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Sony E-Reader PRS-505/SC Digital Reader Book Silver

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (40 reviews)"

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  Best for useability

| | See all bobmid's reviews (2)

I got my PRS-505 soon after they were launched. It just works. The music quality is very good too.
Recently I had a look at both the 300 and 600 and have decided to stay with my 505. Why?
The next page button is the one you use the most and on the 505 there are two of them that are in exactly the right place whether I am sitting up and reading or lying down for a quick read before bed.
On the newer models they have moved the button. It may not sound like a big issue but if your book has 1000 pages then this is the button you will have to press 1000 times.
If you want a Sony eReader I would always go for this one.
When it finally bites the dust I will go hunting for another make that has the buttons in the right place. Unless the 505 is still available, then I will get another one.

  Not perfected

| | See all Russell76's reviews (1)

Impressed at first, especially the ability to copy pdfs and word docos so i can copy/paste articles off the net or notes for work and read on train. However, on first day it crashed completey during start of long train journey. Upon resetting, it lost all its battery power. It is also slower than i thought it would be when going through the menus; backlighting would be an improvement also. A plus is charging via usb on pc. A built in mp3 player is ok but not needed as people have ipods/mp3 players anyway these days.

Overall, its good - but definite scope for improvement. Touch screen would be a better interface

  Wonderful Kit, pants software and too fragile.....

| | See all EnglishDeath's reviews (132)

My wife loves reading, she reads 2 or 3 books a week. So when I saw this I thought what a great idea. And it is.

The screen reads like a printed page and is very easy on the eye. Navigation is simple, you can bookmark you page, jump pages and generally move around with ease.

Battery life isn't a problem as it only uses juice when changing the page or screen, So it is ideal for long flights and such.

You can store hundreds of books on the reader. And carry even more on memory cards. You can literally (oops) carry thousands of books around.


1. Well the software used with it is pants, We had to install some Adobe software and it was a nightmare and I mean a real nightmare. We bought ebooks and spent weeks trying to install them on the book. It is the book that is the issue it's this crappy adobe thing. They need to learn from Apple regarding downloading. This really put us off.

2. Holidays. Mine cost me £199. Would you risk taking this to the beach? My wife didn't, so we had ebooks and real books for the beach! Mad eh? So you have to make you mind up when you want to use it.

3. Fragile. Wife was walking from one room to th other carrying the book. She caught it on her knee and it fell on the floor. It hasn't worked since. Our beautiful new toy was bust. Way, way to fragile. It needs to be able to stand the rigors of a normal day.

As said in the tag line. Wonderful kit, pants software and way way to fragile.

we are buying another......

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  Cool Kit

| | See all Omnicognate's reviews (3)

I wont ramble on about the technical items here. I'm a gadget freak, always have been, and this is a seriously cool piece of kit. I am also pathalogically incapable of throwing books away and my house is not all that big so I seriously needed some way of not filling the house up any more. This thing looks really cool and works really well. For reading the screen quality is excellent. It's pretty cool for photo's too (nice to see them in black and white).

If you buy one of these and don't like it, I think you have missed the point of what it is and what it is for. There is more content out there than you you could ever read and certainly if you travel (or even if you dont) this is just the best thing since the iPod. Buy one, you'll love it.

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  Great reader!

| | See all Powerman's reviews (54)

Contrary to quite some reviewers, I decided to review this unit after I have had it for about 5 months now.

I have not purchased a 'dead-tree'book since! Why should I? All that one requires is here. Bookmarks, a good font, ideal size and weight, great screen even in direct sunlight (it actually looks better in the the sun!!) and of course, the ability to carry all those books around with you in a small device.

And guess what, you can see images on it, and hey, play your MP3s too!! What else do you need in life? A steady supply of books, and there are lots of places where you can get those, legally or nefariously. Taking a look into the gutenberg texts site should keep you at it for life!

People might complain about the Sony Reader not having a backlit screen. I cannot agree with them. You don't have a backlight on a real book. And this is what gives the PRS such a great reading experience. After a couple of minutes you can't tell it's not a real book.

I ditched the Sony software and used the free Calibre package for it. FAR better use.

I have dropped this twice, used it while on the dinner table, in bed, in the bathroom, everywhere...and I haven't even one scratch on it!!! This is one tough baby!

Solidly built and a pleasure to own....I could not buy this through play.com (my favourite store!) since they do not ship electronics to Malta (why not?), but that is besides the point of the review.

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  Good idea, poor Execution

| | See all bikertash's reviews (1)

When I first saw this product I thought it was a great idea. It was the perfect solution to allow me to take 7 months worth of books away with me, yet only taking up the space and weight of one.

That is until 4 months into my trip the screen, malfunctioned. I was devastated, over a third of the screen had gone blank. After trying to reset the product, I looked at the help pages which directed me to send the product back to Sony. I was finally told that I had broken it my self by dropping it. Which I hadn't. And now wish to charge me for them to just look at it.

After 5 months of trying to solve the problem, it has still not been solved and the screen is in an even worse condition then when I first sent it away. And after they had taken it apart to inspect it.

In conclusion, a great idea yet not suitable if you want to take it out of the bubble wrap as it scratches easily. and the Sony customer service is extremely poor and unhelpful.

Don't buy this product if you want a portable device!!!!!!!!

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  Brilliant gadget!!

| | See all hettie42's reviews (1)

I have owned the PRS-505 for over a week, have read two books already and downloaded ten in all. I find the adobe digital editions great and easy to use. Download your EPUB book to it, plug in your e reader then just drag and drop your selected book into the reader. Couldn't be simpler!! I would highly recommend this to any avid book worms, Can't wait to take it on holiday!!

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  A Great Buy

| | See all leggy48's reviews (1)

As an avid reader i just can't fault this devise for quality, price and ease of use. A truly great buy for any reader and no more lugging books about on holiday!

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  Great bit of kit

| | See all HappyCrusader's reviews (1)

Bought for going on holidays as me and wife take nearly a suitcase of books with us for the beach. Great device, a page turn takes about the same time as it would if you had to do it manually, so I'm not sure what the beef is about the time taken for the page to refresh.

The wife has already managed to purloin it so I doubt I'll get a look-in whilst on holiday!

Good price from Play.com but the tri-fold cover is pretty naff, the one it is supplied with is better.

I see that Sony are about to supersede the 505 with a new model in the US shortly, so prices should start to come down.

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  Very impressed!

| | See all reviewdude's reviews (6)

I received my e-reader a few days ago and so far I am very impressed. The buttons on the device are well placed, although it may take a little while before you feel as comfortable pressing buttons as you do turning the pages of a book. Size wise the unit is fairly comfortable, it's certainly book sized and it's not uncomfortable to hold for long periods. The unit is also thinner than an average paperback. The PRS-505 is fairly weighty, it certainly doesn't feel cheap, but it is not too heavy to carry around, not significantly heavier than a paperback. The unit displays text well and the e-ink is very impressive stuff. I find the reader quick and responsive to load up books, turn pages etc. and has various text display sizes which I found useful since I wanted bigger text for reading in darker settings.
Overall the e-reader is an aesthetically pleasing piece of kit which does what it should well. I have no real complaints and the cover is a nice touch. Good price at £149.99.