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Sony BDP-S550 Blu-ray Disc Player

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

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  the way to go

| | See all stwiie's reviews (30)

Well what can i say that everyone else aint already said about this amazing player. I started like most did i imagine with a PS3 nearly 2yrs ago now and it was my 1st taste of blu-ray,i not gonna run it down cos at the time it was very good. But few months ago i thought nows the time to upgrade from the taster to the real thing, and i did with this player after reading many reviews of it. The 1st obvious film to check the difference was transformers for the insane details of the bots and WOW what a difference this player made. Edge definition,colour and 3dimensionality was leaps above the PS3,same goes for sound the dolby truHD just jumped right out too. So much more surrounding and engrossing compared to the PS3,i then went through my collection looking for a top DTS:MA and pcm films and found them in hellboy 2 and casino royal. Both blew me away from what i used to with my PS3 hellboys full 7.1 is amazing especially the final battle with the army and bonds action scenes r loud and booming. All i can say is this player is amazing in every area both picture and sound,if ur budget is the £300 mark this is the one to go for and if u thinking a player or PS3 get this u wont go wrong

  Well Done Sony

| | See all garymcleanuk's reviews (3)

What can I say. Ive always bought SONY DvD players as they are well made and really up to the job.

The picture quality is excellent and you have so much flexibility in tuning the picture and audio outputs.

I'm very impressed with the upscailer that's built into this unit. Ivey an older DVD Sony upscailer but this does a better job.

I'm only using 2 channel audio until I get an Amp but the audio is excellent quality, clear and precise.

1GB Micro Vault is included but do not see why you can not connect any USB Storage if you need to download extra content from the BD Live Service.

Firmware upgrades are easy and simple.
The Menu system is the same as the PS3 and is very simple to use.

The remote can also be used to control your TV with the codes supplied in the manual.

The unit is very swish and proud to shop it off

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  Multi-region Player?

| | See all KidbrookeGarry's reviews (6)

I've heard that this player and the S350 are also multi region players. Is this true anyone?

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  Nice Machine - Good Performer

| | See all ExXboxer's reviews (14)

This player is easy to set and looks good - the images that it produces are crystal clear (coping well with the dark scenes of films like Dark Knight) and the sound is excellent.

It works very well with standard disc formats and reinforces the fact that the slow load times are normally down to the Blu Ray disc rather than the players themselves. I spoke to someone at Sony, and they advised that load times are not likely to get much better in the foreseeable future.

I am not always great with new technology, but the set up screens are easy to use (although the interfaces are quite dull compared to my HD DVD player - which unfortunately is now back in the box due to the demise of the format). The network conectivity allows Java updates to keep the player current with latest disc releases and access to BD Live content.

The only downside for me was that Sony did not honour the "free disc" promotion, but from reading other peoples reviews that does not seem to be a common problem.

All in all, I would say that this is a great addition to my living room and I

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  Nice player

| | See all webbm0's reviews (2)

Firstly have a PS3, S550 runs much more quietly and has slightly better picture imo, S550 however is much better than PS3 at upscaling dvds in my opinion. Brought this as my amp doesn't have hdmi inputs, run six analogue cables to my amp to get dts master audio and dolby true hd (5.1) in my setup as my amp didn't have anymore inputs!! Works well definite improvement over standard DD/DTS imo.

If your amp has hdmi or you don't have analogue inputs or you don't have a receiver however and you don't plan on using the analogue outputs you might as well save yourself some money and buy the S350.

Only annoying feature for me is that like sky+hd the hdmi is always on so my hdmi auto switch will not function in auto mode.

Have a sony dvd recorder also and they have different remote codes so they do not interfere, which I was worried about.

  Just a Brilliant piece of kit

| | See all BugleB's reviews (2)

Dedicated to Blue Ray, this player extracts and shows the very best that the format has to offer. I toyed with the idea of going down the PS3 route - but the BDP-S550 is now much cheaper, less hassle and fits well in to an A/V setup.
It is a neat player, its lightness being it only drawback. It seems incredibly light and can be easily moved if your are heavy handed with it, though it rubber feet are grippy. The blue case colour makes it a great looker. The remote is excellent and well up to Sony's best standards. The PSP/PS3 menu bar system works really well and if connected to a Sony TV can be synchronised, i.e. turn on the player and the TV turns on & Vice versa, Both remotes work with either device for most standard functions, the Player automatically switches connection to the right HDMI etc.
I am running via HDMI to a A/V amp and then in to a Sony 40" LCD. The HDMI transfers fantastic Dolby Master sound at full 7.1 (yes I have all the speakers and it does make you glance around at those sounds..) along with 1080p pictures - and the effect is just mesmerising. The LAN connection works well and was easy to get connected to my broadband router. I cabled up to a Linksys "WET54G" Wireless Ethernet bridge to turn the player in to a wireless device, then once the network settings were entered it is straight through with no problem. Note: this is not a Web browser - but a way of extending Blue Ray content.
It allows BD Live content to be streamed from the Internet, giving access to Previews and exclusive content. There are buffering delays - but this is down to broadband bandwidth more than anything - think BBC iPlayer to compare. BD Live previews do come in near HD quality and with Dolby Digital sound though. I'm sure content will develop further around this Internet connectivity as time goes by.
All in all I am delighted with this player. It is simple, feature rich, performs well and looks good.

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  Fantastic Player

| | See all Caterboy's reviews (4)

This player is my first Blu-Ray player so I have nothing else to compare this against. I did some research before buying and was steered away from other players with comments like 'Slow load times' and had to be careful of the right elements required.
All I can say is wow. Firstly SD discs are upscaled even better than my Sony DAV DZ260 and the quality is great. The Blu-Ray side of things does not fail to impress on my 46" LCD. The load times do not seem to be an issue and there is a LAN jack on the back for additional features and updating the firmware is made very easy.
I have the audio channeled via an optical cable to my DAV system and the quality is suberp.
This unit is stylish and looks well built and another advantage is the size as the depth of the player is nearly half that of the size of my DAV system and slightly smaller than a SKY+ decoder.
A must buy if you want to do justice to your Hi-Def screens.

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