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Sony NWZ-A829 16GB Video Walkman MP3 Player (Built In Wireless Bluetooth Headphones) (Black)

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all XaviaV3's reviews (1)

The player, normal headphones and bluetooth headphones all together for that price is amazing. Especially considering the headphones alone are £35 and £70 alone! The headphones and the player itself have unequalable quality - my brother has the new Ipod Nano, but its audio quality is nothing compared to the Sony - brilliant brilliant player, and its battery life is also very desirable, love it

  Excellent quality and value Ipod alternative.

| | See all TheHerbster's reviews (4)

Well I received this today through Playtrade and I am very impressed so far. Both the batteries in the player and the bluetooth headphones were dead so after charging them up (maximum 3 hours) using the supplied plug for the headphones and the USB for the player I was ready to load some music on.
Software is provided in the form of Sony Media Manager but this works the same as Windows Media Player 11 (also supplied) - but not as slick in my opinion. Therefore I stuck to Media Player 11. Syncing your tracks works effortlessly and soon you get to experience the amazing quality of the music.

The player comes bundled with bluetooth headphones and some top quality earphones with 3 different types of buds to suit you own ears. The earphones really are excellent quality - you would pay at least £20 for these in the shops anyway. The bluetooth headphones are comfortable and the sound quality is also excellent. There are controls on the headphones for tracks and volume, and also a microphone to use these as a headset for your phone. They are not heavy and the battery is claimed to be 11 hours listening with 100 hours standby. I haven't had to charge them yet so I would not dispute this claim.

The player features graphic equaliser and different sound modes plus intelligent shuffle and much more. It has a clock feature and while your listening to the bluetooth headphones the screen goes blank and gently 'pulses' the time and date every 10 seconds or so, and the corner of the player also pulses blue when using the bluetooth feature.

There menu system is very easy to get to grips with, 10 minutes and most people will have no trouble at all.

Overall I am very impressed with the whole package. Excellent earphones and headphones and a great quality robust player with superb music reproduction and a great battery life.

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  Not perfect but pretty good all the same

| | See all jonesy1984's reviews (2)

Have had this nifty piece of machinery for a while and it's pretty good. Fab when mates are around as I bought the bluetooth speakers and everyone loves having a go at being DJ without having to leave their seat.
Not perfect tho. Bluetooth breaks up if it's in my pocket. You can tell headphones are dying because it breaks up every 5 secs or so but thats my fault for not charging them often enough.
I think more than worth the money... just wondering if anyone has bought a suitable wristband/armband for gyming it. Haven't seen one that states it suits this model...

Back to the product... worth it if you can still buy it around the £100 with bluetooth headphones thrown in. And get the speakers, you'll never have to get off your butt again :)

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  Excellent Quality

| | See all kieren2002uk's reviews (1)

I bought this walkman last week and I feel that it was well worth the £103 paid!
The bluetooth headphones are of the highest caliber I have heard, giving amazing noise reduction and superior sound quality. The battery life as well is phenominal, i had them on most of the day when i got them and they lasted, no questions asked! The controls are good and easy to use when on the move (When running etc)
Even the wired earphones are good quality and give great noise reduction too.
The player itself is the best part though. The controls are very user friendly and it just looks awesome! The screen is great for sharp picture viewing and the battery is the best I have witnessed in any mobile electronic device. I can't help but feel the that it is just an amazing hybrid of flawlessly designed hardware and fluently functioning software.

The downside to the overall package is the software for the PC. It wouldn't let me drag and drop all of my artwork onto the place it says you can do it! But the transfers were reasonably quick and there are no other major kinks.

Definately better than any ipod on the market. (They just break all the time)

I recommend buying this, especially for those gym goers who get tangled up in the wires when listening to other mp3 players!

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  Love it! Love it! Love it!

| | See all Cavseller's reviews (3)

Absolutely love this product, and love play.com such quick delievery, this is a must buy for anyone looking for a replacement to an Ipod.........FAR BETTER! the bluetooth headset is immense, the walkman itself is so easy to use and transfer music too....5 star guaranteed!

  poor bluetooth connection

| | See all numnut1969's reviews (3)

Very poor bluetooth connection. Done race for life today.Had player strapped on arm2day2do race for life.. Received broken songs in earphones. In the end had to switch it off.Very poor connection.Very dissapointed

  Absolutely Fantastic - perfect sound - neat features :D

| | See all sammycook's reviews (1)

After reading the current reviews on play - it was obvious that this was the MP3 player for me.......and it didnt let me down!

The moment i took it out the box, firstly i noticed the tacticallity of it when in the palm of your hand, and the feather light weight - which doesnt take away from the feel of its build quality.

It's been touched on that the sound quality of this particular model is great - i can assure you that its nothing short of superb. Not to mention that your listening experience can be taylored exacty to your personal style or a selection pre-loaded presets.

the Bluetooth headphones have quite frankly blown me away. Although the wired headphones included host some absolutely fantastic sound quality - the abolishment of wires through bluetooth just free's your body up to do other things whilst listening to your music, whilst not being restricted. the Headphones have a built in volume and tract change utilities - so no need to really touch your player at all when using the them...... SPOT ON! put it in your own scenario - at the gym, at home doing domestic chores, walking the dog in the morning etc etc - think which ever you want, this Bluetooth technology just makes it all the better and all the easier. I must stress, there is no sound quality lost at all through these headphones and they'll silky and comfortable to wear and get on with.

Actually pairing the bluetooth headphones to the player can be likended to that of a mobile phone style system - but, through the use of its specially designed 'bluetooth' button - its evident how much Sony's designers have really though about user to machine compatability and understanding - essentially that made connecting the headphones to the player easier than sliding on a pair of flip-flops!

As for software...what software. quite literally my point. It does what it says on the tin. "....USER FRIENDLY OR WHAT?" with its drag and drop technology - you can either just 'drag and drop' files onto the player, or quite conviently just sync them onto the player through the use of windows media player - ive done both methods and i have to say windows media player just makes it that little bit easier and user friendly.

The screen clarity is superb, much better than many of the Ipod's that ive experienced - dare i say it, the resolution quality is verging on reasonably priced MP4 and multimedia players! Picture and video features follow suit as you may expect - although, home video's and ripped movies and so on may have to be converted to a certain file type (not to worry, conversion tool included)

Navigation - obviously many player wont come close to that of the Ipod's quite simply down to it being a patended style - but, may i add, the Sony has cunningly worked its past this through the positive and delightfully user friendly 3 - 4 step interface - which can be cruised with speed and ease.

To round this off, you quite simply for the price being offered here on play and for the amount of quality you get and should expect from a big player like Sony - this is the player for any person. The player echoes quality and class - whilst the featuers, sound quality, screen clarity and bluetooth outlets just slide it into that 7th gear - that most other players can rarely ever clutch at any time!

Superb - id recommend it to anyone.


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  Good item

| | See all Scarshine's reviews (1)

From looking at this item, it looks a really good buy. I am wondering whether to buy one but need to know if it can download from BBC I player. Any help appreciated.


| | See all silversurf's reviews (1)

The sound out of this walkman will blow anyone away I have test the Ipod nano sound against this and the results were very surprising, Sony walkman gives out crisp sound quality, close to dolby sound... I was amazed you can hear all the beats clearly and the bass is something else, match this to the Ipod sound output and you wont get the same... for the price you pay for a ipod...you would expect great sound and features.. but sadly you are let down...

All I am going to say to you is if you have a £100 to spend on a mp3 player then The Sony NWZ-A829 16GB Video Walkman is the one for you...
I can tell you you will get your moneys worth and also you will not be let down by this cool mp3 player :D :D

  Question. Please advise

| | See all LukeyEdwards's reviews (3)

I've just bought this from play for £99.99 and thought I was getting a good deal for the spec, but after looking deeper into Play, I came across this - Sony NWZ-A829K. It's more expensive compared to this product - Sony NWZ-A829 (no 'K' on the end) Can anyone tell me the difference between the two? Just search both product numbers and post if you can find out the difference. Play customer service were very un-helpful and hung up on me