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Humax FoxSat-HDR Freesat 320GB HDD DTR HD Recorder

Manufacturer: Humax

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Customer Reviews

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  Very pleased.. just wish I had bought earlier!

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Bought and got installed via Play and very happy with service. The Humax itself is a great piece of kit. Very easy to use, it does take about 20 seconds to boot up from stand by but not really an issue. The only downside I have is that Freesat itself has fewer channels than Freeview but sure this will change. Very Happy Customer and definately recommend.

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  Very user-friendly, easy to set-up, great picture quality.

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I had to buy one of these because where I live I get atrocious aerial reception. A dish was already fitted in a nice non-conspicuous area so thought I'd shell out and get a freesat box. After lots of research and price comparison, Play.com had the best deal (they generally always do!) so bought one.

I found the humax extremely easy to set-up and it took about 20 minutes for everything to work. I actually like the remote and don't find it difficult to navigate through. All-in-all a great product and I'm extremely happy. Highly recommended hence 5 stars.

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  Ditch sky HD and welcome the Freesat !

| | See all bigal74's reviews (11)

Ive been living with my Freesat for a month now and it's great , I had Sky HD and got fed up with the high monthly sub, rubbish sub standard on screen menu's and no program sound when in program guide's. Until now !

The foxsat has really smart looking menu's clean,crisp and colourful and for free,(the type you would expect from a monthly sub), it also lets you see and hear the tv programs through the program menu's so it's like a ghost image(Unlike sky), you dont have to have it like this as you can have just a solid menu with just the sound of the program you were watching in the background. The recording is spot on as you havent got to trail through page after page of recordings, instead if you series link a program and it has 6 programs in that series it puts all those programs in 1 folder thus saving 6 items on a page which makes for easier navigating. The SD channels seem to be slightly better picture than sky which i was suprised about . I have not found any problem with delay from the orignal remote, nor from my harmony one remote in changing channels to the freesat and also you do NOT have to point it straight at the reciever like sky. The only thing is the start up takes about ten seconds, but once use to that there's no problem (i would rather 10 sec start up than £40 a month sub).

So all in all if you want a 1 off payment of the freesat, lush menu's to nav through and a smart looking system then buy. ( and for the haters there's a reason for this, your still paying while we get it for FREE !)

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  An excellent, easy to use piece of kit

| | See all DonnyBGood's reviews (1)

Don't believe what the previous reviewer says, he obviously works for Sky! I've had one of these since they first launched and they are high quality in both build and performance. What's more they are a piece of cake to use (even for the technically challenged pensioner!). Full on screen programme guide from which you highlight which prog(s) to record (or whole series) and press o.k. It's that easy. We paid £299, so at this price it's a bargain. Buy one, you won't regret it.

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  replaced my Sky + box

| | See all pedrohose's reviews (1)

Okay I've just received the box last week. I took a while before I went for it mainly because I was taking some time to get rid of Sky Sports. Anyhow eventually cancelled Sky and went for this option.

As an interface box I would say it is considerably better than the Sky+ box I had. Its quicker between menu items and the by far the best feature is the find feature where you can either search for a name or a film etc in the weeks ahead listings. Sky would only let you look at movie channels ignoring the movies on other channels such as BBC & ITV. The playback features and prgram filing is also far superior putting a series in 1 folder and also it has a bigger hard disk I believe

The pictures great and I simply disconnected my Sky box and plugged this in. Be aware ITV HD is not a separate channel but shows up as a red button on ITV 1 when HD is available. THe BBC HD channel looks great but I only have 1080i

On the whole so far very good. no more monthly payments and a good choice of channels. More HD channels to come hopefully.

Much cheaper than anything else out there and doesn't seem to have compromised on quality et al

Great Buy!

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  Not that brilliant

| | See all danny2385's reviews (1)

Sky HD, hammers this by miles. If it breaks down, the only people who service it are aerial contractors who charge alot. You need a good system in before hand, otherwise this is a pointless buy. With sky HD bringin 50 HD channels and the first 3D channel, this wont compare

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  brian t halifax

| | See all bvtommo's reviews (1)

Just got one from play.com (cheapest on the market) very happy with it. A bit of advice if it dosnt tune in on both leads from the dish try swapping the leads round. Before i did this if i recorded & tried to watch another channel it would only bring a few in . Then re-tune & it works fine now.

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  Good But Has Its Niggles

| | See all IGetThePoint's reviews (1)

After having sky+ like many others i was looking for a recordable system that i could use with my Samsung LCD which doesn`t have freeview due to it being one of the earlyer LCD`s on the market .
After reading many reviews which include freesat PVR and freeview PVR`s i decided to give the humax a go
Its a prettey simple saterlite and is fairly easy to use , It has a very good SD picture and the HD channels are also very good . There are only currently 3 HD channels but there are more on the way . The Humax is future proof as you will be able to add internet service to it in the near future . The niggles i have with it are that you lose a few channels that you get with freeview but gain acouple of others but there nothing to shout about . The remote is shocking and realy badly layed out and could do with a complete overhaul and the responce between the remote and satalite is slow so you can wait and extra couple of seconds after typing the numbers in before it apears on the tv by which time you have pressed other numbers and it gets alittle annoying at times . Apart from this its all good and you have the option if your a recording junkie to add an external HDD and it comes with twin tuners which some PVR`s fail to have . I hope in the future Humax replaces the controller and then i would say its even nearer to being perfect

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  Never look back!

| | See all rabiddogshit's reviews (1)

After having a Skyplus box, I was worried that this would not be as good. Result, it's much better. For a start, the EPG is excellent, allowing you to search for upcoming movies for the following week, and to record them in advance (the Sky box doesn't so this, only searches on specific movie channels as opposed to all channels). It's got a great layout and easy to use system. The sky plus box has that annoying background music, this doesn't. It's a slick black box, which looks good, with a pleasing blue display. The initial set up is fast, straightforward and easy. The HD is excellent. Overall the image quality is superb combined with my Pioneer Plasma. I have used to manual set up to add a further 400 channels, most of which I'll never watch, but i really wanted to add fiver and fiver usa.
The only niggle is the remote, with it's tiny buttons. It means you'll find yourself squinting for the controls, as opposed to automatically pressing the correct buttons. Apart from that, I'd say it's a sound investment. The price seems to be dropping month by month. I paid £290 in April 09.

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  Very Good but hopefully it'll get better

| | See all cheechy1's reviews (2)

I've had the Humax setup for a few days now. Quality on BBC HD is stunning (I find myself just staring at it for ages) but the lack of HD content in general is annoying - this is nothing to do with the Humax itself of course.
Setup is very straightforward - plug it in and let it setup itself. There are 2 tuning options, a manual and automatic setting. For most the automatic is best as it only tunes in the available stations (classed as Freesat stations). The manual tuning option brings up far more channels but I'm fairly convinced that the extra channels are unusuable (pay channels mostly which are scrambled).
The one big tip i would give is that if you get one of these and it appears that the front panel is covered in scratches, well its not. There's a very hard to spot protective covering on the front and indeed another behind the front panel. You have to pick carefully at the edges and eventually it'll show itself.
Overall I'm loving the Humax - if you want to be able to watch and record freesat HD there's not much better at this pricepoint. Hopefully we'll see more HD content soon and BBCi player will be possible via the ethernet / network port.

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