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Sony MDR-EX300 Vertical Headphones (Black)

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Best Buy Earphones for Price

| | See all athena1958's reviews (1)

These are the best headphones I have ever purchased. The sound is immaculate you cannot go wrong for the price. I use them in my mp3 and Sony mobile phone - excellent buy:-) . A lot cheaper than buying earphones from the sony shop. They sit in ears very well no complaints

  not as comfortable as they claim

| | See all shirley40's reviews (3)

these arrived in all chinese boxing and paperwork. The two cables are quite offset to one side so one tends to be stretched and the other ends up with a big loop. You really need the extension cable and chunky connector to reach your pocket. However... they are not as comfortable as they claim being flat shapes, not round, they really don't fit well in your ear. We bought two and have abandoned them after a week to opt for sennheisers and a better shape.

  good sound quality poor fit

| | See all mikeymuru's reviews (4)

nice look and ggod sound quality. poor fit however. The cable is a short cable with a connectable extender. When it is connected the cable become ridiculously long and you have to use the cable tie to manage it. The problem then comes as the weight of the tie and the jack in to extension link means that when moving they swing and pull the head phone out of your ear. Shame other wise nice phones.


| | See all menamesjames's reviews (1)

There a good pair of earphones, the only problem is that the price is printed on the actual box it was posted in.

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  very very good

| | See all ps3owner34's reviews (19)

there super duper they do need breaking in the sound get s better the more you use them there ace and worth much more i dont see the point in listening to music on rubbish headphones you must have a decent set of headphones

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| | See all kzegerman's reviews (1)

Whilst these headphones have great sound I don't find them very comfortable in ear. The main issue I have is that the standard lead that comes with them is 12 inches long and the extension that they provide is about 3 foot - neither of which is any use if you want your ipod in your trouser pocket or at the gym


| | See all Ollie88's reviews (1)

Received these this morning, they're absolutely amazing - sound quality is second to none, they're stylish, comfortable, lovely case...ecstatic that I decided on these, and for 20 quid you really, really cannot go wrong with them.

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  Just Buy

| | See all monkeymafia2007's reviews (3)

Don't bother reading all the reviews of other headphones
If you are thinking of spending around the 30 pounds mark just buy these
Fantastic sound, very loud, heavy distortion free bass, very comfy to wear and do a great job of blocking sound without annoying the person next to you!
What more could you want?
Oh, a nice case to put them in too! AAA+ :-)

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  great sound, great comfort, great noise reduction

| | See all harrydobby101's reviews (5)

very comfortable headphones with great bass. They are designed to fit well into ears and to stay there, for me they do both! their great for the gym too, no fiddling around with them falling out all the time. The sound is very crisp; in fact I had to turn the treble down because it was so loud, especially compared to apple ipod earphones. Oh nearly forgot to mention the sound isolation part; its good! not exactly a pair of earplugs but outside noise is reduced a lot. over all Good pair of headphones, only thing to note is that you need to turn the treble down for more comfortable listening.

  Ubeatable! - Information below

| | See all xaser33's reviews (1)

I've always been someone who loves their sound quality, and never denied myself a decent pair of headphones. These, are a fantastic choice, you get the usual different-sized ear buds and a carry case with a solid structure moulded to the shape of the earphones to wrap around and to keep them from getting damaged in the bottom of your bag.

The length of the wire is no longer anything to worry about, as the extension cord (which previously made the wire too long for an mp3 player in your pocket) now comes with a stylish clip to wrap excess wire around. You can position this clip where you like, so it's ideal.

The wire is exceptional quality also as you would expect. Very lightweight and a nice texture so the buds sit in your ear effortlessly and do not pull on your clothes like the iPods original cables.

I have compared the sound quality to some other headphones worth around £5-£20 and the difference is just incredible. Sounds isolation is perfect, and they're able to handle many types of music. Drum 'n Bass, Metal, dance, I'm just not going to take them out!

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