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Goldring NS1000 / Active Noise Reduction Cancelling Headphones

Manufacturer: Goldring

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (85 reviews)"

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  Good sound, except everyone can hear it!!

| | See all Mattg885's reviews (1)

Sound quality is pretty good, a little bassy but nothing really to complain about. Excellent value for a pair of noise canceling headphones. My only real issue with them is that they leak a lot of noise. Playing any music at a medium to loud volume sounds like its being played from laptop or cheap speakers to everyone else around you. Not ideal for airplanes or quiet surroundings, but for home or out and about listening they are ideal.

  Good, comfortable noise reduction headphones

| | See all nocmonster's reviews (3)

I've had a pair of these for about six months now and they're still holding up quite well, although some of the framing on the right-hand side has come apart. These are really very comfortable and provide great noise reduction even in a noisy neighbourhood, though do note that these won't completely cut out your neighbours' noisy bass rattling through the floor (my major problem where I live) but they do help.

Music through these isn't the best I've heard but it sounds fine. When you've got the noise reduction switched on you'll find that the high-frequencies make everything sound brighter but take almost all of the bass out of the music.

Finally, I do have a major negative: the cord is *much* too short. I've had to buy an extension cord just to be able to use these comfortably as the cord only reaches to about shoulder heigh.

Overall, these are very good headphones for noise reduction and should help in any noisy enviornment and they're pretty affordable right now so you won't go too wrong with them.

  Good for flights

| | See all redhotchilipepper's reviews (6)

I bought these as I do a lot of long distance flights and was impressed by the reviews.

Firstly for use on an airplane the noise cancellation was great, I`ve never had NCH before and turned on I thought what is the fuss about, its not until you turn them off that you realised how much noise those engines make and how good these are, even when not listening to a movie or music I would keep them on and I can`t normally sleep on planes but these helped a bit by drowning out the drone.

The only negatives I found was that after a couple of hours they made my ears hurt a bit, might be my ears though. Also because of the shape and perhaps weight of the earpeices I found that extending the arms didn`t really raise the headband that much higher over my head.

All in all though this is a great set of noise cancelling headphones for the price, definitely recommend for flights, although yes they do leak quite a bit of noise on a flight everyone is wearing headphones and the engine noise will drown this out.

  Loud Static Noise :S

| | See all Xardias's reviews (5)

I bought these headphones a few years ago, they were great until my sister broke them, i just purchased a new pair however when i turn on the noise reduction i get a loud feeding static noise in the left ear that is very annoying, ino this should not be here, has anyone else had this problem?

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  Goldring NS1000

| | See all dazh40's reviews (1)

Had for about a month now and find them to be very good, clear, with a suitable amount of bass, use them for my DAB radio and listen to a lot of sport whilst walking the mut, i even think they improve the signal. may be to do with the thickness of the wire.

  People who give this 5 stars must never had a decent hp's

| | See all Noel1J's reviews (1)

First of all for the price they are really good sounding headphones. the only issues I have with them is the noise cancelling is not that good. It only cancels out low level noises you can still hear people talking. The other issue that there is a lot of noise leakage from the headphones, even on a low volume, you can hear what the user of the headphones is listening to. Apart from that they do sound good quality

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  Best £50 in a longtime!

| | See all Harryc216's reviews (1)

Firstly these headphones are amazing the noise canceling is amazing, someone could be dying downstairs and i wouldn't be able to hear them with these bad boys on! I would probably buy them if they were full price, Only slight problem with them is the fact they are loud, at full volume everyone around can hear your music. Of Course if you have good music taste its no worries for you! Would recommend them to all especially with there price tag!

  £50, Bargain, and they are GREAT!

| | See all Jay4532's reviews (1)

So lets start to say, i know most people would see 50 pounds for a pair of headphones is alot?, well yeah it is but its alot lot less that the 160 pounds they should be, and god damn its worth it, i know many people are happy with there 10 pounds in ear headphones, yeah they do the job, but i now realise sound quality can be taken to another level, when i first put these on, the comfort was amazing, i felt like i was lying on my pillow at night!, the next thing, the sound, with the ANR on is just unexplainable, its clear, crisp, deep bass, and i cant hear anything but the music!, now im no headphones professional, ive had maybe a 50 pound pair of Skulls which i thought the world of, until i got these, now they are in the draw of unused things, if you are in your right mind, buy these now, before they go back up, you wont regret it, they come in a handy case, with all needed external components, BUY THEM NOW! , and you wont be displeased. Thanks play!

  Worth £50 of anyones money

| | See all chrismaduk's reviews (1)

The performance and quality way exceeds the price tag. Personally I think they are quite stylish and extremely comfortable. I own Shure and Bose headphones and these certainly are on a par with them. Great for music, the low, mids and high are all well defined and they are great for gaming too. Unless you are extremely hard to please I doubt for the money that you would be disappointed with these

  Wouldn't recommend for public transport

| | See all mdoyle's reviews (2)

The noise cancellation varies it was good enough to cancel the noise of both a extrator fan and toilet being flushed and outside road traffic. However the leak sound. I wouldn't use these on public transport as the other passengers will be able to hear everything I can. Headphones should be for personal use and not disturb the people around you. These unfortunate have been relegated to home use watching tv and drowning out my neighbours walking around and the road outside