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Polaroid PoGo Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer (Black)

Manufacturer: Polaroid

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  PoGo is the way to Go

| | See all Nemesisno1's reviews (1)

Just brilliant. I use this device at work and it has never failed me. Despite previous posts slating it's quality and compatibility, I have a 2 year old P1i phone, I never needed to read any instructions to start up, it is that easy to use. I could have sold this countless times to my clients because of it's ease of use, its compactness and its usefulness. All I can say is, polaroid I salute you for this brilliant innovative device, it's about time!...... oh yes, one other thing, polaroid has developed an instant digital camera using the same Zink technology, however, if you want one its going to cost you £230.00. It's of the same design as the PoGo, come on polaroid, this is far too expensive! Branded digital cameras cost as litlle as £50.00 these days, add the price of the PoGo on this site, the complete package would only cost you £140.00 get real! You never know, prices may come crashing down!

  It's great but doesn't work with all mobile phones!

| | See all loriefrance's reviews (16)

The images are amazing for the size of the printer and the quality is excellent. You can't expect the same quality from a normal printer but this is fab! Small, light and great to have photos on the go. Be warned however not all mobile phones are compatible. I purchased one to go with my G1 which one mobile pone site said it was compatible so I purchased one from an online auction site for half the price. To my disapointment it isn't.
What I should have done is check the compatibility with Polaroid's Pogo website as it states every mobile phone. The 'cupcake' firmware update was supposed to have an OBEX (bluetooth file transfer) but it didn't have and so cannot connect to the Pogo. Similarly neither can the iPhone for the same reason.
I'm going to keep the Pogo as it connects brilliantly with my digital camera via PicBridge.
My advise before buying check compatibility first and then buy, buy, buy! You won't regret it!

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  Awesome must-have gadget!

| | See all wayneyboy's reviews (15)

I've had this printer for nearly a month and have printed over 270 photos out (it's so addictive!). It goes without saying that you'll get the best quality prints from the best quality digital photos. I'd recommend an image of 1MP or higher, although VGA pictures don't look too bad but you may experience jagged edges due to the low resolution of your image file. I have excellent prints taken at London Zoo, they really are photo quality. Mobile phone photos generally won't come out as well as digital camera photos simply because phones can't take as good a picture, regardless of how many mega pixels they are. Most pictures aren't in a 3x2 ratio (which is what most photo printers, including the Pogo, prefer) so the photos will become slightly cropped. On landscape pictures it's usually the right-hand side and bottom that get cut off, so sometimes it's best to rotate the image 180degrees to get your subject in properly.

People are saying the iPhone won't work with this printer, that's because Apple have only allowed audio profiles to work on their iPhones meaning the iPhone can't send pictures, videos or even music through Bluetooth to any device.

The LG Viewty will work ONLY if you rename the photo. The Pogo doesn't like the filenames of Viewty photos for some reason, so all you need to do is rename the photos you want to print then it'll work.

Battery life is good enough. I manage to get around 15 prints per charge. It's a great gadget to have. I've printed in McDonald's, on the train and on the bus! What other printer let's you do that?? Plus you can peel the backs off and use them as stickers! Cool, eh??!!

Paper isn't too expensive when you consider that you'll never need to buy ink cartridges or ribbons. The paper is the only thing you'll ever need to buy as it uses ZINK for 100% inkless full colour printing.

All in all I'd recommend this pocket printer to anyone wanting to free their prints from their phones or cameras. Probably be most popular with younger people as it's designed for instant fun wherever you are! Not that the older generation don't like instant fun of course! It really is a lot of fun. I've been taking photos of my friends on the bus and sticking them on the windows! Nights down the pub can be livened up by taking photos of your friends on your phone, printing them out on-the-spot and sticking them on each other!

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  I heart PoGo

| | See all LouLouLollipop's reviews (1)

This printer is actually amazing!!!! The quality is amazing, I printed a 2mp photo and it was exactly the quality as it was on my phone screen, fantastic!! The paper quality is really good as well, I was worried that if you choose not to stick it to something then the back would come loose and be rubbish but the peelable back is barely noticable and would stay fixed forever I reckon. This is BOSS and if your having doubt as I did then just go for it, its really cool!!!


| | See all beeeeep's reviews (1)

This is a great gadget! While I understand that it won't suit everyone, particularly those who are obsessed with image quality, I love it. It is a lot of fun. Being bluetooth it means that if you are with friends, they can easily access it from their own mobile too.
Whilst I would have liked the image quality to be better but it is something i can easily live with considering the ease of use and fun that can be had.

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  Good clean fun

| | See all HowieMarkHoward's reviews (5)

I was looking forward to getting this when i saw it on the gadget show a few months back, the idea of it looked interesting and a bit of fun too.

Iv had it just over a week and it is realy good fun, it works with my phone my camera and my laptop, so there is endless fun to be had. Printing is easy and is clear and sharp, as long as the picture is in the first place, as with any printer. The pictures are big enough to have fun with finding new and random places to stick them for people to find.

Well worth the money and is a good addition to anybodies electrical arsenal.

Well done polaroid for another great instant photo invention.

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  Flawed but brilliant!

| | See all jongilluley's reviews (2)

So i thought i would give this a go as i love taking images and love getting them printed as quick as possible. Yes it has its flaws.... poor battery life (charge after every 15 prints) being the major one but apart from that i have found it brilliant....

Dont forget just like normal prints... if u put in rubbish (i.e. low res pics) then u r going to get rubbish out...

And at around 26p per print its not that expensive and the price is bound to come down as it becomes more popular!

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  not pogo's fault that iphone not work

| | See all UncleLimey's reviews (4)

i have an iphone, and its the fault of the iphone not pogo.. so to mark it down on that basis is a bit unfair

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  How disappointing!

| | See all hoodwinked's reviews (1)

Was really excited about this new gadget but was so disappointed when I actually tried to use it.Not only is it incompatible with my iPhone it is also incompatible with my digital camera.I agree that the concept is great,the reality however is not.When I did finally ffind a compatible device the quality of the pics were appalling.My advice is to stick with the Polaroid instant cameras instead.

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  Better than I expected

| | See all Littlybilly's reviews (1)

Was given this as a gift from my better half, having had polaroid cameras for many years I thought here we go another £1 a print invention! I am happy that they have got it down to £8 for 30 pictures. Overall happy with it, if you want fantastic prints go to a photo shop but for instant little pics it's great. On close up pictures the quality shows up being less than average but on slightly more distant pics it's great. Having trouble with it cutting pats of the image off but haven't bothered to read the leaflet yet to see if that's easy to sort. I would recommend it as an addition to your needs not as your only way to print photographs from cameras or mobiles. Xxx

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