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Samsung BD-P2500 Blu-ray Disc Player

Manufacturer: Samsung

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Customer Reviews

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  WOW !

| | See all FriedFreddy's reviews (2)

Already having an early version of the BD-P1400 Blu-Ray player which was the dogs dangly machine in it's day (18 months ago) (pre-networkable - the socket is there but no connection pins are present) I was getting a tad hacked off not being able to access the extras on new release disc's (Terminator 2 Skynet Edition as a prime example) as the BD-P1400 is only BD1.1 version and there appears to be no firmware avilable to upgrade to BD2.0 on my model, so while looking for a suitable replacment I spotted this fella and after reading several reviews about it's upscaling quality (I have 1200+ dvd's and so far only 15 BR's) I thought it was worth a try.

WOW, all I can say really - worth every penny for the up scaling alone (Resident Evil 1 is simply out of this world (as good a RE2 & 3 on BR), soo much extra detail over & above the BD-P1400, I would say +50%) - T2 (Skynet edition) just has to be seen - time to start watching the collection from the start again.

  Under the Radar top quality Blu Ray player? Top DVD upscaler

| | See all gringo1977's reviews (2)

If you check out alot of US reviews this player was extremely highly scored. It seems to have slipped under the radar somewhat in the UK.
I cant compare the blu ray playback with other blu ray decks. Safe to say it blows my hd dvd xbox drive out of the water. Where this deck excells is its DVD upscaling. I wanted a good upscaler as i refuse to buy my extensive DVD collection again. Star Wars looks like it was filmed yeaterday (dodgy haircuts aside). Even my girlfriend was trying to see the camera crew in c3P0's reflective skin. The deck features a HQV upscalling chip that is (apparently) top of the range . Blu- the deck decodes all the formats (DTS HD through firmmware update) . Plus it has analog in if your amp doesnot decode DTS or DOLBY HD. However i found the sound was better using the regular sound formats and letting the amp decode as a regular DVD player would using digital in.. Maybe i need to spend more money on analog cables. DTS HD wasnt nearly as good through analog as DTS through optical. Played every disc ive thrown at it. no probs so far (6 months). picked it up for £150. bargain. Do it!!!

  Fantastic specs at a cracking price

| | See all DiscsForPennies's reviews (11)

Following the untimely demise of my PlayStation 3, I decided that my best option was to buy a dedicated Blu-ray player.

Having looked at the various options around the £150-£250 price point, I ended up opting for this very well specified Samsung.

For me it ticked a few essential boxes beyond the obvious picture/sound:
Upgradeable, good connectivity options and stylish.

The unit certainly looks very inoffensive and even the remote is one I could live with (although I'll be using it to program my universal remote). Apart from that you only get a manual, start-up guide, batteries and RCA (red white yellow) cable.

Switch on time!
After around five seconds the screen comes to live with a pleasant little Samsung screen and tune. I had already connected an ethernet cable to the unit as my router is by my TV. This immediately prompted me to update the firmware which I thought was excellent (rather than having to manually activate the process seperately). You can of course choose to skip this if you wish. After the update it's a case of setting up a few things like language options and audio/video settings to suit your set up.

In goes the first Disc, Wall-E (a solid 'test' disc in my opinion). Now I was the first to expect the "here we go, this is going to take waaaaay longer to load up than the PlayStation 3" scenario. But short of getting a stopwatch out and timing things, the loading time didn't seem wildly different either way.

But the differences between the two were about to become apparent. The picture on this Samsung is simply fantastic. I couldn't quite believe that there was so much of a noticable improvement after hearing that the PS3 is one of the best. Using exactly the same cable that the PS3 was using, the picture looks so much sharper and vibrant. Great start.

The same could be said of upscaled DVDs. A quick blast of the Toy Story DVD and there are moments where the picture really does look VERY close to an HD image. Impressive stuff and for comedy fans you'll be pleased to hear that the Zoolander DVD is also ridiculously good looking.

On to the audio and a similar surprise was in store. Using the same optical digital cable to the same surround sound amplifier, the sound had real clarity and separation. I don't know how the PS3 deals with Blu-ray audio but the Samsung does all the hard work before putting out the signal to the amplifier. Either way, there was a noticable improvement which I did not expect.

BD-live (interactive functions) work without problem and are just as slow as on the PS3.

In summary, a superb player for the money in terms of features, picture, sound.

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