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Goldring NS1000 / Active Noise Reduction Cancelling Headphones

Manufacturer: Goldring

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (85 reviews)"

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  Bad quality - easily broken

| | See all axenosher's reviews (1)

Having researched reviews from various web sources, these seemed a pretty good option to go for, particularly in light of the significant price reduction being offered at the time from Play. So a no-brainer - of so you might think.

Initially, they performed pretty much as expected with the positive/negative points from other reviewers being in evidence - but my overall impression was good.

Then one day I took them out of the case and they broke. No force was used - I simply removed them from the case. The plastic supports securing the earpieces to the headband are extremely weak and brittle - and as I found out, easily breakable. I tried to repair them using epoxy glue but this proved impossible as the shape of each section provides practically no point to clamp the two pieces together while the glue dries- bearing in mind that the plastic link must remain articulated so you can swivel the earpieces. End result: they are unusable.

My advice: avoid the low-cost attraction of these cans - it's a false economy. Save up your pennies and get a quality brand. I now have some Sennheisers which are brill.


| | See all shadowfax's reviews (7)

I bought these through play in the sale and I'm so pleased with them.
Incredible sound and firm punchy bass.
The only downside is the mrs has stolen them for herself so I'm having to consider a second pair
Buy them now

  Quite fragile

| | See all gingergren's reviews (1)

The sound from these headphones is brilliant. However the plastic on the head strap has broken in the first year after only occasional usage.

  Review of Superfi Customer Service - V.Satisfied

| | See all Benjamin001's reviews (1)

I had a problem with the left side of the headset, it fell out when I gently picked the headphones up. I informed superfi, they offered to repair them but i wanted a refund.

Superfi (play.com) gave me a refund after returning the goods complete with packaging (freepost) and were prompt, and a pleasure to deal with.

The speakers have good sound quality and the noise cancellation (NC) works well. The static sound a fellow reviewer refers to must be when turning the NC on when its quiet as there is nothing for the system to cancel out.

  Decent price and sound except they fall apart!

| | See all nocturnal1974's reviews (1)


I've had these less than 2 years. They have decent sound quality for the price. They have pretty good drivers!

They were never the most comfortable headphones and hurt my head after around 30 minutes.

These are renowned for poor build quality and I have discovered this myself...

Recently the NC switch has been playing up, attenuating (dimming down) the signal to the left ear cup...

Just today the mini jack socket is faulty. When the mini jack lead is fully plugged in the right ear cup is almost completely cut out. I have to pull the lead out 1/2 way to remedy this, which means the lead drops out. The sound quality is also poor when it is like this as there is insufficient contact between the socket and lead.

I am going to try and pull the left cup apart and replace the socket and switch.

These are obviously not a pair of earphones for life. They were only worth around 50 quid then, are they even worth 50 quid if they don't last 2 years? They were never worth their stated original price of 150 - 160 quid. They feel cheap and plasticky because they are just that!

Summary: A pair of good drivers within a rubbish pair of headphones!

  Why buy any other else?

| | See all ralphicous's reviews (1)

This headphones is by far the best i've had. I cannot hear any difference compared to Bose HPs and forget dont even compare beats studio with these babies.
NS1000 has a comfort fit over ear so you can listen comfortably for an extended amount of time. The sound quality is superb and the ANR is very effective as i use this while i am in the tube. As you may know, the noise of the tube can be very annoying specially in the morning. Also, the cable looks very durable compared to the other high end competing brands. In addition to the headphones, you will also receive a free aircraft jack. You should buy this now while it's still at this price.

  Great for plane and for the price

| | See all Kabuta's reviews (1)

I really only use these head phones when travelling on a plane and believe me they are great at 37,000 ft, noise cancelling is excellent for the money and you cat go wrong for the price and quality.

  A good entry level NC headphone.

| | See all Jackwestern's reviews (1)

Pros: Very effective noise cancelling, good design, comfortable, fold down into hard case. Multi compatible cable.
Cons: Noise cancelling system sometimes hisses the in the left cup. Can get uncomfortable after a LONG time using them.
So I was lucky enough to get these very cheap from Play.com. They seem to be on there a lot of the time at around the £55 mark, compared to their RRP of £160, this is a real steal personally. I think that is something like around $85-90? Again, compared to what is probably a couple of hundred dollars upwards brand new. It might be different across the pond.
First impressions:
Well packaged and protected. Inside you also have the hardcase which is a great bonus due to the velcro pouch inside for storing accessories and cables etc.
First impressions of the audio were also good, even before they were broken in at all as well.
Audio quality: I am quite impressed by the audio quality of these headphones for the price. Although the mids can be a tad muddy and the bass doesn't always shine through, the quality is still very good. The main advantage is that they don't need much power to drive them, so you can achieve decent sound quality from most sources, although obviously you get more kick and punch from an actual amp. I did compare them to other noise cancelling headphones, namely the Bose QCs as my friend got conned into buying a set. I would definitely take the Goldrings over the Bose in this case. I also had the audacity to try out some NC Monster Beats as they were on show in HMV. I nearly cried at them. They didn't come close, considering price they were asking for them. So yeah, definitely a good level of audio quality over all, but definitely keep NC on all the time.
Design: the design is pretty standard stuff, solid headband, swivelling over ear cups, single sided cable on the left (the cable is also detachable which is great if you can find one with a small enough jack as you can then extend it without needing extension cables). I do find them very comfortable as I like my travel headphones to grip quite hard (in comparison to my K701s which are blatantly my hi fi HPs). The leatherette ear pads are very comfortable in my opinion as is the leather covered headband which feels sturdy and firmly reassuring but doesn't grip your skull in a pincer grip. This combination does make them good for bumpy car and bus trips as they don't take off when the going gets tough. Obviously there are occasional creaks for the swivel cups but the main reason I marked down the design is the plastic does feel a bit tacky and cheap in some ways, finished in a slightly shiny finish although the matt black on the cups is a nice tough in contrast to the blue LED. I have had one small piece of plastic come away from the headphone too, but that was nothing a dab of super glue couldn't fix.
Noise cancellation: the NC is truly great. I think it's rated at -20dB but don't take my word for it. However, it is very effective. Headphones greatest bane is sub sonic and low bass rumble in the real world which can demolish a good deep track. The NC here seems to focus on filtering out unwanted bass but does a great job of it. Obviously, it isn't dead silent, but for example, a noisy bus engine is filtered away to a gentle wash of mid range in the very distance, even when near to said bus. I used to despise NC systems as I found they made music very clinical, but actually, the sound is still very natural, even with the NC. So again, effective NC. One small issue I mentioned in the overview; there is a slight hiss in the left can.
Overall: a great entry level NC headphone at a truly affordable price if you can get for it sub £60 like on Play.com.

  Good sound, not perfect build

| | See all MattBeeee's reviews (1)

I've been using these for 6 months now. Sound quality is good, but they are too tight around my head, when I take them off after a few hours use I realise my ears were being squeezed against my head and they ache for a while. I was hoping this would change after lots of use, but it has not.
My other issue is there is some plastic on the inside on both sides, at the T junction that has very easily snapped off, without me even noticing until it caught my ear. They serve no purpose but this is not something I would have expected from headphones of this price.
Overall - great sound, shame about the build quality.

  shame about delivery

| | See all jude12's reviews (1)

Fantastic product once you can get it, courier service delivery awful and wouldn't buy again if it came through same delivery company. Headphones are fab and are equal if not better than bose headphones