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Sennheiser CX500 Headphones (White)

Manufacturer: Sennheiser

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Customer Reviews

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  Great sound for an amazing price.

| | See all blueincubus's reviews (1)

These are really great earphones - sounds is excellent, bass good but not crazy over the top like some & volume control is useful.

Only criticism is that eventually they do fall apart - the rubber covering on the 3.5 jack eventually disintegrates - I cut mine off eventually and the cables will wear away - mine lasted a year and a half of constant use though - so for 15ish pounds that's not at all bad - just buying my replacement pair now!

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  Hi quality Hi volume low price

| | See all 1984dolden's reviews (2)

After reading more reviews than i can remember i made my mind up on two pairs of these headphones ,i did worry a little about how much bass these things pump out but its nicely balanced out with some decent treble the one thing that stands out compared to the standard phones youget with your ipod is the volume level is so much higher you find yourself turning down the level quite a bit so if you like your rock hip hop pop etc buy these dont bother going to the high street you wont get them any cheaper than play.com.

  Great start, but the head fell apart

| | See all moodinho's reviews (1)

I purchased these head phones about six months ago. They had the best sound quality I have ever heard and they were really comfortable.
However, the connection between the head phone and my Iphone began to disintergrate. This cause my Iphone to do either of the following.
- Not play any music
- only play a section of the song, ie just vocals or the beat.
- The song to play in Fast forward.

Really annoyed becase they were so good and I am now forced to buy a new pair.

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  Excellent, very dynamic!

| | See all Wick78's reviews (1)

At first, the most important thing: buy only ORIGINAL Sennheiser, either from here, or from a shop. The original one has really good quality, and when you listen the music, you will not belive it. The fake one has bad sound. (I bought a fake AKG K324p from the e-bay, and I asked for replacement, they sent me another fake... I throwed them in the rubbish bin...) So after you buy the original one, you will be happy with it! I had Sennheiser CX 300 before, I used it for 2 years, but one day one of the speaker was broken. Than I decided, I have a look on the internet, to do some quality change. I was sure, I want another Sennheiser, because I tried a lots of earphones in my friends company, but no one reached the level of the CX 300's. I wanted only symmetrical cable, because the CX 300's asymmetrical cable wasn't comfortable, the cable was too long for the longer side. The CX 500 ist much comfortable with the symmetric cable, and with the new shape double-looking earplug. The volume control works absolutely perfectly from minimum to maximum (because it's original), and it cannot move from itself under the clothes... The volume is perfect, I have a Sony NWZ-S 515 mp3 player, the volume control is adjustable up to level 30, but I'm living in a big city, and when I walk in the centre, the volume level 20 is enough to listen the music loud, and to hear nothing from the environment noises. When I turn up the volume to level 30, the sound is still clear, and I feel myself in a club :-)
The difference after the CX-300 : a bit louder, more bass, more treble, and more high, the sound is much clearer, and to wear is comfortable. I was so sure about my decision, I bought 2 white CX 500's :-) The other one uses my girlfriend, she was amazed too about the performance. Some people wrote, it's difficult to open the package... It was cca 15 sec to cut the package around with a big scissor :-)
One more thing. When you order on the internet, buy from here (play.com). When you buy from somewhere else, check the package, and don't open, when it looks fake! It's easy to look after on the internet... (fake Sennheiser - search)
So I strongly offer the play.com and this product. I recommend, buy it now, and enjoy :-)

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  Excellent Headphones!

| | See all leefi76's reviews (1)

Had a pair of cx400s before these, they sound pretty much the same to me, but these have a much better length cable (the 400s cable was too short without the lengthener and too long with it.) Also found the in-line volume control a useful addition. Can't really fault them. Excellent.

  Great headphones, but volume control isn't what I expected.

| | See all wellsy5's reviews (1)

I bought these headphones to upgrade from my standard Apple ones, and I must admit, I am very impressed and happy with,.
I bought the CX500 over the CX300 II purely because of the volume control, thinking it would control the ipod volume on my iTouch, however this is not the case. The volume control only mutes the sound to the headphone, so you will still need to set the volume on the ipod itself. The volume slider can sometimes rub on clothing and turn itself down, which can be rather annoying.
I would definitely recommend these to any one, but if the volume control isn't important then the CX300 II would be better. I am about to buy a pair for the other half!

  Definately worth it!! £15, bargin!!

| | See all thelistener's reviews (1)

The headphones are awesome, the delivery was very quick (ordered wednesday night and they were delivered friday morning), would definately recommened. For 15 pounds aswell, they're a bargin, the shops are selling them for 70 pounds


| | See all shayan1369's reviews (2)

All i can say it that...this is one of the best headphine i have ever had....the base is just bangin!...
Base: 9/10
Quality: 9/10
Sound isolation: 10/10
Overal: Love it...10!

  Great - but keep that reciept.

| | See all OliLane's reviews (2)

I had a pair of Sennheiser CX300's before these, which I loved - heavy bass once you found the right fit earbud, excellent noise isolation - until one of the earphones suddenly pretty much died on me; I think the wire got damaged near the earphone. Having not kept the reciept, I couldn't get it replaced on warranty, so I decided to go a couple of steps up since they were on offer here.

Compared to the CX300's, these are quite similar - which is a good thing. The bass, however, is more defined and controlled and I think the mid section's been given a little boost. The other change is the volume control. This is useful at times, but more often than not it's just annoying; if, like me, you wear the earphones under your outer layer of clothing, it sometimes gets caught and randomly turns the volume down to zero. Not too much of a problem unless you're taking things on and off constantly though.

Another (welcome) change from the CX300s is that the wires themselves are much thicker and have a nice reinforcement where the two strands divide to go to each earphone. I was hoping that this would mean no more damaged wire problems, but unfortunately this pair have just gone faulty as well - the wire at the jack has got a bad connection this time. Pretty disappointed with only about 4-5 months' usage, even if I do use them every morning on my paper round (perhaps the bag tends to pull on the cord?).

Anyway, I'm hoping to get these replaced on warranty this time, and I think I might try wrapping the wire by the jack in a little white insulation tape to stop it pulling quite so much. For the price, I do think the sound quality is worth the quibbles, as long as the next pair don't break quite as quickly.

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  Very good!!

| | See all Mojoenos's reviews (1)

Have had these for around a month now and the sound is excellent! I would recommend these to anyone. To the previous post, you may find the bass better if you fully insert the headphones into the ear canal to make an air tight seal. It does feel a bit weird, and don't force them in, but having them properly inserted will give you the full range of what these headphones can do! As for issues with breaking, treat them with care and they won't! Having said that, my brother dropped one bud into a glass of water by accident, which stayed in there overnight! I pulled it out in the morning and left it the whole day to dry and the performance and quality was completely unaffected! Top headphones! Recommended!!