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Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver (Working Screwdriver)

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Customer Reviews

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  Great Tool for Doctor Who Fans

| | See all idalek's reviews (2)

Bought this for 6 pounds 99 (can't go wrong). Its a great novelty tool and it actually works!!! I have put many a flat pack together with it. Its an all round great tool for any DIY Doctor Who fan. Ok the sound isn't the best but when will you ever want to make a stupid noise as you screw a screw in?

  Suprisingly Worthwhile

| | See all Ushwin's reviews (31)

Let's start by reminding you of the price. You aren't going to be getting something the Doctor, let alone a professional handyman would use!

This IS decent though. Solid build and 5 different tool heads. Works well and looks the part. Some people have mentioned a bad paint job - but mine looks fine.

It's a bit of fun, that actually has a purpose and can be used.

Why is it losing a star? Well......... The sonic screwdriver sound is pretty bad to be honest!

  sonic working screwdriver

| | See all soupdragon10's reviews (4)

ok this is my review this is a great gift for any doctor who fan,yes there are a few little things wrong but for this price you really cannot moan.
yes the sound is a bit off and the top does not open but so what it's a novelty gift and clearly not a toy if you want a full metal rep i'm sure that one will come along soon but for the price i paid for this item i am more that happy there are many more bad doctor who items then this.if you are not happy with it 2 things you can do are 1 sell it or use as display piece,simples

  A Gin And Sonic

| | See all CarryOnGallifrey's reviews (1)

I am mildly amused by some of the caustic reviews of this novelty screwdriver.
Clearly some of the purchasers were expecting a fully tooled up metallic version of the TV prop for under 20 squids.
Okay, so it does sound like a sick bumblebee when you press the button, but that's hardly the end of the Universe...is it?
Just enjoy it for what it is: a bit of fun.

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  Sonic Screw Up!!

| | See all TimeTraveler0's reviews (1)

Seriously disappointed. This is a terrible product, the picture shows it as being a kind of crome metallic.. this is not the case. Only the bottom half is metal (badly painted) the rest is simply a poor paint job on cheap plastic. The real let-downs come from the fact it does not extend. Even the toy version extends... And the sound it makes is awful! Way to ruin a potential decent product guys! What were you thinking.

  Slightly Disappointing, but Adequate

| | See all Destriarch's reviews (1)

I'm happy with the device in general, but there are a few niggling points that prevent this from being a must purchase. The screwdriver is the correct size and a satisfying weight, but all of that weight is in the lower half. The upper half is very plastic. The sound and light are pretty standard for the toy replica type. The claws at the tip do not 'open' as in the real prop. The three screwdriver heads, while decent enough, are very difficult to extract from the body of the device since they barely project from the housing more than half a centimetre when firmly located. I found the easiest way was to cup by hand over the end and shake vigorously until all three shot out. Furthermore, the ball bearing that secures the two sections together fell out the first time I opened it, so care should be taken. On the other hand, it is a reasonable replica insofar as that is possible while still remaining functional, it's the right size, and the moulding has been decently done. It's comfortable to use and sturdy enough so long as you grip it by the more solid lower half. Only time will tell if the screwdriver bits are of a high quality. A good purchase at the new price.

  Not as promised

| | See all LittleBigSy's reviews (1)

After months and months of delays it's finally here and it's nothing like described. It claims to be die cast in metal but only parts of it are. The prongs are plastic and look no better than the toy one.

When I followed the instructions about where the screwdriver heads were kept I opened it and a ball bearing and a spring came flying out. I have no idea where they came from. Also the heads themselves are quite awkward to remove from the slots.

Finally My biggest beef was in the description which states...
"Presented in stylish acetate gift box."
Where? It came in throwaway packaging just like the toy screwdriver.

With all the delays I think they finally just released it no matter what development stage it was in because Christmas is drawing near. Just buy a toy one and a phillips screwdriver because you're not paying for quality here.

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  Its a novelty!

| | See all ManxShearwater's reviews (6)

Lets get one thing straight, this is not a replica of the doctors sonic screwdriver. The doctors sonic, is not an actual screwdriver. This is a novelty, working screwdriver, that has been made to resemble the Doctors sonic screwdriver.

As previous reviews have said, the main part of the body is metal, and the top part is plastic. The screwdriver pieces are stored inside the screwdriver to keep everything tidy. There is a button on the main body that activates light and sound. The sound, while not perfect, is OK, and the light is very good, slightly brighter than the toy version. The screwdriver itself is quite heavy and feels very robust.

If you're after a sonic screwdriver to use as part of a costume, then go for the toy version, due to the added spring loaded effect, but bear in mind that it lacks the durability of this one. If you are looking for a novelty screwdriver, then this is a great little gadget.

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  worst sonic ever made

| | See all M101Dave's reviews (7)

basically your going to hate the sound its awful i mean dreadful doesn't sound any thing like the sonic screwdriver and i find it hard to bare its still plastic but half metal its pretty much the same size as the previous 11th doctor screw driver and it doesn't extend

if you separate it into two pieces you can see you have screw driver heads and if you take one out and place it in the bottom its magnetic and hold the tool piece in securely

in my opinion its a bit pants just don't want any one to think this is better than it is and be disappointed like me

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  dr who replica sonic screwdriver

| | See all joejmd90's reviews (3)

its taking along time to be released but im going to buy it its well worth the wait dr who is a awsome show and this is a gadget im adding to my collection this sonic screwdriver is made of metal its a definate buy for any dr who fan :)

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