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This set of Poker Cards is marked on the back and reveals the number and suit of the cards. Make money hosting Poker nights and increase your chances of winning!

Easy to read and undetectable.

These cards are to be used as novelty fun and serious cheating is not encouraged nor endorsed.
  • Casino quality plastic coated playing cards
  • Highly durable
  • Slightly marked to show suit and number
  • Easy to read and undectable
  • Instructions included

customer Reviews

 Average rating (8 reviews)


| | See all markyboy2k7's reviews (6)

I brought these for a mate as a second birthday present. He is really into card tricks at the moment. When i got them i couldn't believe that id just spent £5 on something so small! But they are worth every penny if not more! He learned how to use them within an hour and the next day tried them out. Worked a treat played a trick and the other person even looked hard after the trick at the cards and didn't see anything wrong (cause the markings on the back are so small). The trick worked brilliant and they were none the wiser to how he did it! Also once learned its a great way to start a conversation in a pub ;)!
Enjoy, well worth there money, a must buy

 Make your own readers

| | See all ThePoetRazel's reviews (5)

If you want to cheat at poker or do a magic trick don't use pre-marked cards. They are obvious and have a system to them that can be easily picked up by others.
Readers (marked cards) like these are also a huge chunk of evidence against you if you are discovered to be a cheat at cards.

If you wanna cheat at poker, study Erdnase's Expert At The Card Table, AKA Erdnase.
As for magic, try learning some card forces or a little mentalist psychology.
Pre-marked cards are nothing more than a novelty.


| | See all Overhawk's reviews (3)

Just recieved these about 15mins ago, and they apear gd. Takes a while to get used to the markings as they are rather small, but clearly you dont want them to obvious., ive been practising reading the marks and you soon pick it up, just depends how long it takes you to learn wot different marks mean. Im yet to try them out at m8s 18th birthday party(which is why i bought them) but as long as i can see the markings from across the table, i should win.

Overall they appear to be good quality cards, and can be used for any card game, even if u don't want to cheat. I can't see anybody working out that thier marked, so you shoudl be safe. They may get a 5* review, if i manage to win the poker ina weeks time.

*After the Poker Game-
Unfortunately i didnt win the game, but i think thats more down to my bad luck with the cards delt and my playing. It ws impossible to read my mates cards across the table, but was ok for the two next to me. Got a gd laugh when i told them they were marked, and even after they looked at them carefuly they still could not see the markings, so you've got no worries thier.

In conclusion, i wouldnt suggest relying on these to win you a game, especially if you gonna play for money, but thier great for joke between mates, or if u want to do some magic tricks.

 Pretty good marked cards

| | See all Crayon's reviews (6)

These cards are pretty good, not sure about them being 'undetectable' though as the markings are fairly obvious, but if you're not looking for them you probably wouldn't see them. And the cards don't feel too shabby either, so all in all a good purchase.

 Very Good

| | See all jcstodds's reviews (13)

These are good quality cards, I have had them for 8 months now and they have survived college, unlike cheaper playing cards.
A very simple system for reading what cards they are, and it is discreet enough not to draw attention to the marks.

At £5 the price is quite steep for a pack of cards, so not brilliant value, hence 4 stars.