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Apple 120GB iPod Classic (Black)

Manufacturer: Apple

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  no good if you know you will use it a lot

| | See all iccklebill's reviews (1)

it would seem am one of the lucky ones then cause my ipod classic is well over 2 years old now and works perfectly fine, having said that i go through times when it is used a lot then times when it is just sat there,
so it seems if you know your going to use your mp3 a lot this ipod or a lot of ipods for that matter are not going to be any good unless you have the money spare to change it nearly every year

  I'm with the guy below

| | See all metalnut92's reviews (1)

I too owned this iPod for around 18 months. While the iPod itself is a well designed, stylish, and easy-to-use piece of hardware, it simply isn't well built enough to warrant its price tag. After around 6 months huge scratches appeared on the screen, despite me making a conscious effort to always keep it in a pocket away from other objects that might scratch it. After about 12 months the Play/Pause button began to fail, and last month it gave up altogether, as did the Hold switch. As highlighted in previous reviews, Apple's idea of customer service is to jam their fingers in their ears and yell loudly, so don't expect anything from them.

Fantastic for the first 12 months or so, but apparently built with incredibly poor materials.

  Great....until it goes wrong

| | See all rapidentz's reviews (1)

I bought a 120GB Apple iPod Classic 14 months ago. A white line has just appeared right across the middle of the display screen.

It would seem that this is a problem that Apple are aware of. There is reference to it when you enter their online repair process. I have heard of other people with the same problem.

I was stunned to find that rather than offer repair or replace an iPod with a clear manufacturing fault for a nominal charge, Apple's idea of customer service is to bill me almost 100 pounds because the iPod is just out of warranty.

As I can't afford to spend 100 pounds ever year to keep an mp3 player working I will be looking for an alternative to Apple products in the future.

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  Brilliant- try to familarise yourself with itunes beforehand

| | See all holty92's reviews (4)

I love this, storage is second to none, the quality is sublime and you can change the eq you just need to go into the settings and there is loads! screen is excellent. The only thing I would say is to download itunes before you get this and get to learn how to use it properly as i agree itunes can be fiddly but once you know what your doing, trust me you cant fault this in a word brilliant :)

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  Not Bad

| | See all hairybanjo's reviews (2)

I bought this for the space as I have 70gigs of music.
This was my first IPOD after owning Cowon & Creative. I find the GUI excellent and intuitive but I was very dissapointed with the sound and lack of ability to change the EQ.
As with a previous reviewer I now use this hooked up to my stereo only and its excellent for that. For my music on the go I bought a Sony S639f......difference in sound quality is like night and day.

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| | See all kickboxer's reviews (6)

i have a docking station for the new iPod nano of shuffle,not sure what one it is. it has 8gb. i used it with me docking station and its is great. i was just wondering if anyone new if there is a peice of kit i could purchase to connect the iPod classic with the docking station (Isound IS-453)

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  Not a bad product however.......

| | See all insanity101's reviews (15)

Firstly storage is amazing i cannot find anything with more space to store music and videos. Weight and size are what you expect from someting with a massive disk in it.
The only draw back for me is using itunes which you need since you cannot drag music when you connect it. Itunes is just useless at organising music because it does it automaticaly it complety messes up all the organising that you have already done. From breaking up complete albums to no finding album art itunes is truely crap for a music program!!
However there are alternatives just google "other itunes programs" and i am sure youll find a program that best suits you.

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  What a buy!!!!

| | See all Gstar89's reviews (3)

Last year's best buy, by far. I was in 2 minds weather to buy this or not, and I got and I use it every day. My advice to you would be don't bother with a touch because you will save a lot of money for a lot more memory. I have 4000 songs and counting. And I still have 95GB left. Fantastic bit of kit.


| | See all TarantinosHeir's reviews (62)

Its got so much space you will find it hard to run out. And to the guy below or anyone else with the same problem, my ipod slowd down and did the exact same thing and what you have to do is hold down the play button at the same time as holdin down the middle button then it reboots the ipod and it goes faster again.

  Good - but only becuase there's no competition

| | See all sliders's reviews (4)

My music collection is just over 65gb so short of a PC there is virtualy no choice of music players to store it. Archos and Cowon offer media players but having owned an archos it's jack of all and not great as a dedicated music player. So bring on the IPOD. I'm a big hater of everything apple and have to say initially this didn't do much to change my opinion.

If you've only ever owned IPOD I can see this will be superb. Great build quality, nice to hold and the user interface looks good, itunes means you can easily by and transfer MP3's (but for the price they pay go and buy the CD album for cheaper and rip it yourself). But if like me you've always used other brands (personally having 4 other music/media players in use around the house I've a fair comparison) you'll realise how overrated this player / IPOD? is.

Menu - slow to repsond and jerky.

Click wheel thing either takes ages to respond or flies round really quickly so you'll never actually land on the option you want.

Sound quality - NOT good for a player at this price. Sounds like my music is encoded at 56kbps yet all my music is a minimum of 192kbps. Worst sound quality I've ever come across, even comparing it against my 5 year old iRiver.

No user definable equaliser and depite there seeming like thousands of presets, none will give a decent sound.

Headphones - apalling.

No ability to play music by Folders/file names. This means you have to have all your music tagged correctly or you get UNKOWN ARTIST, UNKNOWN ALBUM, UNKNOWN GENRE etc etc.

iTunes - possible the worst music programme I've ever encountered and failed miserably at tagging my MP3's. I had to use another readily available programme that worked a treat.

Genius - FANTASTIC. With a collection aproaching 70 gb the genius feature helps reduce the time trying to decide what to listen to. So far it's selections have matched my choice/mood pretty well.

In summary if I'd bought this as a portable player I'd be VERY disappointed. So why give it 4*? These days everything is made for IPOD. I bought it to replace a CD player and avoid the use of PC streaming devices to play MP3's on a decent sound system. Bought an ONKYO dock, plugged it into my ONKYO AV receiver and now I've got a SUPERB aduio system.

The dock bypasses the IPOD sound processor and gives a crystal clear great sounding system. I can control it with my AV remote and it looks great sat in its dock on top of the AMP and I dont have to have hundreds of CD's cluttering my lounge.

For the simple ease of use, space saving and simpe classic looks I can live with the slow menu and once I'd used a decent programme to organise my music I can even live with iTunes. And for decent sound on the move I'll use a player with better sound processors and menu options.

As a portable music player you can get far better, albeit smaller capacity (do you really need to take 120gb everywhere with you?) but as a central hub (via a dock) for your sound system you wont get better.

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