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Creative Zen Vision M 30GB MP3/Multimedia Player (Black)

Manufacturer: Creative

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Customer Reviews

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  Simply Amazing - Best gadget - definitely an iPod beater.

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Let's start by saying I am shocked that anyone has given this less than a 4* rating. I have numerous friends and colleagues who have one and it is so so simple to use and good at what it does.

It really is the best gadget I have ever purchased - and even though I bought this when it was £40 more expensive I would easily pay that price again.

I spent a good few months looking for a new mp3 player when my shuffle died and due tot he great marketing that Apple has i obviously started looking for video iPods. How much you learn when you start to do some research.

This player comes out head and shoulders above any iPod model out there - and seeing I spent ages deciding on what to get let's dispel some of the doubts for people who are thinking about iPods:

1. "It's so bulky"
Far from it. Even if it is slightly thicker than the iPod, it is definitely not a bulky object. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand and has a very nice smooth feel to it. It's not heavy either. The iPod is definitely a little lighter - but not by much.

2. "It's ugly"
The picture doesnt do it justice. The front is a nice shiny black finish and the back is a nice matt white with a nice raised concentric circle pattern in the middle. The silver back on the iPod simply gets scratched within weeks and my creative still looks brand new.

3. "iPod has such great accessories"
true - but Creative has great ones aswell. They are known for their sound technology and their addons are awesome. Whether you opt for the more than perfect headphones or the amazing TV to Creative cable - you will not go wrong.

4. I HAVE had access to an archos and a iPod 60 gig. This is by far the best. My wife got the iPod at the same time as me getting this and managed to get 14 songs onto it with ease. I had the entire 30gig filled in the same time.
After a few weeks of hassle in converting files etc - she sold the iPod and got a Zen.

5. "iPods are so easy to use and the screen is great"
Ease of use - yes, but so is this - or to be honest 99% of mp3 players out there.
The screen on the Zen is amazing. It IS better than the iPods. Clearer and more defined - its a rounded and full bodied watching experience. The iPod is in comparison slightly 2D. The battery life is good - you can probably get about 5 hours of video from a single charge.

6. "iTunes is great!"
If you already have iTunes on your PC, the Zen will not stop you from using it. However the Creative software is as good. I now have it as my default music player and hardly use Windows Media Player any more.

7. "iTunes allows me to put songs straight on to my player!"
Again - true. But you can drag and drop files and folders straight from your PC to yout Zen in seconds - WITHOUT even opening the music software if you so wish. This was one of the great things for me - it really is simple to change playlists and movies etc

8. "iPod file extension software is eay to use and I can convert files quite easily"
Well - firstly you have to download that software and secondly why convert when the Zen plays almost all formats!!
So far I have had AVI, DivX 4 & 5, XviD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG4-SP, MPEG4, WMV9 and Motion-JPEG all used on my Zen with NO conversion or anything needed - simply drag drop and play. The accessibility to the Zen is great. The iPod although nice, is a struggle at times as there is so much protection on it to stop you putting on files that could be illegal.

9. The Zen can be plugged into ANY PC and you can take songs and films off the other computer. Not possible with iPod where you are locked to the computer you have set up on.

10. There is an integrated FM radio tuner which is good when you get bored of your 15,000 songs!


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  Awesome media player

| | See all mitch92's reviews (1)

First off i was very happy with the delivery time scale. I ordered on Monday evening and by Wednesday morning the player had arrived, very quick!

The player itself is amazing. For £150 you can't do better, if you have worries about media formats the creative video converter is included on the installation CD. The interface is great and simple to use, very like that of an Ipod.

For the player, 5*s

The reason, however, i have given the overall score 4 out of 5 stars is because of misrepresentation. Within the description on-site is says a pouch is included, yes? Wrong. It isn't. On the packaging through a grid, it clearly shows that this Creative Vision M: 30GB does NOT come with a pouch or case. Upon finding this i rang play.com, they offered to do a stock inquiry (send the whole thing back etc. etc.) or to refund the £6 0r £6.50 (can't remember) which a pouch would have cost. Anyway, basically you need a pouch or case with this player, looks great but it will get scratched ... a lot. I was pleased that play.com were happy to refund the money for the pouch, but had it stated if never came with one i could have given the whole 5*s. I have placed an order for the Creative Vision M Accessory Pack, which contains a case, which will give the players fascia that scratch protection.

To conclude, a great little player, but it doesn't come with a pouch. because of this I'd recommend the Creative Vision M Accessory Pack.

As for the play.com customer support, very good. Friendly, polite staff will guide you through any problems you may have, my first order through play.com, will certainly use again and recommend =]



| | See all rubyjoejay's reviews (1)

Having had two players from Creative I'd agree with the other reviewer - they are great while they last. If your Creative machine breaks then you are on your own. My daughter's and mine broke (for no obvious reasons) within 2 months of each other and Creative were strangely silent on repairs. Finally they admitted that they didn't repair them and they couldn't suggest anywhere we could take them to have them fixed. Over £300 worth of equipment completely useless after 15 months of use. I wouldn't buy another Creative product and am currently researching iPods. Very disappointing.

  Very good gadget but be careful!!

| | See all weejok's reviews (14)

I have the 60gb version and loved it, played pretty much any movie file I put on and great quality. Great being able to watch all favorite movies anywhere you want. However, a word of warning be very careful with it, I dropped mine the other night, fell from the arm of the couch to the floor and now it won't work at all. Goes to recovery screen when switched on and if you choose any recovery options says "problem with harddisk". I know it's my fault for being careless but it wasn't a big fall really (I dropped my ipod down the stairs and that worked fine! lol!), just seems a little fragile and trying to get any help from creative customer support is a joke. I'm gutted! So buy this item and enjoy because it's great just make sure you get a good shock proof case for it!

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  Great piece of kit!

| | See all k1klass's reviews (1)

Had this 12 Months now and payed £200, at the time it was this or a ipod, so glad i got this! Besides having more features, including a radio and being multi format you also dont have to use the horrible itunes, as said above dont remove the film from the screen, these do scratch easy.
Had 1 lock up in all the time i had it, and no other problems.

  Wow! What a great Player!

| | See all Paddymac444's reviews (4)

This is the best MP4 player that I have ever seen. If you were to compare these to Ipods it has a stagrin difrence. I realy advise it

  Amazing... to begin

| | See all Cheesus's reviews (22)

Such an awesome MP3 player when you get it. My brother had one so he had all of the video converting software so i could watch home movies on the go but since writing now both of ours' have encountered countless faults and now his won't work and mine has constant battery issues and freezes occasionly. I've contacted Creative through many eMails and they've tried but by now it's just silly. Two of out 2 have these faults, and I doubt that's just coincidence. Again, awesome MP3s but very buggy. Would steer clear if I were to buy another.

  Great MP3 player!

| | See all SixFeet87's reviews (1)

I've had this MP3 player now for over 18 months and bought it for over £200 and was incredibly chuffed with it back then and nothing has changed. I have used it almost everyday for the last 18 months and I have yet to encounter a single fault with it, not even a freeze or crash. At the time I chose for it's huge range of video formats it is able to play and it's considerably longer battery life than it's closest competition. It comes with a protective film on the screen, my advice is definately not to remove it. I keep it in my pocket with no protective case and often with my wallet or keys aswell and it's durability is great. The protective film hasn't even begun to wear off at the edges and the screen is barely marked from when i first bought it.

With 30GB however it is now looking a bit small in comparison to others on the market. I would suggest encoding the videos and songs to save space. By doing this I am able to store around 18-20 hours of video and over 8,000 songs with a few GB still left over.

+Great video quality.
+Huge range of formats compatible.
+Great battery life.

-Now becoming a bit dated.
-Headphones weren't very good.

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  Great Sound, Great Video, Great Player!

| | See all Danny007's reviews (1)

For approximately 3 years, I owned a 2GB 1st generation iPod nano until a few months ago I started to listen to more and more music and realised I was going to need to upgrade. I started searching and I came across the Creative Zen Vision: M. It was the only media player I had seen that came even close to the video iPod! At first, I didn't really think about wanting video, but realised that an 8GB iPod nano would cost the same as a Zen! outragous isn't it!? The video feature would also be very useful as I would be going on holiday in a couple of months so it would be good for the flight there and back.
After weeks of searching for the best prices from online stores, I realised that the best price is here, on Play.com.
I realised that the package doesn't contain a wall charger which would speed up the charging process dramaticly.
So, I purchased an accessory pack that contained the wall charger (including UK and CE plug) and also included in-ear (noise cancelation) earphones, AV cable (enables you to hook up your Zen to any TV that has the red, yellow and white coloured sockets at the back or front. Believe me! the quality of the video DOES NOT change AT ALL! and the sound and video stays in-sync at all times! I was amazed!), protective skin and screen protector.
When I received the Zen and the accessory pack, I was blown away. The menu layout, the colour, the video quality, the sound are all amazing! I was extremely pleased to find out also that I could drag and drop .avi videos into the Zen! Because that enables me to watch all my favourtie TV shows on the move! i.e on my flight abroad.
After all these great comments, you may be wondering why I gave it 4 stars and not 5? well that is simply because the Zen does have some minor hic-ups, but hic-ups that should not just be overlooked.
The first is the scrolling function. It works in a similar way to how the iPod wheel works, apart from this one goes up and down instead of round in a circle. It is VERY sensitive. Even at low-sensitivity, it is still quite sensitive. Because the centre of the scroll slide is used to select an option, it can easily be mistakenly pressed while scrolling. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this and just takes some getting used to.
The 2nd is the earphones supplied. In my opinion, they are not all that good. Please take my advice and splash out on the accessory pack which supplies noise cancelation earphones. They are amazing.
Another, which isn't entirely the Zen's fault, is the way you wish to sync music to the player. Before I bought the Zen, I wanted to make sure that whichever one I was going to buy, I could sync using Windows Media Player 11. Thankfully I could. However, it wasn't as simple as I thought it would be. I wasn't aware that Media Player would sync almost everything on my hard drive to the Zen! In the end, I managed to manually select what I wanted to sync to it, but this is just a warning to people wishing to use Windows Media Player 11 to sync their music to the Zen, that not to let it start syncing automatically as it will try to sync EVERYTHING.
I can't comment on the Creative software supplied for syncing files and music as I haven't and don't plan to use it. However, I have read that it isn't all that good.
Overall, this is the greatest, best-value media player on the market at the moment! Unfortunately, the scroll function prevents it from getting a 5 star rating from me, but this problem is easily overcome with experience.
If your looking for a basic MP3 player that you can use to casually listen to music with, then maybe this isn't the product for you.
However, The Zen is a perfect buy for anyone looking for a great MP3 player, great video player and much more!

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Basicly I had my iPod Mini for bout 2 years then a basic flatline on its behalf. I was searching around for a new player when i stumbled upon Creative Zen V Plus i was set on buying it. Then i came across the Vision M and my mind changed instantly i was getting 22Gb for the same amount of money as the V Plus. So i purchased the Vision M i thought i would take 3-5 days 2 get here as most products do. But i recived it the next day. I started putting songs, videos, and pics on when i had the chance. The Sound Quality is amazing, The picture quality is better than my phone and the video quality is out of this world its like having a minature HDTV in ur palm. I was extreamly impressed as are my friend who are also thinking of buying 1 now they have seen the amazing quality of it. Its extreamly easy to transfer media files. It does take some time 2 charge but that time is more than halfed with a main adapter. The Player looks amazing to with the 2.5 inch screen (which i cant stress enough is amazing) for 134.99 this has 2 be the best player you can buy for its price. It easily outpaces the Ipod. I would recommend this player to anyone.