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Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 iPod Speaker Dock (Black)

Manufacturer: Logitech

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all MrLanky's reviews (4)

I purchased these speakers back in November 2009 and I am pleased to say that 2 years later they are still brilliiant.
They work with all ipods, inc the iphone 3GS (pretty sure 4 but haven't tested this), there's even an aux in for connecting other devices. The battery still lasts for a good 5 hours, even after 2 years of every day use and about 100+ charges and discharges. The sound quality is very good, and does not change when on battery. The compact size is deceiving as these speakers are surprising loud and the bass is strong and holds well even at max volume, but it will not match a system with a sub, but then you can't take a sub to the beach or the pool can you?!
These speakers have taken a battering, they have been dropped, trodden on, even dropped in a swimming pool in Spain and yet they still work perfectly. The remote control is really handy and the speakers come with a protective carry case into which the remote, AC adaptor/charger and the speaker all fits in very snug.
All in all I am truly amazed by this product, when I purchased these I would never have thought they'd still be going in such a perfect way 2 years later. A definite 5* product.

  Amazing.. Buy it!

| | See all Mark14's reviews (1)

I got this as a birthday present and am glad i did,
The sound quality is amazing as stays like that no matter how loud you put it, and it does go very loud!
I've brought them camping a couple of times and down the beach, my friends said they were suprised how good the sound was.

I think its good value for the quality

  Brilliant speakers, a few minor flaws

| | See all Gazbo123's reviews (12)

This is a great speaker set, the sound is fantastic and it's so compact it's just great to use around the house or take camping.
A few criticisms though, the remote control has to be pointed directly at it unlike other remote controlled devices, which can inhibit where you position it.
In order to use it as an aux speaker using the 3mm jack, you have to have the source (laptop, mp3 player etc) on full volume or the speaker will keep turning off, this doesn't affect the brilliant sound quality but the speaker comes on at a really high volume, and I'm worried one day I might set it up and go make a brew or something and the speakers will blow.. Plus, it can give you quite a shock!!
Even though it's marked to 'Work with iPhone', I still get that stupid message on my iphone when I dock it warning the product isn't designed for iPhone, however, I just discard it and I don't get any interference, even when I use the dock to listen to internet radio through the iPhone's 3G connection.
All in all, a great speaker that pumps out brilliant sound that can compete with a lively party, despite its small size, which in turn makes it a great companion on a camping trip or BBQ. Knocked a star off for the mild annoyances it delivers as it is a pricey product and you'd expect it to be perfect. There are cheaper portable docks out there, but you will be compromising on sound quality so it's worth saving up for this fella and being happy with it!

*Quick Update* - Forgot to mention in my original review that the speaker comes with plug adaptors or the UK or Europe. Went to Prague for the weekend so took the dock with me and cracked out the Euro adaptor which meant we could have a great soundtrack for the weekend in our apartment and I could also keep my iphone charged up without having to mess around with adaptors for the charger. Only took a small rucksack as hand luggage and this speaker hardly took up any space. Another plus point! Not quite enough to win that fifth star though..

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  Yup - it's that good

| | See all Lordofhellfire's reviews (2)

this was my first dock. Friends had others but i wanted one that woiuld work with the iphone without airplane mode etc etc. It's primary use was for outdoor use in summer and to take on holiday. Had it about 3 months now and use it all the time. It's awesome. Great volume, great sound, great purchase. One thing though is that if you are running the unit off of the inbuilt battery, then the remote won't work (with the i-phone anyway). Small price to pay though for such a great unit!

  great little docking speakers

| | See all loobilooe's reviews (1)

I bought this in Sept 08 in USA and travelled round the states with it. It gives out enough sound power to use in the house and charges the ipod at the same time. The inbuilt recharging batteries last for ages so no problem listening to it all day unplugged. The only slight critisism is that the control buttons are a little unresponsive but I have gotten used to that.

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