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Sony NWZ-S639F 16GB S Series Premium Video MP3 Player (Black)

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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| | See all risinghigh71's reviews (1)

I've had this now since March 09 and am very happy with it. I'm really into my music and sound quality is very important to me. This player has not disappointed me in this respect. The player has several music enhancement modes such as VPT surround (which I actually switch off), DSEE sound enhancement and clear stereo mode which both work well although it's down to personal preference whether you want to use these or not. After tweaking the EQ you get fantastic sound performance. In my opinion it beats Apple's offerings any day. The bundled ear phones are pretty decent aswell although I choose to use my Sennheiser's which greatly enhances the sound quality in my opinion.

You can use the bundled software to transfer files to the player. To be honest I only use mine for music and choose to transfer music files via Windows Media Player. This leads me on to the only minor gripe I have, which is, that you can't create playlists within the player itself. You have to use Windows Media Player to create them which is not a big deal however I'm not sure why Sony omitted this feature. This is the only reason I give it 4 stars.

Buy this...you won't be disappointed.

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| | See all BinauralTom's reviews (4)

Had this player for a few months now and have to say it's absolutely fantastic. I bought it after my Creative Zen packed in after a few heavy years use and can honestly say I wish the Zen had given up sooner.

The sound quality is as good as my Hitachi CD player, the display is crystal clear, syncing and setup is almost too easy and especially after the brick that was the Creative Zen you notice how convenient it is to have a small, lightweight player, and it really is so light that as it says 'you won't notice you're carrying it'. The battery life is simply brilliant, charged for 3 hours seems to be worth nearly 2 days of playback, and it saves power by switching off when paused and left unused for a shortwhile (which may sound inconvenient but when you see how it switches back on instantly at a touch you'll see it's nothing but good).

My only complaints would be that there is no mains charger to it, it can only be (as far as I know) charged by USB which isn't ideal if you want to leave it charging overnight or if you're away from home. The speed of 'creating library' after adding tracks to the player is a little sluggish although is only a one off on each occasion. Also the earphones provided I found to be uncomfortable and inconvenient, but the £5-20 spent on a decent set of earphones is easily made up for by the value for money here.

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  Only now do I see how good this is.....

| | See all sliders's reviews (4)

Bought this a while ago and have been using it fairly regularly. Recently bought an IPOD 120gb as my home audio hub and only now do I see just how fantastic an MP3 player is. Apple REALLY need to pull their socks up.

The sony has easy to use, totally intuitive menus that dont suffer from jerkiness or freezing. Unlike my IPOD. The sound quality is superb. Unlike my IPOD. Supplied headphones are pretty good. Unlike my IPOD. Drag and Drop file transfer with no unfriendly poorly designed additional software to use. Unlike my IPOD.

Usual genre, album & album art tags but with the addition of SenseMe sound organiser. So far this has been spot on with it's organisation and whilst IPOD's Genius is great, I find sony's version to be superb. It works all the time, unlike Genius chooses when to operate and when not to.

Video playback is small - obviously - as its a small player but quality is fantastic.

Overall I dont think you'll beat this player for the money.

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  Great, but..........................

| | See all ChillPill's reviews (15)

...why couldn't they provide a lug on the edge of the player to attach a neck/wrist strap like they do with their phones?
It's my only complaint, hence the 4 stars. It's simple to use, great sound and graphics and so light you won't even notice it.
So c'mon Sony, surely the tech guys could have added a lug?

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  Great mp3 player!

| | See all spooner22's reviews (20)

This mp3 player is really cool! Lots of memory, can fit around 3000 songs on, maybe a bit more. The video playback is great quality although the screen is a bit small but thats not a big problem.
One problem i had with it is that the software that came with it won't recognise my mp3 player when its connected to the computer...noone else seems to have the problem though so maybe its my computer...im wanting to create playlists but i cant because you cant do it through the mp3 player only through the software which isnt very good.
oh and also there is no adapter, you can only charge through a USB.
These reasons are why i give 4 and not 5.
Sound quality is great though and the price is pretty good too!

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  Over the moon

| | See all Stev01972's reviews (1)

I have had 3 or 4 other makes and models of MP3 player and to honest they were terrible compared to this (The Phillips one coming out top as the worst of the worst). Everything about it is superb, the sound, the ease of use and i especially like the time machine shuffle, although the senseme shuffle does occasionally get itself mixed up with some tracks. It also plays video really nicely considering it has such a small screen area, although you can alter the video orientation which is another nice touch. The way it all fits neatly in with windows media player just tops it off for me.

Go on, go out and buy one now, i guarantee you wont be disappointed.



| | See all Javier79's reviews (2)

Upgraded from a Sony NW-HD3 and that lasted me almost 5 years, I only upgraded because the battery has lost its life.
This player is good, the sound is great and i like the interface. Sony have gotten rid of Sonicstage which is a giant leap, the new software is an emprovement but still has a bit to go. Anyway, I would recommend this to all, and for under £90, well worth it, go buy it!

  best player you will get sub £100 and beyond!

| | See all fenderfez's reviews (1)

Unless you are gonna pay a fortune and get a player like a cowon with high end dedicated audio processors, you aint gonna beat this little beauty!!

I had an old sony nw-hd5 hard disc player, but fancied an upgrade, not expecting the quality to get any better. I was mistaken!

I have a recording studio quality sound system at home, and this player has made me unhappy with how it sounds! I use sennheiser headphones with it that I previously bought separately, but the included headphones are still very good! leagues ahead of the iPod or any other stock headphones! unmatched sound quality from sony yet again, proving they still lead in this area!

As for the software, gone are the woes of sonicstage, puttin music on this player couldnt be easier! just make sure you dont overload your usb bus or transfer large quantities of files at once, or you may find some of them are corrupted when you try to play them back on the player.

The clear audio technologies are incredible, the bass response from it is insane, i like a bass heavy sound, but I cant stand the amount of bass this kicks out if its up full! I have the clear bass sitting at 2/3 and it is perfect. (please note: the actual bass level will vary GREATLY with the mixing/production of the songs you listen to, AND the headphones you use, if you want to truely judge the sound of a player, buy decent headphones!!)

Build quality is as expected from sony, very good. Player is very small and very light, but still feels solid in the hand with its rugged metal casing.

The screen is very sharp and bright, the videos pre-loaded look very good for a player with a screen of this size, tho it wont be everyones cup of tea watchin a full film on a 2" screen.

the player also starts up extremely quickly, almost instantly after you slide off the hold switch! not to mention the every superior battery life found in sony players. you will actually get the quoted 40 hours, and this doesnt seem to vary with music bitrate, as i use mostly 320kbps tracks, and i can go weeks without charging!

overall, if you are an audiophile who thrives for quality, and dont wana break the bank or require a player with 100s of gb of storage (i have over 1600 high quality tracks on this, and i still have a few gb of free space, and havent deleted the preloaded songs or videos), forget the iPod nano or the cheap copy of one you were considering - buy this now!!

sound 10/10
features 10/10
build 10/10
software 9/10
looks 10/10

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| | See all deathroulette's reviews (3)

where should i start because everything is brilliant.
Ipods only use a few formats where as this sony uses loads including the ipod formats. this means you can use windows media player, I tunes, Sonicstage, BBC I player and loads more. They are good in sound quality, easy to use, compact, good battery life ect. ipod nano 16GB can hold 20 hours of video. the sony wait for it... 62 hours of video. this due to sonys superior file format.
it also has a good 40 hours of battery power.

If you want a really good MP4 then get this. If you want a fasion accersoiry get a ipod nano. but between the ipod nano and this sony , spec to spec the sony wins. the easiest to use is the sony and the cheapest. yes thats right the sony.

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  Great value for money.

| | See all drumlover's reviews (2)

For £88 this is a bargain ! Very sleek and compact, and as you can expect from sony it delivers great sound quality and user interface.
I have long been a hatre of ipod's so didnt even consider buying one of their extremely over-priced, poorly made products, so an extra bonus on top of the extra memory you get for money , you also get a fairly decent set of headphones as standard which do the job as far as im concerned.

Worth a buy if in need of a well rounded mp3 player.