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Humax FoxSat-HDR Freesat 320GB HDD DTR HD Recorder

Manufacturer: Humax

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all mikeh2121's reviews (1)

Ive had one of these since 09. What other reviewers are not mentioning is that as well as it having excellent picture quality, it also sounds excellent too. I have mine connected through my hifi and as the audio source feeding high quality hifi seperates it doesnt dissapoint. It even rivals my naim cd player. (v expensive). Its such a satisfying feeling knowing yr getting one over the pay monthly tv companies with a digibox thats far superior to what they supply anyway. Just buy one and u wont regret it. At this price, its a steal!!

  Superb replacement for sky and better than freeview.

| | See all elliesdad's reviews (32)

I had become fed up of the rising Sky prices and the limited Freeview programmes but mostly the ability to record and pause tv etc.
As i had the dish on the wall, i plumped for this box after reading the goods reviews that Humax has got.
It is simple to set up, the initial updates took the amount of time to make a cup of tea and the channel tuning was even quicker.
Set the tv display type-16.9 or 4.3- and the resolution-1080i for full hd tv's-and you are off.
The HD channels look superb and the rest are upscaled to a very nice finish. Plenty of room on the large hard drive to record and save your favorite shows.
Yes, it does take about 15-20 seconds to power up and the blue/red light on the front does look a bit out of place but it is a superb piece of kit.
Just remember to use the HD channels to record from instead of the basic channels and you will not be let down.

  Amazing bit of kit, you need one of these

| | See all Kevinmwa's reviews (2)

This Humax Foxsat HDR freesat PVR is great. In fact, I'm just waiting for my play.com voucher to come through and I'm buying another :)

My missis mainly uses the Foxsat, where as I use my Humax PVR9200T, which I have had several years and have been very happy with it. This was one of the reasons I bought the Foxsat HDR PVR in the first place, as I was so impressed with the 9200T.

Now it's time to upgrade my TV and I'm buying a Foxsat while I'm at it.

I would have stuck with the PVR9200T, but the freeview reception on CH3,4,5 is sometimes patchy, especially the last couple of days with the high atmospheric pressure, doesn't bother me too much as I watch a lot of BBC1,2, but the missis watches a lot of ITV, CH4 and CH5, and she moans when I have recorded some stuff for her and it's unwatchable.

So unfortunately :), for her sanity, I am finally getting a new telly and the Foxsat.

I was watching some squash the other day on my missis's telly, via the red button on the Humax Foxsat. I thought the picture quality was amazing and that was in standard definition. Of course, her TV is much better than my old Ferguson 24" CRT :).

I did watch a few world cup matches in HD on the Foxsat and you can certainly see the difference between SD and HD, especially the players names on their shirts etc. I know you don't need HD for Eastenders and Corro, but when you've watched it in HD, there's no going back.

I just prefer the whole user experience of the Humax Foxsat compared to Sky.
Of course, you don't get all the channels that Sky has, then again, it's not costing me 43 quid a month for the privilege, plus a tenner if you want HD currently.

Another feature I like is when you have set two programs to record and you want to record a third at the same time, the Humax will suggest an alternative time to record one of the threee programmes, if there is an alternative time, plus if you are scheduling a recording in standard def, the Humax will ask you if you want to record it in HD, if it's available. Same as my old Humax, but now with added HD, brill.

My missis is not the sharpest tool in the box and she liked Sky, but she has to admit, that the Humax interface is better than the Sky interface. And it organises her Eastenders and Corro into nice series linked folders.

BBC i-player is coming to the Foxsat(it may even be available now) for those who like that sort of thing, personally, I use the Humax to record all my programs, I hardly watch anything live, it's like having my own TV schedule.

The only downside for me is that Dave is not currently available on freesat, and I miss that for the World Rally Championship replays. Check out the freesat and freewiew websites to see what channels are available, this could influence your decision over freesat/freesat HD, freeview/ freeview HD, and Sky/ Sky HD.

You can just swap your Sky box with the Humax and it uses your old Sky dish and cable.
If like me, you have a quad LNB on your dish, you can add a second twin cable for another Foxsat, or keep your Sky box and add a new Humax Foxsat recorder, as I said, providing you connect a second cable tothe dish. I would connect the cable myself, but I don't do ladders :)

This Humax is a really great product at a great price from Play.com and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. If you are thinking of going HD, or even just replacing your old kit and don't have an HD TV, you'll be impressed by the picture quality and usability of this product.

The ultimate recommendation is, I'm buying another Humax foxsat HDR, say no more.

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  Great!! Better then Sky!

| | See all DanRead's reviews (1)

Got this few months back! The picture is so much better then sky and freeview. Alot crisper and brighter colours!! Free HD channels, and every month there seems to be a new channel added latest one was NME TV which is a bonus!!
Its also handy that it outputs HDMI and Scart at the same time, so i can watch it in the lounge (hdmi) and use my wireless sender box and watch it in the bedroom as well!!
And also BBC Iplayer Great addition which sky does'nt have!! (and itv player is coming soon)
Great product!!

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  Humax Fox Sat HDR

| | See all simoningreasby's reviews (5)

Came from original Humax 9200 on freeeview and fancied getting me some HD. Really very impressed. The box itself appears better programmed and less crashy. A very impressive bit of kit though really require min of 750gb if recording HD. Quality of image on SD ranges. BBC SD is great whilst ITV SD is poor, but the HD content is very good. Would have to say its worth upgrading.

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  Humax (easyPeasy)

| | See all monabri's reviews (1)

I had an old Sky system - 10 years old which kept asking me to replace the viewing card. I wanted to update the system to get HD channels so I bought the Humax.

I unscrewed the coax connector at the back of the Sky box and connected it up to the Humax. Following the on screen instructions I was up and running in about 10 minutes. Nine minutes was installing the latest software (automatically).
My old Sky dish only has 1 cable (single LNB). If you want to watch 1 channel and record at the same time, you will need to update the LNB. You need to be careful which LNB you buy if you plan to do this (it needs to match the dish shape). Other than that, making a cup of tea is probably as difficult.

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  not sky

| | See all marco10's reviews (3)

No you dont need to have it professionally installed, if you had sky plus simply plug in the two connectors and you are up and running (nearly!). Dont buy this thinking its a replacement of sky because there are a lot less (even than freeview) channels but if you want BBC and ITV HD for free then this is your thing. The main reason to buy is if you are not willing to pay %18 plus for channels you dont watch. Good product that will hopefully get better in time, once people realise that Sky are taking peoples eyes out for 'supertelly'.

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  Do you need to pay for installation?

| | See all Mikey7's reviews (1)

Can this unit plug into existing Sky+ wiring or do you need to have it professionally installed?

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  switch to freesat

| | See all Adzssn's reviews (5)

an excellent piece of kit. I still have my sky connection till Jan but i plugged this in to try it and i was so impressed that the sky box is now going in the garage a month early! Remote control is easy to use with no lag, EPG is a vast improvement on sky's and its free!
theres lots of channels that you get on sky but not freeview, these can be manually tuned in but it will take a while to sort through them and delete the rubbish from the EPG.

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  Ditched Sky HD and bought this!

| | See all MacManUK's reviews (6)

OK, so Freesat doesn't have the number of HD channels that Sky has, but what you do get, you get for free with no monthly subscriptions. I was getting tired of paying nearly 50 quid a month for Sky HD, and noticed that I was only recording things on BBC 1-4, BBC HD, ITV, C4, and C5! So decided to buy the Humax Foxsat-HDR from play.com (which will pay for itself in 5 months from the savings from the Sky subscription!).

The HDR itself is a fantastic product, and has many advanced features that even the Sky boxes don't have e.g. record 2 x channels and watch a third, search all channels for a specific program etc... Also the fact that you can "archive" your recordings digitally to a USB pen-drive, or hard drive.

The EPG is very easy to use and again, has one over Sky, as it can tell you when there are multiple showings of the same program so that you can record/watch the one that best suits you.

The box takes approx. 20 seconds to boot, but where you hear all sorts of noises from a Sky box, this little beauty is almost silent.

The multi-device remote, can be fiddly, but you soon get used to the layout of the buttons, and for me, the one remote has meant that three others are now in a drawer instead of littering the arm of the sofa!

The only criticism I have of this box, is that the LED's and the backlit LCD matrix screen are a little bright and can't be dimmed. That's a tiny niggle about an otherwise superb piece of kit!

Highly recommended!

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