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Sennheiser CX 300 Mark II Precision Headphones (Black)

Manufacturer: Sennheiser

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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  Quality headphones

| | See all Curty81's reviews (17)

2nd pair I have bought of these now. They are such good quality and fit. Improves any sound from any device. No idea why people still persist with using those rubbish ipod white headphones.

  bitter taste

| | See all Get2Fck's reviews (1)

these were the best quality headphones id ever owned. i stress the were... only lasted about 4 months the right hand headphone now only plays so quietly that you cant really hear it with the left hand one in...
bit disappointing really because they were amazing.

  Awesome Buy!

| | See all connecto's reviews (1)

These are such high-quality earphones, especially for the price. Seriously, the bass on these things is amazing, not too overpowering, the same goes for the treble. The asymmetric cord is also a great feature, when you're not listening to music or whatnot they just dangle on your shoulders, perfect length so you don't have to go fishing for them when you want to play some tunes!
Good job Sennheiser- affordable, quality product :D

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| | See all gerardmartin's reviews (3)

The sound / volume was reduced by about 50% after just a few months.
Couldn't use on my iPod or laptop. Extremely disappointed.

  Quality sound.

| | See all EliteGamer93's reviews (20)

These are the best earphones I've ever had the pleasure of owning.
Well designed to fit comfortably in your ear, light, and best of all is the sound quality, which I find to be unmatched in any other earphones I've tried. I've bought these twice, and CX300's (not mark 2), twice, and both are excellent. However, for me they each only last about 3 months. I would've bought them again, but I preferred them at 16.99. :)

  So good I bought it twice!

| | See all NewRichard's reviews (3)

Actually, I lost the first pair I had :(
Excellent headphones, great quality sound, snug fit, discrete, and fairly effective passive noise blocking. Cheap too!
The pouch is fantastic for keeping it in all neat and tidy, especially good as a place to keep the spare pads. It also has enough room to keep a USB drive in there so you know where it is.
When I lost my old pair, absolutely no question as to which headphones I would get to replace them. Same again please!

  Great introduction to better earphones

| | See all SimonPage1's reviews (6)

The CX300 is a great way to see what a better quality pair of earphones can offer. Sound is 100 times better than the standard iPod buds and they don't cost the earth. Highly recommended.


| | See all eternalcowboy's reviews (1)

I'm writing this review having just bought the skullcandy Titan headphones, and I feel bad I didn't review these before.

I bought them about 18 months ago when they were 13.99 and they were amazing. Sound quality is amazing, bass so good you feel it in your cheek bones without them ever distorting. Perfect, clear and durable...until mine fell out of my pocket on the bus. Disaster.

I bought the skullcandy ones as replacements to try them out as I'd heard good things and they were a bit cheaper than the Sennheiser CX300 II, despite having the same RRP.

I honestly wish that I'd replaced like with like and gone for the Sennheiser's again for an extra tenner. Literally twenty times better than the skullcandy ones in every way.

If you are umming and arrring, go for these headphones above what ever ones you are looking at. Head and shoulders above others in it's class.

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| | See all FuzzyGT's reviews (1)

It took me a while to decide and pick which headphones will be best for DEEP bass and quality and these headphones are perfect for that. I have tried many different types of in-ear headphones such as monster beats, sony xbass mdr xb20 etc. and have read many reviews and I actually personally think these headphones are much better. If you want in-ear headphones for deep bass these headphones are a must buy and when I say deep I mean DEEP BOOMIN BASS.

BASS = SUPER AMAZING (gave me goosebumps it was that good, handles highs & mids very well)

CLARITY = AMAZING (even though the bass is so powerful the vocals / instrument don't drown out as the sounds come through very clearly)

HEADPHONES = AMAZING ( 3 sizes for buds S,M,L that snug into your ears easily. The headphones do not fall out when moving your head or walking. I have tried running and they still stay in. A small pouch is also included which is good for storing and protecting your headphones, the cables are thin and long so no need for extensions and the 3.5mm headphone jack is in a L shape to prevent it from snapping. Also the headphones are good looking themselves as they have a black glossy finish on the back of the headphone.

As it says on the box "powerful, bass-driven stereo sound" these headphones do what they say. If you are looking for in-ear headphones for bass press buy now.

  Fantastic quality headphones

| | See all Pr1est's reviews (1)

I got these about a year ago when they were 14.99, they are currently listed at 10 more but they are still well worth it in my opinion. The range on them is very good able to handle quite a lot of bass without clipping while the high end is crystal clear.

I'll admit I mainly waste these playing mp3's from my phone but when I hooked them up to my pc and used ASIO drivers for output with flac files and cds you can really see what these things can do, as the sound is much more open and bright.

Build quality is great, after a year theres no sign of wear (although I do look after things) and the sound is better than when they were first used. I noticed this after a few weeks of use, so if your not 100% happy with the sound quality I'd say break 'em in for a bit first before forming opinions on the quality.

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