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Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport Mini Backband In Ear Headphones (PMX80)

Manufacturer: Sennheiser

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all RIchHeald's reviews (1)

Great product. If you've been running with normal headphones, and suffered the annoyance of having them fall out and clog up with water as you sweat, then these will be a revelation. Sound quality is excellent, great bass and I only have to turn my volume up to about half of what I needed on other headphones for the same effect. Really pleased with the quality and design. I got mine at the discounted price and am very very happy. Highly recommended.

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  Job Done

| | See all jmdavies7's reviews (15)

Ive had these a week now aint there are really gd. fit well and fall off like most headphones. Good Sound 2!

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  Quality Item

| | See all jordanaidan's reviews (11)

I bought these to go running in, they stay on your head and do not cause any discomfort. One note of caution though, I usually wear glasses, but as so close to the ears this was uncomfortable; so be warned, great bit of kit, but cannot wear with glasses. Also no volume control but sound is deep and basey, I am well impressed, especially at this price, the cost at a high street major sellor is 30 pounds plus. They sit well into the ear and with the speaker forward facing you really hear the music, as so snug can sometimes hide external noise. I am impressed.

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  Very good

| | See all derekladuk's reviews (7)

I do running and gym 3 times a week and I've tried about 4or5 different sets of headphones and basically they fall out my ears.
So I bought this set of headphones and can say sound quality is excellant and also during an hour run I don't have to adjust or fiddle with these headphones at all there built for running.
There well worth the price

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  Very good headphones! Highly Recommended!

| | See all orentsur's reviews (1)

These are excellent! The sound quality is superb and rich and the ease of use more than pay for the 'down' points. The reasons they do not get five stars are but two:
1. Sennheiser do not equip these with an inline volume control as they did with the OMX60. I knew that before I bought them so I cannot actually fault them for that but it could have been handy. Heads-up Sennheiser!
2. The design will not allow you to wear anything on your head when it is freezing out there and you want to keep your loaf warm. A hood works perfectly but when you take the hood off and it bunches up around the back of your neck, it disturbs the neck band. Not as far as pushing the earphones out but enough to move them around.

Otherwise I am really, really happy I got these. I think that they are very good value for money and I would whole heartedly recommend them.

  Couldn't ask for more

| | See all p155ed0ff's reviews (1)

Got a set of these for Christmas and been using them for a couple of weeks now. I really wanted a pair for running as the standard earphones for the ipod kept slipping out when I started to sweat. These fit perfectly and stay in no matter how sweaty I get! The sound is also fantastic. The best I've heard from any headphones I've ever owned.

I could see them being a problem if wearing a hoody or if putting your head back on a bench to do weights, but neither are an issue for me. I never write reviews on websites regarding products but in this particular case I felt I had to because I'm so impressed.

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| | See all Ladyrunner's reviews (1)

I had previously owned another manufacturers headphones and found that they were too big and not at all comfortable for my ears. I had these earphones given to me as a Christmas present and they are fantastic, as a petite female of only 4ft 11 inches, I have small ears but these fit fantastically, they are really comfortable, don't slip around or move at all, the sound quality is superb. I would certainly recommend these for anyone thinking of buying this type of headphone for running.

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  If your thinking of buying these , PLEASE READ THIS FIRST

| | See all dazzaemm2k7's reviews (2)

First i just want to say that if you are a bodybuilder then these arent for you !

The first problem i came across was that you cant wear a hoody if you have these on ( because the hood of your hoody rubs against the neck band and moves the headphones about ) , i also noticed that ( because i have quite large traps because i am a bodybuilder ) even if i tilted my head backwards the neckband would press against my traps and move around and be really annoying ! as for the fit , they fit amazingly and do NOT come loose or fall out so that was the only reason i gave them one more than 1 star !

i then noticed that when you lay back on a bench or rest your head back against a bench the neckband slightly rubs against the bench and puts you off your set.

the next thing that went wrong was that after about 3 weeks or so the left earphone just decided to stop working ??? maybe i recieved a faulty pair but this just shouldnt happen at all !

i would say these would be great for skinny ( no trap ) runners ( who only run and dont go to the gym ) that never wear hoodys lol !

a product that i would recomend would be the twist to fit seinnheiser sport ones because they never ever failed me ( i stupidly lost them and decided to try and upgrade and try something different , a choice i now regret lol ). i guess you shouldnt try to fix something if it aint broke lol !

hope this helped

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  Brilliant for gym

| | See all motherwelltim's reviews (2)

bought these for the sole purpose of going running and doing my workout - they are a dream. sit around the back of your neck and this is the only part that moves making sure they dont fall out your ears. what a great invention for the people who have ears like me which the small ones kept falling out... lying on a bench doing weights can be tricky though, but i seem to have mastered it. if your buying them for intentions of hard fast running, these are for you. brilliant ! also great sound from them which is the most important thing

5 stars

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  Fine sports phones

| | See all damwookie's reviews (39)

I have owned the previous model to destruction. It lasted about 14 months of sweating before starting to degrade at the connection and signs of rust appeared on the metal. I am hard pressed to find any difference with this model except for the colour. The first thing I noticed when putting them on is a slightly uncomfortable pressure on my ears. This eases a little over time through use and is also less noticeable when you are moving as the pressure point moves a little. I would not buy these with the intention of sitting around listening to music. My previous model review applies here too.

They perform exactly as I need them to when running:
I never have to adjust them.
They don't give me any discomfort.
I have no issues with the sound quality.

When not running I tend not to use them:
The bar gets in the way when laying back on a bench or any headrest.
When inactive they are not as comfortable as non sport models of headphone.
Higher audio quality headphones exist for sitting back and listening to music.

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