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Goldring NS1000 / Active Noise Reduction Cancelling Headphones

Manufacturer: Goldring

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (85 reviews)"

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  Very Good!

| | See all stabsy's reviews (2)

just spent 20 hours in cattle class on the way to the falklands! got to be said these 'cans' kept out a massive amount of aircraft noise! very good sound and made watching movies and listening to music easy, as volume didn't need to be cranked up to max!

really comfortable and well built!!!!

doubt spending on 250 on Bose/Dr Dre headphones would be any better!!!!!

a bargain at under 60!!!!!!

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  Very impressive

| | See all toddjohnson's reviews (1)

I bought two sets of these last year, one for me and one for the other half. We were both impressed with the sound quality but the true test would come on the flight which was in May 2011.

Well, they didn't disappoint. I'm sure if you want to spend a second mortgage on 'those ones' they would be the dogs biscuits but these are great. The difference with the noise reduction on is huge, I dozed off on the plane which I haven't done before and actually managed to hear a film in the inflight entertainment system - another first.

Neither of us found the earphones uncomfortable, especially once we worked out which was left and right!

Highly recommend these headphones, especially for the money. We are both looking forward to the next flight.

Oh, just to add we haven't had noise reducing headphones before so don't have anything to compare them too but we were both very impressed with these. They did what they claimed to do.

  Suited to purpose, but not recommended for everyday use

| | See all JohnsEntertainment's reviews (1)

There are some bad headphones out there. I can only think that the majority of 5 star reviews for the NS1000's come from people previously using poor headphones (SkullCandy and the like). That's not to say these headphones are bad, but they are quite average. The noise reduction is decent, and will block a significant amount of the background drone of an aircraft or train. Don't expect miracles, though. Unfortunately, the sound lacks depth and refinement. Bass is lacking depth and clarity, and highs can be left unrealised. Given the cost of the headphones, I expected a broader sound. If you are buying these for everday use around others, be warned that there is quite a lot of sound leakage even at relatively low levels. For closed back headphones, I would say the leakage is unacceptable. The build quality seems decent, although the design results in the headphones taking up more width than you would expect. The case is a welcome addition for travellers. Overall, I would recommend these for travelling, as the noise cancelling really helps make the experience more pleasant. However, consider other options for every day use (I use Denon AH-D1001's, which are better in nearly all areas, and only cost about 30 pounds new).

  Noise Generating Not Cancellling

| | See all KCKCKCKCKC's reviews (1)

There is a background noise when they are switched on, a very low airy drone, like a high gain amp left standing. Without being switched on they are pretty dreadful. The background noise is very annoying when you hear a quiet passage of music because you tune into it. They are going back. Can no-one else hear it???

  Surprisingly Good Quality Noise Cancelling Headphones

| | See all andyfry's reviews (1)

I have a pair of Sennheisser PXC 450s that I use for when travelling but wanted a pair of noise cancelling headphones that I could leave in the office. I didn't want to spend too much money on these in case some light fingered soul borrowed them never to be seen again (as I don't have a lockable drawer and do not want to carry the cans back and forth each day).

Now are these as good as the Sennheissers? In most respects yes. They are well made and have nice little touches like the swing out battery compartment that makes it so much easier to change the battery. The sound quality is good but there is a little hiss when there is no audio feed or between tracks. The noise cancellation is excellent (almost as good as the PXCs) but there is a noticeable sensation of pressure on the inner ear when the noise cancelling circuit is activated.

My only real complaint is that I find the on/off switch a little too recessed making it sometimes to activate on the first or second attempt - maybe should grow my finger nails longer.

Comfort wise these are light cans that sit well on the head, but the ear pads do seem to get a little sweaty even after a relatively short period of wear.

In summary these are a pair of well made headphones with good audio quality and noise cancelling.Would I recommend these? Yes I would especially for a little over 50 quid without hesitation.

  Noise cancelling works for me

| | See all johnaerial's reviews (1)

I bought these purely for the noise cancelling on long flights and they work fine. The background drone of the engines is reduced to comfortable and music and in-flight entertainment becomes clear and audible. The cups are possibly on the small side but they fit easily over and around my ears.

The Goldrings come with a sturdy circular zipped case which contains a compartment for spare batteries, in-flight connector and large jack plug etc. The cable is good quality, detachable and just the right length for aeroplane and computer use.

Battery life is good - all the way to New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and back on one set of batteries. The battery compartment is easily accessed by swivelling apart the back of the right hand 'phone. For me, another bonus is using batteries rather than rechargeables.

In my opinion, they are well made, unlikely to fall apart (unless really badly treated) and if you can find them for 54 pounds, a real bargain.

On the audiophile side of things, they possibly don't compete with higher-end headphones costing upwards of 150 pounds but value for money....hard to beat. Certainly makes a nonsense of paying 250 pounds plus for a pair of Bose.


| | See all Sandancer04's reviews (3)

Had these for about 6 months and for 50GBP they are superb value. Used them on the train, holiday flights and even in the living room to drown out the TV when reading. Only minor fault (not worth deducting a star for) is that the Blue LED which comes on when the noise canceling is activated, is very bright (doesn't effect the wearer but my wife found it very distracting).

  Best Value Headphones Around!

| | See all wilco26's reviews (1)

Bought these for 50quid 14months ago after reading about them and for 50quid??!!
Brilliant price for such good quality headphones, can't understand why anyone would give these less than 5 stars. Used them on my travels on long haul flights and the noise cancellation was brilliant drowning out the engine noise of the plane.
Love the sound quality too...highly recommend these to anyone who is looking for a total bargain. Can't understand how others are saying the build quality is poor as mine are still in mint condition and have been all over the world with me, you just need to look after them properly with care.

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| | See all Hollyhillian's reviews (1)

Had the headphones for about 3 months and they have fallen apart. The sound from them was fine but the build quality was very poor. The metal strap that the whole thing is built around is very firm and has simply pushed through the shoddy plastic that the rest it made from.
Play.com tried to fob me off by saying I had to contact Goldring for any warrenty issues but when I stood my ground they were very quick in giving me a full refund.
Shame really as I liked them before they fell apart.

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  Annoying crackle / static noise in left ear.

| | See all PaulBastock's reviews (1)

After using these headphones for 4 months, they have developed a static noise in the left ear when the noise cancelling is turned on.
Quite disappointed.
Kept in perfect condition too, so cant blame harsh conditions or wet environment.

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