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Sony X-Bass MDR-XB700 Headphones

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

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  Good Product

| | See all ash2792's reviews (3)

First set of proper headphones I have purchased. I usually go for the in ear "Sony MDR ED21 LP In Ear Portable Headphones" which I have purchased around 5 sets over the past 5 years or so. Decided to spend a bit extra on a decent set of headphones.

Sound quality is good as you would expect, but I wouldn't say that it is anything special. The cheaper in ear headphones I usually get have very similar sound quality.

The headphones are extremely comfortable and seem well built, although I only received the product today.

I am happy with my purchase, as the comfort of the headphones was vital in my reason for purchase. Although the headphones are lacking in sound quality.

  Awesome out of the box

| | See all E1lusionist's reviews (1)

I am no audiophile but i wanted a good pair of fullsized headphones that i could wear for hours at a time, after reading all the reviews and doing some reasearch i decided that these sony MDR XB700s would be perfect and i wasnt wrong. these headphones are big there is no covering that up they are not huge the pads are almost like memory foam but if possible more comfotable, if any of you are concerned that they do not work with iPod / MP3 players they do, personally i have baught a FiiO E5 (portable amp) just to increase battery life and overall sound quality however this isnt nesacery

Build Quality 5/5
Sound Quality 5/5

everybody seems to think the cable is too short, i personally think that it is better that wat i hate having loads of wires in my pocket.


| | See all ABOY461's reviews (5)

I bought these headphones looking for a good powerful set to get the best out of music and films. statistically these are the 2nd most powerful headphones on the planet! and they do deliver. However, only purchase these if you are a Dj or listen to them in a room on your own because these are not closed type due to the three slits on the sides (shown in the 3d image on product description). so if you want to listen in a busy place, go for noise isolating or noise reduction headphones. overall these are very comfortable due to the large leather cups so the headphones are massive! However, dont let this put you off as the sound makes up for it!

note: if you dont listen to rnb and hip hop like me, you would need to adjust the graphic equaliser on your ipod/computer to a bass reducer as these maximise bass as standard.

  bass junkies dream

| | See all campione's reviews (2)

these headphones drop, the bass wont dissapoint especially if you have an eq, no joke that if u abuse these for a long time it will damage ur hearing, i kranked the volume up and after 2 minutes i had to turn them down. there like two small speakers clamped to your ears, the lows make your whole ear vibrate.

there comfy too, i have worn them all day no problem, they dont clamp your ears to your head like most.

the cord is rubbish though, flat cable and tiny right angle jack.

all in all wicked pair of headphones.

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  A decent pair of mid-range headphones.

| | See all Shockie's reviews (1)

These headphones are good for the price; excellent lows and decent enough mids and highs for the price of this set. I needed a new pair of headphones for my computer, I didn't need anything really expensive as I already have a very good speaker system for my computer which I use during the day/night, I needed a pair of headphones so that I wouldn't wake everyone up with my speaker system. I had a couple of options, a Sennheiser HD 595 or 280 pro were some of the more expensive options. But due to me having read an astronomical amount of reviews stating that the lows on those headphones (Sennheiser ones in particular) are pretty lacking, I came across these and thought "hell, I don't need a really expensive pair, just something decent."

As I stated before, these headphones have good bass, decent highs and lows that please me. The build quality is excellent, just as I would expect from a pair of headphones from Sony. The pads on these headphones are quite big and soft, good for people with big heads like me. There is only one con I can think of, these headphones leak a lot of sound! It's not a problem for me but it might be for some.

In conclusion, these headphones are decent! The build quality is excellent! The sound is decent, but I'm not too picky because I'm not using these as my output of sound from my computer. The low are very good and the highs and mids are decent for most music. If you are picky about sound quality and you're planning on using headphones all the time for your music listening (unlike me) you might want to consider a more expensive pair of headphones, such as some Sennheiser's.

Other than that, these headphones are a good pick for the price.

  These are *not* closed type cans .....

| | See all playdodgeman's reviews (1)

Bought these to replace my broken v700DJ's and have as an interim been using the EX500's sony closed cup in ear buds (btw, these are great pair of buds if you like bass too, in fact, these rock!) XB700 has the same size 50mm Neo drivers as V's but and it's a big but .... these cans are **not** closed. They have three open vent slots in the rear - you can't see them in the pic, they are hidden by the band .... but crank up the choons and everyone hears more or less what you hear (without the bass!), unbelievably, even the Sony closed buds leak less sound!. Personally, slightly more comfortable than the V's, but on a personal note, in my opinion, while the XB700's look the part and are a great style statement, the V700DJ's have the same booming bass, better delivery across other ranges as well, are properly closed cup, they fold up smaller, you can use em on yer decks, your pod or you home system, and now being the same price as these - I'd take the V's every time ..... so while these are a reasonable pair of cans, I'm sending these back and getting a new pair of V's.....

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  Princess Leia...

| | See all TigerDame's reviews (11)

-Unreal bass
-Great value
-Sturdy and well built
-Wire is "tangle proof" as it is flat instead of round.
-Nice faux-leather case to put headphones in
-Keeps ears warm, so decent for winter months
-Not a great deal of sound escapes, meaning if Britney is on the iPod all of the train/street/class won't necessarily hear every word

-Price! (Contradiction I know, but some people aren't willing to pay so much)
-Headphone jack, it's not flat it is at a right angle (eg. ¬ like that instead of like | ) a minor gripe but cant be annoying
-You look like Princess Leia when wearing them, not a big deal but some people may be put off by this alone
-Size - they are much bigger than most headphones, this could be a good thing for those with larger heads though.

Let me start by saying I bought these basically as a cheap alternative to the Monster Beats by Dre, as I felt I didn't really "need" a £300 pair of headphones no matter how good they were.
So opted for these bad boys, heard good things and I can see why, the quality is what you'd expect of Sony and are well worth the price asked.
Not 5* due to the fact that there are better headphones out there, but for the price you probably won't get a better pair of over the ear headphones.

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  Unreal, Devastating Bass!!!

| | See all VelocityOutlet's reviews (15)

Light weight comfortable and amazing sound quality!

I couldnt be more impressed with what seems to be 2 floor standing speakers hidden in a pair of headphones. I have never had a pair of headphones that could reach the depth of bass as these.

So so happy!

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| | See all NightRida's reviews (1)

These headphones are awsome, if your on the hunt for a pair or DEEP BASS cans, look no further, at this price point, you'd have to spend alot more to hear rich deep controlled bass, if your a lover of R & B ( me ) or drum 'n' bass, Tecno, you'll love these...

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