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Creative Zen Vision M 30GB MP3/Multimedia Player (Black)

Manufacturer: Creative

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Customer Reviews

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  Good although software can be a bit temperamental.

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I'd already bought a Zen V plus and was very pleased with it so went for the 60GB Vision M. It's still going strong after 2 years. Battery life is excellent for both music (15 hours) and movies (5 hours). I also bought some cables so it can be plugged into a TV when I'm away. It's kept me going for 100's hours while flying or away from home. Picture quality is excellent. It's worth investing in a mains charger and a decent case and also while the Zen earphones are OK get your own. Transfering data is pretty straight forward drag and drop. A bit frustrating initially although once you get the hang of it and you have conversion software you a comfortable with it's simple.The only negative thing about it is the software/hard drive which does seem to hang up sometimes and you end up having to reset the machine (this takes around 10 minute to rebuild/reindex the files).

  Excellent player (while it works though!)

| | See all guveture's reviews (1)

I've had my Creative Vision:M 60G for about three years now. It's been a fantastic media player and played pretty much everything except for mp4 files. I used it mainly coupled with the Creative dock, which was the only available dock for this player, and original leather case that is very protective actually. Despite all the protection, the harddisk of my player has just gone bust! I never dropped it or anything like that; it's been protected as much as possible! I was delighted with it until now, as I had many videos on it that I can watch on my TV (via the AV lead) in very high quality. I'm really gutted that it just stopped working! I emailed Creative customer support, but none of their recommendations worked so far. I suspect I'll need a new harddisk fitted and who knows how much that's gonna cost!

My wife has an iPod Nano that she abuses incredibly, and yet it just keeps on working! I kept mine in pristine condition and it broke down.

Overall a great media player... Plays most videos, drag and drop file transfer, FM radio, voice recorder etc, none of which are available on iPod! However the reliablity could be a problem and you may lose everything on it when you least expect! Such a shame...


| | See all greenplimpsoles's reviews (2)

When i first got my zen i was so excited by everything you were able to do on it. I wanted to show it to everyone and i absolutely loved it. It worked fine, easy peasy to transfer music onto the player oh and videos. Until one day i dropped it on the floor, not from very high but it was disasterous and the screen was finished. Overall though a great music player which i would pay the money for but if you are considering purchasing one, i strongly recommend you buy a protecive sleeve or some sort of case for it as if you were to drop it theres not much chance of it surviving!!
But i really do recommend you buying one!

  power of the zen

| | See all yodaiam2's reviews (2)

I felt i needed to add a review after reading some really negative ones. I have been using creative players, zen first then vison M and now a stone for a while now. The creative zen is awesome - i've had mine well over two years and to be honest don't know how it still works, it has been abused - dropped (actually some chunks missing!) soaked, nothing short of emersed in water, been through a couple of marathons (which i believe creative don't recommend!) downhill biking/crashing and still it works. Crashes occasionally, just need to reset, choose whether to use mediasource or WMP. For me the video playback sold it - AVI, mpeg, divx (think)plays virtually all things and get the tv out cable and you're laughing (ipod doesn't come close). Only downside is that software can be little buggy and never got the converter to work (only ever had a couple of videos which wouldn't work though)
Bottom line - tough, reliable, great video playback options, good sound, built in radio(?) reliabilty, as with all the creative devices i've owned. To the other poor reviews, if mine broke today i'd happily pay less than £100 for a new one - if you're worried about it breaking after warranty get insurance if not lump it, that's the risk you take. At this price its a steal.

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I bought my first, and last Vision:M last Christmas. It has not survived more than 18 months. It was absolutely stunning for those 18 months, until one day, it stopped responding. It wouldn't turn on, plug in or charge. No response whatsoever. I emailed Creative's support team and got a quote for £98 to have it repaired.
I'm lost without it, I have to admit. It was wonderful when it worked; I took it everywhere with me. I'm just extremely disappointed and very concerned that 6 months after the warantee ended, it ceased to work. I honestly don't know if I'd ever buy another, or even recommend them to a friend. All I know is that mine wasn't worth the £189 I paid for it less than 2 years ago.

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| | See all Turkeyshooter's reviews (2)

Sad to read that someone has had problems with Creative Zen Vision M. I have had mine for over 2years now, and it is the best purchase i have ever made, it has never let me down, much better than i-pod rubbish!! Great when your watching episodes of Family Guy in the middle of nowhere. Just buy it and ignore the bad review , these things are pretty solid, I have dropped mine so many times and it still operates perfectly.

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| | See all mrtimtim's reviews (1)

In the 15 months in which I had my Zen, the first 12 months were fantastic. However, 3 months later, my Zen has completely stopped working for no reason. It enters Recovery Mode to try and resolve the problem, but nothing happens. I have also downloaded the Repair Tool off Creative's website, but it doesn't do anything.

The warranty is only 12 months long, so low and behold, as soon as I am out of the warranty period, my Zen breaks for no reason. Creative do not care one little bit. I have been quoted approx £98 to send the Zen back to them to be fixed - why on earth would somebody pay this when a new Zen would cost only a little more. Creative are very dismissive and do not appear to care about customer care or satisfaction.

Unfortunately I have also spent £40 on the Zen Accessory Kit and also £120 on a Docking Station espeically for the Zen Vision M, and now my Zen is broken, the other equipment costing £160 is now also completely useless to me. All in all, I have spent £310 on my Zen, Accessories and Docking Station and I am so angry that it has proved to be a complete waste of money.

Quite simply, do NOT buy this product. How Creative get away with making such sub-standard products is beyond me. I'm looking at I-Pods now, although I understand that I-Pods are also liable to suddenly stop working.

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  Couldn't Be Better

| | See all Jon1001's reviews (2)

I bought the Zen Vision:M a few months ago and I am not disappointed. For a long time I was considering whether to buy an ipod or this. I have friends with the ipod and vision:m so I had used both of them before. In the end, I decided to go for this on price (at the time, it was about £30 cheaper than the ipod) but now I realise there are many more reasons why you should choose this over the ipod. These include the extended battery life, the radio and recording features and the fact that it isn't as restricted with the number of formats that it can play for both music and video. It comes with some good software which makes it really easy to install and use straight away. If you prefer, you can also use another media player to add music etc. I cannot fault the functionality of this product and even after I got it, I found features I didn't know it had. If you have heard people say that the touch pad is difficult to use, ignore them. It is so simple and you can change the sensitivity to your liking.
The only thing that you should be aware of before buying this is that it is VERY easily scratched. Be sure to buy a skin of some kind BEFORE you buy the player. Otherwise, you will be forking out more money to buy some scratch polish. I learnt the hard way! Personally, I use the invisible skin which is applied using water but if you don't want the hassle, get a silicon case.
If, like me, you are torn between the Vision:M and the iPod, get this. It has so many more useful features and you will not regret it.

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  mine just died..

| | See all hydroidsslouvaki's reviews (1)

up until yesterday afternoon i would have given this 5 stars, without question. i've alway found mine to have been absolutely brilliant; good sound, easy to use and rather snazzy looking. then, yesterday afternoon, mine stopped working, deleted my entire library of music, and now when i turn it on it spends an hour trying to rebuild a library it's already deleted before deciding there's no music on there anymore.. and turning itself off.
now i don't know how likely this is to happen.. it's the second creative i've had, and the second that has randomly decided to just die on me, and therefore likely to be the last creative i buy.
but! like i said, before it decided to pack up, it was the greatest piece of music playing technology i could ever wish to own. so if you're willing to run the risk of it dying, - which may or may not be a common fault of these players - then definitely buy this player. if you're not willing to take the risk.. you'd be better of checking out something else.

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  Great Player!

| | See all RyanOrr's reviews (1)

I have also had my player since last Christmas and found that it is a joy to use and great to listen to. I have also found it to have good durability as i have dropped it a few times and it has only sustained a scratch or too.

However a friend of mine had one that stopped working properly but this is bound to happen with any production company making many products a few faulty products are sure to come off the production line from time to time. And compared to the amount of iPods i have heard about breaking and people having difficulties with them and batteries running dead, with Creative these things seem to be very isolated occurances.

In a market saturated with Macintosh products the Creative Vision brings a bit of originality.
In my opinion better than any iPod that I have ever seen or used. I have two Creative Players and I found they were both great products.