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Sony X-Bass MDR XB20 EX In Ear Headphones

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (120 reviews)"

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| | See all MisterSingh93's reviews (3)

Simply amazing! Very Bassy! And very loud and clear!
The first song I played was Chase & Status - Eastern Jam, and the quality was just amazing! Clear, crisp and a lot of bass!
Im a student and I listen to at least an hour of music a day and for me these seem perfect! The wire is strong and quite tough so no problems there. There are 3 different size ear pieces so you should be guaranteed they'll fit into your ears. Had for about a month and there have been no problems what so ever. If you don't want to buy these because of the price then go for the Sennheiser headphones, there cheap and reliable but sound is not as good as these sony ones. Would give 5 star but price is quite expensive but is well worth it to be honest.
Hope this has helped some of you!

  Cheap for a reason

| | See all backler87's reviews (1)

Mediocre sound quality at best, distortion at the high end and muddy mid-range. Perhaps a bit too much bass in addition. The main issue is the fact they won't stay in my ears - probably something to do with the size of them, massive for an in-ear unit.

  Good sound but didn't 100% work

| | See all rhys92's reviews (3)

The sound that came from the headphones were great but after 20 minutes of using them, the left headphone broke because I turned the volume up.

  Pretty but pointless...

| | See all themightynedge's reviews (3)

I have had these earphones for 2 weeks and im quite close to binning them in favour of earphones that dont suck in both design and quality. These earphones mightactually have good sound quality but they are so poorly designed they cannot support the weight of their own odd structure, added to the fact that the diabolical earpods fall out at the slightest wind change infuriate with ease. Cheap for a reason, pretty useless, Stupid design, poor ear pods cause me to caution others to buy something else.

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  The Best

| | See all Twum2010's reviews (2)

These headphones are worth every penny. Believe me. If you are looking for headphones which can provide you with amazing sound quality and superb base you have found them. The first time i tried these headphones properly was on the bus and i could not hear people talking on the bus . It felt like i was in another world with my headphones. One word to describe these headphones is phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Whats all the fuss about

| | See all RobinMarcelo's reviews (3)

I was looking forward to these headphones, and finally recieved them today, i was very dissapointed the sound is not that good at all, and the design of these are awful, you can def tell they are 15 pound headphones, the biggest problem is that they just dont stay in my ears and keep poping out,

it may work for you but there are def better headphones out there

  Good value, reasonable sound.

| | See all FlippyX's reviews (3)

I recently got these to replace my ageing iPod touch 'phones, and the increase in quality is immediately clear. As I'm a music student, I needed high quality and good noise reduction for listening to classical music on the move; thus, I thought this in-ear solution from Sony would be the best choice for my 20 quid price limit (I repeat: I'm a student!).
Well, for the cash, these headphones are very good. The noise reduction is incredible - these things are more effective than most earplugs I've tried! You can walk down a busy road and be totally unaware of passing traffic. I must say, however, that since buying these ear-phones I've had several close calls with said traffic whilst crossing the road because of this!
The sound quality is okay. It's very reasonable for the price-tag, but in the scheme of things is quite low on the scale. The very highest-pitched sounds - cymbal crashes, especially - are tinny and lack any depth whatsoever. The bass is fantastic - as one would expect from "X-Bass" earphones - but is sometimes slightly overpowering, so much that I had to adjust my iPod's equaliser to accommodate. However, they're versatile 'phones and I've found that they produce an acceptable sound playing all of my music: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Electronic, and Metal.
As for comfort... could be better. The three different-sized ear buds provided with these 'phones will accommodate almost all ears, though even with the best fitting ones you'll sometimes find that movement causes them to slip out. You wouldn't want to by these for jogging, certainly. Also, because the ear-buds fit so snugly inside the ears, it is possible to hear the rubbing of the wire/bud with every step - this is a small gripe but is sometimes distracting when listening to music on the move.

In all, a very good buy. I'd recommend these phones to somebody on a tight budget: in this price bracket, you simply won't find anything better. However, if you've got a bit of cash to spend and you're somebody who really values professional-quality sound; or you intend to use these 'phones whilst doing something active (ie. jogging, gym, etc.), I'd look elsewhere.

  6 moths and going strong!

| | See all helomoto's reviews (2)

these are great headphones. i feared that these would break after a few weeks as a lot of headphones in this price range do. but they havent and work perfectly. the only down turn it has that they shiny paint where it says sony may flake off a bit after time but u really have to look close to notice it. the bass it incredible! its not as crisp sound as sennheisers but definatley last longer! i would buy this product no doubt if u dont wnat to spend too much on a pair of headphones!

  Awsome Headphones an Item well worth paying for

| | See all RyanDrizzy's reviews (1)

These headphones are true to the words that are put down on the description. Well worth the money you cant go wrong with sony especially with the Deep bass :D.

  Great Stuff

| | See all OspreyJack's reviews (2)

I've bought a ton of headphones in the last year promising fat bass and clear sound. These are the first which actually live up to my expectation. Don't mess around for 15 quid you can't go wrong. Brilliant.