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Creative Zen Vision M 30GB MP3/Multimedia Player (Black)

Manufacturer: Creative

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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| | See all TomSeed's reviews (10)

One word, WOW!

The audio and video quality is superb, far better than that of the Ipod Videos.

Transferring movies is a dream, and the ability to crop the movie so it fits the screen better is a really nice feature.

But be warned, the shiny surface scratches easily and I advice you to keep the protective cover on, then purchase a suitable case for it.

This player exceeds the 5 star rating with ease

  Top notch player!

| | See all tobythecat's reviews (35)

Amazing sound quality, i mean amazing...i could go on and on about the sound!!! The battery lasts the stated time, it's easy to use and it's built like a brick!
The headphones need to be replaced, they sound good but sadly just aren't very comfortable to use. I went and purchased a pair of BOSE Tri-port headphones, what a transformation, it sounded good before....now it's even better!!!!!

  No Faults

| | See all KeanoComedy's reviews (61)

A truly great mp3 player. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good working, good looking, good playing mp3 player. The screen gets an easy 10/10 and the display is crystal clear, not easily marked. The sound quality is a phenomenon, playing at a great level and the volume control is easy. The price compared to the storage is a complete treat. The touch pad is easy to use and easy to adjust to your prefect sensitivity level. The photos and videos are shown exceptionally clear and well in addition. I would alos like to add how good the battery life is. Myn often does 20 hours+ battery life and I rarely charge it despite long use. A great alternative to iPod, which I decided not to get after seeing many people have theirs die on them. Buy it as soon as possible!

  Great Vision.....GOOD SOUND! Aimed at thetwonk

| | See all Johan007's reviews (8)

To thetwonk who claimed this unit has POOR sound and went on to say "Trust my review the other guys cant hear great sound when they hear it" has not got a clue. I am an audiophile. The £35 sony buds would fart because they have silly overblown bass and shocking mid range. The Zen has superior sound to the Ipod you just need a decent ear phones to bring the sound up such as by Koss and Sure.

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  Can't fault the player...

| | See all rkidscd012's reviews (61)

Bought one of these as I cannot stand ipods. Having seen many die on many different people that I know, I thought I'd go for substance over style. I'm glad I did.

The main plus for me is that I can sync it all using Windows Media Player - no need for itunes trying to sell you stuff the whole time. The software supplied seemed like a bit too much work so I abandoned that and went straight to MP - easy.

The player looks pretty good too. Its not as slim as the ipod, and the white back case still hasn't grown on me, but the front touch pad and buttons look a lot better than that stupid wheel thing. I don't spend much time looking at this though, but listening to the music and for that its fine.

My only niggles are the lack of anything good with it. For an electrical device not to come with a mains charger is a bit pathetic to me, but this seems to be the norm now for this kind of player and my PSP charger seems to do the job. The case and headphones that come with the player are worse than useless - well worth investing in some of them. And because that is the kind of sad person that I am, I made sure I didn't getting anything Creative and so did not play into their hands on that little number...oh how I need a life.

Pictures look good on it, couldn't really comment on video as I only have music on mine. I'm probably the most old fashioned 17 year old going - its a music player, why do you need to watch videos on the tiny screen??

All in all a fantastic player even if Creative are trying to take your money at every step - but I'd rather give it to them than Apple and promote a little bit of variety in the market!

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  Very good!

| | See all Hydrozone's reviews (1)

After several battery problems and many crashes, my Ipod died after 1year and 6 days (I could therefore forget the warranty). The headphones are terrible and it's expensive. Also Ipod doesn't read many video formats which forces you to convert your files all the time!

I've had my Zen for almost 2 years, never had any problem at all, the screen is brilliant and the sound is reasonably good. In addition, the Zen has equalizers and it reads XVid, DivX and WMV formats!

The only inconvenients I can think of :
- chunky and heavy
- Sound volume too low if the bitrate of your files is small
- not as many accessories (screen protectors,...) on the market as the Ipod

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  the best mp3 player around

| | See all AlexPazzer's reviews (3)

the MP3 is brillant

Good features
1 the video quality is so good
2 it is very easy to use
3 shortcut button is cool idea
4 very good screen
5 quick delivery

bad points there are not many

1 take longish time to charge and no mains adaptor

i have had my creative zen vision m for a week and and there have been no problems it is worth it i would advice you to get this over the ipod video because it also has two thing what the ipod does not have fm radio and a microphone

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| | See all RJHZNR's reviews (3)

Had one for several months now never given me any problems.

Battery life lasts ages, however i would suggest getting some decent headphones and a mains charger as it effectively halves the charging time than through USB.

Haven't used hard drive space up yet despite using it as a memory stick and having lots of videos. However you probably should get the 60GB version if you know you have a lot of movies or videos.

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  Is this the right choice?

| | See all Stoot35's reviews (1)

I have a Zen, just over 2 years old and they don't make a battery anymore. I have been onto Creative and they say that is it design life. Beware!!!!!!

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  Super Purchase a lot better then the Ipod

| | See all Blade81's reviews (41)

This simply is the best MP3 player you can get at the moment for the amount of stuff you can do on it is amazing.Your not restricted also like you are on the Ipod to just using Itunes.

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