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Koss Porta Pro Hi-Fi Headphones

Manufacturer: Koss

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Just a short review of this great set of headphones

| | See all Steve861uk's reviews (1)

A - Maze - Ing :o) Ordered yesterday, got them today (for a little extra postage cost).

Love the sound and they are very comfortable too. Goodbye earbuds!

Would recommend these to anybody, purchased after reading lots of reviews on different headphones and am so glad I bought them.

Don't dither, just get some (and no I don't work for Koss).


| | See all xCoopsx's reviews (1)

One word, Speechless......................Now that i have wiped the drool from my chin i will try and explain in words how great these set of headphones are. Firstly, you will NOT find another pair of headphones better than these for 17 quid. I have been through quite a few in my time ranging from 20-50 pound and these simply wipe the floor with them. The sound is excellent, straight out of the box it was amazing but what people say is correct, it gets BETTER with use! The comfort is also great, they dont fall off, so you can go to the gym and shake your head around all you like but these will remain, the headband does not have any type of cushioning but its surprisingly not needed. I have been wearing these for a few hours now and i have to think about them to realise their there. They do seem a bit flimsy but hey, they come with a lifetime warranty so who gives a rats ***. The only downside i would give them is that the headband constantly goes back to the smallest size every time i remove them so i have to re adjust each time i want to wear them but thats about it other than that...AWESOME. So pleased i bought these.

  The best damn headphones you can buy for the money.

| | See all honglong's reviews (6)

I have tried so many headphones, Sennheiser PX100, B+W P5, Bose QC3, Etymotic, Grado and these are simply astonishing for money. They look awesome, lifetime warranty and sound incredible for the money.

Great bass, mid, treble. My favourite pair of headphones by miles.

Just like the Grados, they have been around for years and you can see why.

Don't even think about these, buy them. Works with anything and easy to drive.

  one of the best headphones that i have :D

| | See all MAVERICKDANIEL's reviews (4)

the bass is freaking awesome
the mids and highs is good
this headphones is awesome
but im not expert but this only my opinion

  Best sound quality I've ever had, and at a brilliant price

| | See all jisbest's reviews (7)

The sound quality of these headphones is second to none. I love music, but generally cant afford high price headphones, with these available I may never need to again. They have great bass response (something useually missing in cheaper headphones), but are great at mid and high ranges too. The only flaw is that the plastic and the metal of the housing is of a fairly low quality, not brittle or weak, but still feels a bit cheap. If you know this before hand and can just get over it, you can grab yourself some of the best sounding headphones you may ever own.

  Luv 'em

| | See all CallMeGod's reviews (1)

I bought a pair of these headphones back in the early 90s. I paid over 60 pounds then and was still really happy with them. They sound better than any in-ear types I've tried. Sadly they got wrecked, but at this price I'm happy to buy another pair.
The look's not to everybody's taste but get over it and enjoy the sound!

  Why pay more

| | See all Darkknight08's reviews (2)

I followed the buzz and baught these. They are good, they have not been burned in yet so they are just going to get better.

  Porta(PRO) For a reason!

| | See all MrAnchovy's reviews (1)

These headphones are the bee's knees! Got them today for christmas, instantly impressed! Extremely comfortable, great sound quality, especially bass response, but Mids and highs are also very well spread, can't wait to see what they are like when they are burned in! Well worth a buy if you are looking for great audio quality for an absolute bargin!! As a serial earbud user for the past many years, these are a great change to headphones/ear phones i've had before, and a very welcome change at that!!


  Koss PRO!!

| | See all SAMandGLEN's reviews (1)

I have to start out by saying that I very rarely leave feedback for items that I purchase - simply because I normally just don't have the time. I made time to leave feedback on these.

I have owned heads phones before but for portability, lightness and shear awesome sound quality - I have been blown away by them. This is the second time I have bought Koss portapro headphones due to accidently breaking the last pair. Trust me, you cannot get better for your money. They are cheap, have that cool 80's retro look to them and work very very well under a beanie and helmet whilst snowboarding... my motuh is salivating just thinking of listening to them again whilst surfing the white stuff next season...

If you love music on the go - buy them. Simples.

  The Diana Ross of Supremes

| | See all SargentPepper's reviews (6)

I'm not a nostalgia-craving person. I'm just a regular child of the 90s, who happened to come across these when I was looking for a decent pair of headphones after my Sony MDR-20EX broke down after a couple months of ownage.

First the bad news:
*These headphones still carry their original design from the 80s, and so do not isolate all outside noises or the prevent noise leakage (although admittedly, the noise leakage wasn't as extreme as many make it out to be).
*They aren't shockingly loud when used with my MP3, but are with my Laptop, even when the volume is only half-way through Windows Media Player.
*The bass also requires tightening up since they're brand new.
*They aren't mind blowing when listening to rock, country,rap and R&B.

Then the good news:
*Great quality music: hear sections which you couldn't hear with a normal stereo or headphones.
*Compact since it folds in to make it tiny and easy to carry.
*Classical music sounds exceptionally amazing on it, along with alot of Pre-70s vinyl recordings.
*Lifetime warranty
*Leather carry case
*The retro look is kinda cool

In my opinion if you're bothered about a little noise isolation, don't get these. You may want to opt for the Sony MDR-20Ex if you don't mind paying 15 quid every few months or so. Despite recieving this after I recieved my second pair of MDR-20Ex, I decided that I wasn't going to refund because I was curious as to how good they were exactly. They did turn out to be pretty good.