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Sony E-Reader PRS-505/SC Digital Reader Book Silver

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (40 reviews)"

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  sony e-reader

| | See all cj2006's reviews (1)

got the sony e-reader 2 days ago and it's absolutely brilliant had no troubles with pdf files reads perfectly and it's easy to use. Drag and drop that's all it is simple as that. Play.com is the cheapest you can get for e-reader. Very recommended you enjoy it a lot and saving storage for all your books in the house. I download 150 books and 150+ photos still have memory to spare.

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| | See all KingAndyMc's reviews (1)

I've wanted an E-Reader since they came out in the UK but always talked myself out of buying one, until I borrowed a friends and fell in love with it. The screen is easy on the eye and causes no problems even with hours of reading, I'm amazed at the quality of the display. Much has been said of the problems with loading PDF files and yes if you have an A4 jpeg in a pdf it probably won't be readable but if you have a regular file with text and only small pictures they work fine and can be read easily, the re-flow is a great feature for pdf files and does make them far more usable. There are plenty of free ebooks available if you look around and a few US based sites that are happy to sell books to the UK for reasonable prices , however if you look in some less than reputable sites you can find more books for free ;-) The battery life is amazing I've been using it for more than a week and left it on standby all the time and it's still showing a full charge. It is an expensive gadget but if you like to read and are willing to look for the books it's well worth the investment. Also google "mobileread" for loads of tips and info and "calibre" is great for converting other formats into the E-Readers lrf format.

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  Sony E reader

| | See all neena1's reviews (1)

Got my Sony E reader yesterday and so far, I think it's great!!! It was easy to set up and I have already found loads of websites which offer free ebooks (legal!). The interface is extremely easy to use and even my boyfriend, who was dead against me buying an e reader saying I wouldnt use it, keeps picking it up to try it out. : )
This price is the best price I could find on the UK internet - snap it up while you can!!


| | See all fredthemartian's reviews (5)

I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago as a birthday present for my mother, and I'm so taken with it that I've just placed an order for one for myself. Other reviewers have complained about one or two features, suggesting you might want to wait for a better device. Don't. Improved models are quite a ways off on the horizon yet and competitor devices don't have the sheer quality of build of the PRS-505. The PRS-505 bodywork is cool, brushed aluminium, not cheap plastic. So it doesn't have Wi-fi - frankly you'd probably wind up paying a fortune for the privilege.
The Sony PRS-505 does exactly what it says on the tin - it gives you access to electronic books. The screen is highly readable in all conditions (except total blackout) and the unlit screen gives the battery unbelievable duration between charges - We're still on the first charge since buying the device and have been using it virtually every day since. Now the price has dropped again this is a genuine bona-fide bargain. Buy it!

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  Let down by third party

| | See all Gadgetman007's reviews (1)

I've dropped my e-reader twice and it's still going strong, though the ends of the reader are a little plasticky for my likings, Sony have developed a good product. I bought this when it first came out because I was short on space and I liked the idea of the amount of books I could have on there and how much space it would save me.

Sadly the reality is that the thousands of titles out there to buy are rubbish. Their preferred supplier here in the UK can only tell me to keep checking back as they are adding new titles all the time. They may well be doing that, but none of them are ones I want to read and in the meantime I'm putting off buying the books I want to in the hopes they will become available electronically.

I also bought this in the hopes of being a little more eco friendly as no diesel or paper is used to bring me my book, however the prices of books remian the same as a hardcopy. That's no way to promote this as a viable alternative to books and I really think that Sony have missed the boat on this one to get themselves firmly entrenched in this market.

I've given this 3 stars simply because of the lack of books available and the lack of help I received from Sony to try and source books from elsewhere. The build quality is very good though. My advice is if you read a lot of books, stick to normal books if you can't find your favourite author's on the 3rd party site.

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  An Excellent Product.

| | See all bteamfox's reviews (4)

I purchased the PRS-505 in December 2008 and have been using it ever since. SONY have made an excellent quality product. The case is metal, aluminium I believe and the controls are well placed and easy to use. The battery life is great, I can read 2-3 books on one charge. It is very easy to add books to it. One way is to buy an SD or SONY Memorycard and place all your books on the card by plugging the card into your PC's memory card reader. The other way I prefer is to use the software called calibre which is a database of all your ebooks. Just plug your SONY PRS-505 into the USB lead and let calibre transfer the books to it. The best bit about the PRS-505 is the screen. This device has a true eink display which makes the page look like a real book. The screen is very easy on the eyes because there is no back light, which is how eink books should be! If you wish to read in low light or darkness then buy the add-on book case with built in light this is what I did. I can read for hours now and get no headaches in the day or night. The size of the screen is nice as it's much bigger then my old vga pocket pc I used to read on. The on screen font can be changed from small, medium and large which ever you prefer. I took a long hard look before I purchased this reader and I would buy another one tomorrow without hesitation if I needed to. Note: not all ebook readers are as good as they seem so be careful as some have normal LCD display and poor battery life. One last thing the SONY uses the .LRF proprietary format but many on-line websites now sell books in this format, also calibre is a great help in this department. To sum up the SONY PRS-505 is extremely well made and has both an excellent screen display and battery life. The quality of the metal case is so much better then cheap plastic. Well done SONY on such a lovely device.

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  okay, but i will wiat for a better version

| | See all obrien92's reviews (10)

It is a good product, and a good start, but it just needs to be perfected. The lack of internet connection and slow refresh rate can be annoying. I bought one but have decided to return it because i wont use it. It is cheaper to buy the paper backs than to buy the ebooks and there isnt a great choice to be honest.

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| | See all MiniMosh's reviews (1)

After reading all the other reviews on here i had to write one of my own. I havent had a problem with my battery life - its only needs charging every couple of weeks if you turn it off correctly. As for the amount of books available... You get 100 free books with it. Then there are thousands of books available, just not every book. The price i think is slightly cheaper than a normal book but why would it be cheaper?? I love mine because i have no space to store books after i finish. I always seem to give them to charity then a couple of years later i buy them again. I think its a great buy for anyone who enjoys to read and really good value for money

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| | See all scarywitch's reviews (3)

This is the best gadget ever! My partner bought me one for Christmas and I've used it everyday since and only had to charge it up twice. The books are as easy to load to it just like loading songs to your ipod. I've heard people complaining about the lack of the number of e-books when reviewing this item but this is hardly the products fault. And as for the issue of needing a backlight like someone has mentioned; I though this was the reason the e-reader was more expensive than similar products? The appearance is like a normal book so therefore if you need light, you use a lamp or you can buy one of the gadgets from play.com. I work infront of a computer all day and I think having a backlight on it would have a similar affect on me as a PC does - give me a headache. It has a function to enlarge the text so even my dad could read it without his glasses. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

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  Good but problematic ...

| | See all DaveWil's reviews (5)

My wife bought me one for Xmas. In the few weeks that I have had it, it has intermittently reset itself 3 times when changing pages (I am waiting for Sony support to contact me). I have a Play.com 4GB SDRAM card and a Sony 8GB Duo Pro card in it. The display is quite crisp but at times you need a strong light to read it. If it was 'backlit' it would be a great improvement.

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