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Apple 120GB iPod Classic (Black)

Manufacturer: Apple

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Customer Reviews

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  120 Gb iPod Classic

| | See all europafoto's reviews (1)

The ipod classic, the original benchmark of the ipod range. Compared to my original 5th gen ipod it has changed somewhat. A new user inteface and the addition of the cover flow feature now common with the ipod touch/ iphone. Although still driven by the now infamous click wheel. With the usual high standard of build quality.

The only issue is that of sound, with the supplied headphones the sound can appear flat and quiet compared to the 5th generation. But this is cured by using some better quality headphones.

Highly recommended, especially if you have a lot of music.

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  This version is even better than the previous version!

| | See all bobH90's reviews (1)

I have recently upgraded my iPod classic to this latest version, being thoroughly pleased with the previous version. The classic is a must for listening to high quality formats such as WAV, AIFF or Apple Lossless (let's face it, it has the capacity for such files) although good headphones are another must buy. I must admit to not being an Apple fan before getting an iPod, but I even like iTunes now, it is far more versatile than any other music program I've used. Certainly worth the price tag.

  Good - But not without it's faults

| | See all tugayisalegend's reviews (1)

This is my 1st iPod due to my hatred of all things Apple, but I needed an MP3 player that would store all of my music on it and the Classic is the only model on the market that can cater to my needs...

The faults are minor and understandable - it's fairly wide, not that comfortable to hold. When moving between menu's there's sometimes a pause. But they are the only faults and considering the amount of information that can be stored on the iPod you can't really complain.

As for the volume limit that is now on all new MP3 players in Europe; I like my music fairly loud and was worried that I might not be able to hear it clearly in public & on the bus, but it really isn't a problem (for my ears anyway)

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  I hate my ipod

| | See all Gary01's reviews (1)

Gave this 1 star as you can't give it zero
9Gb operating system? To do what? Annoy me, that's what.

Volume on ipod is terrible. I want a player that can go louder than i can listen to, that way i know i am not running the unit at full capacity & reducing the sound quality

The eq settings all sound really bad. There is no good quality sound processor & no option to create your own eq settings

Having to use itunes to get my music on this stupid machine is another hate of mine. Why do apple insist on forcing people to use the worst music programme ever made?

The touch sensitive scroll either does nothing or jumps past the option you want to select which annoys me.

I only bought this godforsaken unit as all the good quality brands gave up making units with a large capacity but small in size.

If apple could create a drag and drop unit that came with good sound quality, the ability to use whatever software you like & even put a mains charger in the box, i may push this up to the 1 1/2 stars it deserves.

If you like good quality music on the move (320kbps) and you don't feel you have to own an ipod to look cool, dont ever buy one.

This is the worst purchase i have ever made.

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  Best money I've spent!!

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

I've been jealousy looking at everyone else's ipod's for a very long time and finally this year was able to get one for myself, just as this new 120g version was launched.

I have to say I'm over-the-moon with it. The new black finish is different to the old but it's better looking I think. The display screen is vibrant and clear, and it's great to be able to visually scroll through album covers as well as search for songs/artists etc the usual way.

The capacity is great, like the previous reviewer I have about 3500 songs plus and have over 95g left. I've also added some TV epsidoes and a film and even though I was unsure about watching them on a smaller screen it's actually fine, you can watch them and see all the screen really clearly.

Like a lot of Apple stuff the controls are really intuitive and I picked them up after a couple of hours. It's also really easy to use when hooked up to the computer. Apple really are good at making things as easy as possible and for someone not really knowledgable about computers that's a huge bonus.

My only gripe is that I didn't realise that I would lose about 9g in storage from the 120 total because of the space the operating system must use, so I actually only started with around 111g, but as I say, 10 years of CD collecting only used 16g so I have a long way to go to use up that 95!!!

I can't praise it enough!!

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  Great iPod - Smaller than it looks, insane amount of storage

| | See all internetwhizzkid's reviews (7)

This iPod in my opinion has to be one of the best, It is a lot smaller than what all of the pictures show, its amazing. Sure its short and is a bit thick but still what comes with that is "unlimited" Storage.
The amount of music and video you can get on this thing is insane
I have almost 3000 songs, a few movies and podcasts and I still have 95GB left, its amazing.
I would really suggest this iPod, at least if you did you would not have to worry about running out of space and hense being picky to what you can have on it, you can have it all!!!
Only down side is the fact that due to it being hard drive based, navigation can be a little slow.
Other than that nothing is wrong with it, everyone should have one!

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