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Sony KDL-40W5500 Bravia W Series 40 inch HD 1080p Freeview LCD TV

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

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  Slick, crisp and sharp ...

| | See all asifiwouldtellu's reviews (34)

This Television firstly looks beautiful, its looks stunning and the size, (although at first it seems big) is just right. The sound quality is simply brillaint when your watching a Blu-ray, and its still very good on channel and DVD but just not as stunning, but where it shines is in blu-ray, as the picture is spectacular, whether its a 720p football game, a standard soap or a full 1080p/24 blu-ray... it looks great, the picture is full of colour, with motionflow turned up to high (which i highly recommend) there is practically no motion blur, which means the detail is held well throughout fast motions... The settings are great, loads to play around with to make the picture better (or worse if you do it wrong), and the great sony menu which is easy to use is here, meaning pictures, music, video, analog and digital channels can be found, as well as internet access, calenders, clocks and other features. Theres a great amount of inputs, and all can have their own different settings, which is also a great feature considering for a movie you might want the surround sound on and for a soap on your box you may not. The only fault, and it may just be my TV, at a cretain frequency we got a vibrating noise, however this was rfecently fixed by sony for free and apparently its a problem with many Televisions on the market as we rang many companies saying its normal for these types of TV's. A very good Television with hardly any faults and well worth the money and as with many sony products, its bound to stand the test of time.

  Sony Bravia 40W5500

| | See all Hotrod's reviews (24)

This is the best Sony Bravia TV I've had upto now, the picture is sharp and the sound is excellent, I have a Sony S550 Blu-ray & Xbox 360 Elite/PS3 Slim & Sky HD all connected by IXOS HDMI Cables through this TV. Gaming through this TV is excellent can't fault it in anyway.

I was going to get the Sony HT-IS100 Home Cinema System with this TV as my last Sony Bravia had poor sound but this TV doesn't need it the sound is very loud and clear, I payed 850 quid for this when it came out at a high street shop to me well worth it.

  A bit dissapointing.

| | See all Topkat's reviews (3)

Saw many good reviews for this t.v. so bought one.Works about as well as any good quality lcd t.v......BUT.....
When using a p.c. through it(which i would like to be able to).you cannot set the colours,or picture type.It chooses the "correct"settings by itself and there is no way to switch this function off,so when watching hd films on the p.c. the picture flickers and the settings adjust constantly making it unwatchable.BBC iplayer hd programmes are the worst.Also the guide is ALWAYS wrong or a few hours behind.
TBH,i bought it to replace a samsung which was broken accidentally.I wish i'd replaced it with another and am seriously considering swapping it with a mate who has a new 40 inch samsung.I want a t.v. that does the basics well without loads of extra bells and whistles.I want to be able to control the settings and adjust them myself.Don't buy one unless you just want it for Console gaming and regular television via Sky or freeview.It's absolutely useless for a p.c.Not impressed....

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| | See all jam228's reviews (3)

Absolutely superb, upscaled DVDs look unbelievable. Picture quality is amazing for everything you watch. Ignore reviews on backlight problems, these people are far too fussy. I rarely notice anything. When the screen is completely dark then you may notice lighter areas at the corners, that's it, no big deal. Highly recommend this TV, best thing I've ever owned!


| | See all JFPKLONDON's reviews (1)

Simply outstanding from the delivery of the box through to it being Sync's with other equipment. Very easy to control using the playstation type menu control system, picture and sound outstanding especially when hooked up to a Sony Home Theatre system. 4 HDMI ports allow multiple add ons such as Sky, Home Cinema, Playstation and Blu Ray - Your family, friends and neighbours will be impressed

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  Stunning TV at this price

| | See all PrabSingh's reviews (18)

Just upgraded from one of the first samsung 40 inch lcd 1080p televisions to hit the market and I certainly made the right choice. This TV is superb. Upscaled dvd's and blu ray are stunning. Freeview provides a very solid picture and the menu system is very good. No backlit issues as described by 'What hifi magazine' (i think they are a little biased). All in all definately would recommend. Well done Sony.

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  Cracking telly for the price

| | See all severin's reviews (3)

This is a great TV for the price. I read all the review comments about back light issues and mine has none at all.
The freeview picture can be a little bland at times, if you don't watch hi-def get a Samsung as they have better freeview images, but otherwise this tv performs well in all other areas and has a good black level.

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  4 and a half!

| | See all ace2711's reviews (3)

Great TV. Had a problem finding the AV power adapter and after about 20 minutes of looking we finally found it. Exellent picture and colour. Only downfall is the tv has to be wired up to a router to be get the benefit of DLNA. Previous review about clouding from backlight. Not the case for me.
All in all an exellent product. 4.5/5

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  This is one othe best T.V's out at the moment

| | See all TarantinosHeir's reviews (62)

When i was looking for a T.V. i knew i wanted something that was gunna give me the full HD but you really need to pick the T.V. with the right engine and when i bought this it really didnt dissapoint!

Because the sony's have a Bravia engine dedicated to making the sony picture better than most other brands, you get such a refreshed picture and with the 100 HZ its makes all the bluerays run so smoothly. When i play my ps3 games on it they look so detailed i cant actually say a bad word about this T.V.

If your thinking about getting a full HD television get this it deffinitly wont dissapoint you and the fact that you get a 3 year warrently with this deal makes it an even better buy cos you have to dish out another 300 pounds in some shops for that kind of warrently.

Brilliant T.V.

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| | See all TrickyVici's reviews (1)

Like the last reviewer, CANNOT get a better price anywhere else on net or in shops, We'd been afer the 40W4000 and couldn't get it, glad we couldn't as this is a fantastic TV, pic n sound quality is Ace. and the price includes a 3 yr warranty....easy to set up and use.

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