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Silverlit: X-Rotor R/C Picoo Z Micro Helicopter (Yellow)

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Customer Reviews

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  Charger connection is awful

| | See all johnnydickens's reviews (3)

I brought 2 of these the other being the twin bladed model and where you plug the wire in the side of the copter its bloody awful to get a good connection thinking it was a problem with just 1 model the other is just as bad,apart from that they are fun the twin bladed a lot harder to control than the single one!,saying that maybe its me but i feel i really dont have a lot of control of where it goes,plus range is very short,overall a good bit of fun the single blade (this one) is better to control and fly (bit of bluetack on the nosecone) aids forward movement,not bad cheers play.com

  Very good

| | See all Mikeyfun's reviews (4)

I found it came in a pretty big box and probably doesnt need to be that big. The helicopter is very fragile and small so be careful not to break it.It worked great for the first few charges and then just like rikster it stopped charging. If you read this man get an RMA and get a replacement like i did. they'll even refund the postage which i didnt expect. Thanks play. Cant wait to get another one and play a bit more. its hard to control at first but it gets easier it just takes a few flights. the bigger the place to try the better. I put a bit of tac on the front to get a better forward movement as i couldnt really master it. Buy loads for your friends as i am going to to be.

  Don't buy this

| | See all crazybrett's reviews (4)

This is an ok helicopter but is only 2 chn. That meent it can only go up/down and left/right. It does not go forwards and backwards. The made it go forwards more you have to bend the tail wich is doggy. Get the Micro-Bladez 3D Apache Mini RC Helicopter as it is 3 chn. Alought the Micro-Bladez 3D Apache Mini RC Helicopter is £18 it is much more fu and easyer to controle.

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  bad choice

| | See all mike45567's reviews (1)

it was working well a first then it just kept spinning out of control than fell so i got a replacement as soon as i got it out of the box it kept spinning round in a circle and than the motor for the tail came out and now i cant get my money back a waste of £14

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  Brilliant fun!!!!!!

| | See all Towers9's reviews (1)

Quite simply this helicopter is great fun. It might not be particularly easy to fly where you want and it does take a little practise to get the best use out of but it's so addictive.

Ignore the complaints about build quality, at these sort of prices you can't expect something extremely robust. Mine has taken quite a beating from crashing for the week i've had it but is still going fine.

Great value for money with the fun you get out of it for you, your family and friends!!

  So much fun!

| | See all moobob's reviews (1)

Got mine today and within 30 mins of unpacking it i was flying it into walls (lots).

I just finished my first play time with it, and it says it has a flight time of 5 minutes or so, take into account you will spend a fair bit of time running to pick it up again so i easily got 20 minutes out of the 20 min charge.

Its really light so its best used in a room with no currents of air (not tried it outside yet) but even in a non breeze room my copter wanted to keep turning (maybe small design issue) but this was not really a big deal as i soon learnt to adjust the turning so it compensated and if i wanted to go the other way i just let off the turning stick.

Another reviewer has said you dont have much control, well this is partially true, but i would say with more practice you can gain more control, for example i managed to get it to hover round my 9x8 ft room for a good minute with some degree of control (this was on my first go too!)

Once you get the hang of not letting go of the "lift" control when it goes too high you will soon do well (i KEPT doing it)

Overall for £15 i was well impressed, i just wish we had toys like this when i was younger, brilliant toy for any child (or child at heart) just make sure people dont mind the noise!

  Great Fun

| | See all Cassieboy's reviews (1)

My son bought this with some xmas money and its permanently out on the table,one of us is always playing with it.
It has been flown into everything and it keeps going with no damage done.
A great piece of kit.

  deffo worth a try

| | See all duvboy's reviews (2)

This helicopter is definately worth buying

Dont let the cheapness put u off

My son crashes it everytime it takes off but this thing just keeps going. It will not break, a 20minute charge will give a good 5-6 minutes flying time

This cost only a fraction of the price of his other xmas pressys but has definately had the most useage

Anyone that gives this a bad reveiw for looking cheap needs to give themselves a good shake - it is cheap!!! + Fun!!!

10 Out of 10

  Good Fun

| | See all gordy2's reviews (5)

Made from polystyrene and lightweight plastic they look fairly flimsy, but are surprisingly tough and have stood up to loads of crashes. Very easy to fly with a bit of practice and trimming is a doddle. Flight time is only a few minutes, but great while it lasts.
I bought three of these for £9.99 hoping to fly them together, but unfortunately received three Band D ones so it would be good if Play let you specify bands when ordering.( you can only alter the frequency on the controller , and not the heli )
Only had a couple of days but if we get a couple of weeks out of them i would say they have been worth it, especially for a tenner.
Don't expect them to last too long though.

  Great fun and entertainment.

| | See all Gogollini's reviews (1)

This micro working helicopter does exactly as it says 'on the tin'.Easy to set up and fly,in fact there was no need to trim or adjust my own example.I bought this model for my eight year old son who flies it with ease.Great fun for the whole family.Charge time is about 20 mins for 15 mins of flight.Good range and control.The only fiddle is keeping the lead attached to the helicopter whilst charging-I use blu tac to hold the lead steady.Superb fun and value for money.