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Big Trak

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Customer Reviews

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  Loved it so much I broke it

| | See all starcon's reviews (5)

Call me an idot, the tank I loved given to me on Christmas when I was 5 years old approrox. even had the trailer device. inventually I wanted to see what else it can do! for some reason I tried the stairs! it fell down and broke! had to tape it up but it was never the same again - I was so upset and to ease my pain it had to go in the skip.

  Kid again :) LOVE IT!!!!!

| | See all bigsia's reviews (25)

What more can i say, great piece of 80's kit :) get one now for 15 quid......BARGAIN!!!!

  Not very well built disappointing

| | See all moonmonkey51's reviews (1)

I was like most of the people writing the reviews on here and wanted a Big Trak when I was younger. Santa left one under my tree but unfortunately it would not turn left or right properly and gave out a buzzing sound instead, I had to return it for a refund due to no stock, I was very disappointed with the overall build quality.

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  Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!

| | See all Angie73's reviews (1)

For Ted - It's Big Track! It's amazing and it does exactly what it should. Just buy it and you wont be disappointed! Just reading how much everybody loves it, gives you your answer - it's great or we would all be picking holes in it! For everybody else, I share the joy of Big Track. I'm a 37 year old woman (some may say little girl after reading this). I put Big Track on my Santa list for years on end but somehow, Santa kept forgetting to leave it under the tree. I just wanted to programme it to fetch me an apple like the advert showed. After still secretly thinking about Big Track every Christmas since and the violins coming out whilst mentioning it to my hubby for years, Big Track found it's way under the Christmas tree this year. I'm so excited. I've been learning all the moves this morning and stuck my stickers on. I'm going to hunt for a trailer now. I guess I need to get out more but in the meantime, I'm going to have fun programming my Big Track moves. Enjoy it everyone!

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| | See all kevsmith's reviews (2)

wow its back.cant believe it.i had a big track when i was a kid.im now 35.i loved it.iv evan looked around the net to see if i could buy one from someware.now that play has them i sall be buying one of these.wonder if play sell the trailer awell..WOW.

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  Big Trak verses Data Car

| | See all thebigfella69's reviews (1)

WOW this toy was awesome I remember as a kid having mock battles with my nextdoor neighbour who had one of these, I had the Data Car version which worked along the same lines but for the life of me have never been able to track one down, does anyone remember the Data Car? Still gonna be getting myself one of these babies just in time for Christmas!!!

  Kid Again

| | See all gds1972's reviews (2)

I feel like a kid again playing with this.
I hope my Nephew shares it with me (If not I may have to buy myself one).

  Too nostalgic to share.

| | See all JeremyUK's reviews (1)

"Big Trak is back, enabling parents of today to buy one of the most memorable toys from their past and bring it back to life for their own children to enjoy..." - Yeah, right! Who is honestly going to let their kids anywhere near their Bigtrak?

There are a lot of subtle differences between this and the original - but they are subtle; it's still great fun. The battery cover is now screwed in place rather than held on with a plastic tab. It is far more shiny than the original and actually white rather than "kind of white". The little red cover on the power switch actually stays put, the keypad is matt finish rather than glossy and the colours are brighter... Well you get the idea, little details. Many are improvements, some are just minor differences.

Size wise I think it is unchanged. It still has the slightly quirky programming with a single "x2" and angles measured in minutes (so a complete revolution is 60, rather than 360) just like the original.

What's wrong with it? Well the stickers are still a pain to get on straight (though I fancy I did a better job than I did as a child). They haven't done the transporter, or even said they will (it would be nice). Oddly I miss the original "MB" logo... weird I know. The light for the "Photon Canon" is far dimmer than the original (which was really bright) but it's an LED now so won't need replacing (the old one had a screw in bulb that used to be easy to buy - not sure where you'd get one now... so it's probably just as well). But all in all this is an excellent reproduction and very faithful to the original, it captures everything that matters really well. The biggest cosmetic change is the blue cover over the "Photon Canon" doesn't have a gap at the front anymore (which is how I know they used the original artwork - they haven't noticed this on the back of the box).

In the important things this is the same as the original; the same little tune before and after running the sequence of instructions, and yes, the "Photon Canon" noise is still very loud (it'll bring back happy memories of your mother complaining about it - and your "significant other" will probably have a similar tone). All the original detailing is faithfully reproduced.

Your pets will still absolutely hate it. You'll still wonder around the house measuring in "bigtrak lengths" (every "1" forward or backward is it's own length) to get it to go where you want. Even the box is the same (it actually has the original artwork, which doesn't quite match the new model - just the old "MB" stickers have been blotted out in favour of the new logo). It's all gloriously familiar.

If you liked the original Bigtrak, you'll like this. If (like me) you think the original Bigtrak was the best toy from your childhood, well you are going to absolutely love this. I've been looking forward to this since I first heard they were bringing it back, and it doesn't disappoint. If I were going to pick one toy for them to bring back, it would have been Bigtrak, and they've not ruined it with "improvements" that really aren't.

Will today's children get as much from Bigtrak as my generation? I don't care, they're not paying with mine!

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  Big Trak - The best toy a boy can get

| | See all ReaperSeurre's reviews (1)

I am a forty yr old man but when I see that Big Trak is comming back I get magicaly transported back to my child-hood. I remember all the hours of fun I had playing with Big Trak as I sat there giggleing while it drove over the other side of the room, shot my dad spun round and came back. I will be buying one (for my grandson) and look after it till hes old enough to play with it (he's only Two) lol. Buy it people and lets bring back the 80s.

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  The 80's are back!

| | See all DeckPaint1's reviews (1)

This is just about the the most exciting and memorable toys to return from my childhhood, I can remember it like yesterday not being able to sleep on xmas eve about 29 years ago!.
My wife can't understand what all the fuss is about, but I know my two lads (5 & 7) are just going to love it and I can't wait for the trailer to come out in early 2011!
The kings of plastic manufacture have brought back a toy that I never thought we would ever see again, China we salute you!.