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Sony DAV-DZ280 5.1 Channel Surround Sound / DVD / Home Cinema System

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

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  Great once you get past connection issues

| | See all Montygib's reviews (1)

Excellent piece of equipment once you get past the problems on connecting it, i specifically bought it to use on my ps3 but seemed to have the prob of no optical or coaxial. there is a simple way around it once you know how and now have my ps3 connected wif blu-ray etc... thx to dvll666 4 all his help. any1 who needs help psn me, user.... montyllius

  Brillant sound.

| | See all Dayjo23's reviews (1)

This is a brillant system, tbh dont listen to the bad reviews because it does have optical ( to play 5.1 surround to your tv and consoles)

Its not complicated at all :)
Just set it up by optical and then put the system on dolby and its easy peasy 5.1 tv.

The bass is super and the sound qualitys amazing on dvd and even blu ray. If your considering buying, just do it.

  brill system

| | See all wizey11's reviews (1)

very loud system and the bass is fantastic. ive linked my xbox,sky and projector through the system. i struggled to link it all together at first and read a few reviews saying it was impossible but it CAN be done. xbox scart with the 3 coloured pins in to the back of unit,take the yellow video imput to the projector or tv ,leaving the red and white imputs into unit. easy easy easy! same with sky but you will need to buy a scart thats has the 3 coloured pins leading off it. ,10.99 i payed for 1. brilliant system!!!


| | See all kvll666's reviews (3)

i've just got it and is working perfect.thanks SONY.
dont listing to other ppl witch give 2 star cuz they dont know what they have to do with it.i connected it to my ps3 straight away and the sound is an f... belivible.so many options and u have to connect it hdmi to tv and via scart (RGB cable to ps3 dvd and telly )change option in ps3 settings to audio output rgb scart and in dvd to tv setting.
for this price i would buy it again.if u love ur ps3 (or x-box whatever) and good sound in games and movies or music take it straigh dont hasitate cuz might be out of stock soon. (psn kvll666 in ps3 if u have problems to connect).thanks

  It works great

| | See all Tables's reviews (1)

It has awsome sound quality and has everything i need.

It is a little awkward setting up the xbox to it. To get it to work, on the xbox scart lead thing, i had the white and red cable go into the scart which was then pluged into my system and the yellow cable into the TV giving me the picture

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  Amazing - Change the settings people!!!!

| | See all lewislegend's reviews (1)

This cinema system is amazing people. Ive heard many people have suffered from the D.R.T.F.M. problem (didnt read the flipping manual prolblem). To get the sound out of every speaker in every mode, you must look at the remote and press "System Menu", then on the DVD player will show "D.E.C MODE" Press select or ok on dvd cinema remote. Then you will be shown "A.F.D. STD" now either press the up or down arrows to reach "A.F.D MULTI", easier if you press down then you will be straight to it. And there you go, all sound, out of every speaker. Easy people!

Rating the cinema system is and easy 5 stars, bass is amazing, crisp sounds from my other blu-ray player are out of this world. For the price it's an absolute bargain considering all the extras you get with it. iPod dock, USB play and Rec, upscaling, automatic calibration with a mic. Just sublime.

Please people read the manual before rating because this has been rated as a 2 star system because you havent read the manual and changed the setting yourself. I hope you all understand my little guide on how to change the settings, takes about 10 seconds to do. If your confused then as i said, read the manual.

Thank you sony for this perfect system for the price.

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  pretty good

| | See all davieb24's reviews (1)

Got 2 of these systems working in my house,does a fantastic job.plays surround sound all the time through my xbox, ipod and tv.check settings on your tv first got bravia tv's mysel so not sure about other models. Just change speaker adjustment settings on menu to audio sytem through audio cables from player to tv and choose setting on dvd player to line.got ipod through other audio line select audio menu on player for it to play through system fantastic!also got blu-ray player hooked up to main tv so surround sound is fantastic don't waste £400 plus on blu-ray surround as this is just as good.to play sound through tv has to be at line menu!reminder,does not connect to xbox directly check you have proper settings on tv and right connections.need at least 1 hdmi for blu-ray,ive got blue,green,red white and red hdmi audio connections for xbox wired straight to tv(do not connect yellow wire) audio lead from ipod to plain red and white audio connection on tv.and dvd player connected to red,white,yellow connection on tv.(leave yellow connection free just connect to red and white though.hopefully helpful

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| | See all keithyboy1's reviews (4)

if you want a system for dvd and music,this is ok,but for this price tag you would expect a digital input,without it its totally useless,rather go for the DAV-DZ260.

  Woah!!... What a mistake

| | See all marineboy's reviews (3)

Yes, as other people have written reviews much the same as me I would just like to add some more bits.
SONY have "left out" by pure vandalistic intension the optical input to their modern 5.1 surround sound machine because of a simple reason. If you don't have a SONY Bravia TV to "talk" to your SONY 5.1 then your ****** because they don't want you to buy a different brand of TV!
Well done SONY I will bare that in mind every time someone mensions your name.

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  another complaint

| | See all OmegaWeaponry's reviews (14)

I totally agree with the other reviews i only wish they had appeared before i bought it, i rang sony and they said its not set up to connect to xbox or ps3 which was the only reason i bought it. so i you want to watch dvds with surrond sound and normal tv buy it or do yourself a favour and dont bother

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