazing price, these babies retail for 60 at most places, and quite rightfully so, they do compete with all of the in ears up to like 75 pounds...hands down

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| | See all MANCITYBOYS09's reviews (2)

I bought a second pair of these cx 500 headphones, the first pair broke but I did have them a while.
The sound on these is brilliant, but beware the plastic covering near the volume adjuster comes away, by the slightest pull, what I mean is where you move your head or catch the wire in say a bag, coat ect, it will expose the wiring, this is not good enough!!Cheap £7-99 are a lot stronger, I do like the sound and the street cred of having them in my ears, not the boring white ipod ones, go get a pair while there cheap..

  What an upgrade to the CX300!

| | See all LukeGGG's reviews (1)

Bought these headphones through a different website for £30 to find out that they were fake, but got a full refund. Still disappointing. Then I looked on here, and bought them from the seller saying its 100% genuine - and bought from there. Must be careful when buying these headphones!

Right, the review. They arrived quickly. These headphones are great, the packaging does however take a while to get through! I bought them as an upgrade to the CX300 (also good headphones). These headphones however are so much better than the cx300. The bass is a lot stronger, but not even distorted on full volume (but shouldnt really be trying them on full volume!) The trebles are a lot more "crisp" and the mids are great. If your looking for cheap headphones, these cannot get any better! (unless if they break within a month)

  Great sound but poor build quality

| | See all Chufty's reviews (1)

Don't be fooled by the brand - the build quality on these phones is not what you would excpect from Sennheiser.

Like all Sennheiser products, the sound quality is incredible. The detail and clarity of the sound is second to none in this price range. They're also comfortable and stay in your ears, something I often have trouble with.

Unfortunately they are let down by the silly plastic inline volume controller halfway down the wire. It does its job, but it wasn't long before the cable started to split where it connects to the controller. This was made worse by the useless "cable tidy" supplied, which puts stress on that particular point in the cable when it's wound up.

Eventually, the internal cable became completely exposed and soon thereafter the sound started to go in one ear as it frayed and came apart. This is simply not good enough.

I believe (although don't quote me on it) that the CX300-II headphones are pretty much the same spec only without the volume controller. Ask yourself, do you really even need the inline volume control? How hard is it to turn the volume down on your MP3 player / PSP anyway? I would recommend staying away.

  Superb headphones

| | See all AJW168's reviews (1)

These are a quality piece of kit for the money. Sound quality is excellent and despite some reviews saying that the base is a bit strong i find that unless you are playing at higher volumes this is not an issue. Really comfortable once who find the correct size of tip.