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Remote Control Helicopter: Gyro Apache

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (81 reviews)"

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| | See all mrrosco's reviews (18)

easy to fly once you got the hang of it after couple of tries (very robust considering the few early crashes) a must.... evenif you don't want it... get it you will love it

  Great fun, but only lasts for a day!!

| | See all hotsugar3x's reviews (1)

gave up on me on the second day, had a few 2 feet drops on the carpet and it was dead. switches on, but wont work when you move the throttle or controls!! I would have been happy if it lasted a month as it was great fun when it worked :(

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| | See all gixxer's reviews (24)

If you are buying this as a christmas present then know you will have to open it.
the hand held controller takes 6 AA batteries and the copter itself has to be charged via usb ( i would advise ) for 40 minutes to an hour before use.
Don't let this put you off as when i tried one of these out for my nephews it had me laughing my head off!! To be fair the bigger the space you have the better but trust me when i say my room is small.
I was fortunate enough to have this lift off the ground vertically and loved every second of it.
If you buy one pay attention to the instructions, especially those that say to have the remotes left stick in the down position...., This will save you some time as it sets the frequency for the copter it seems... Also i found slamming the stick up to it's fullest got the best hover results.
Enjoy, Happy christmas..


| | See all muckpig's reviews (1)

I was bought one of these after a different model from play.com broke the counter balance weight. This one seems a lot more robust with metal inserts into the counter balance weights.

I did think id got a problem with it as i was taking it slowly slowly just hovering it off the ground when it kept veering backwards but found that it was the downward force from the propellars causing this so lifting it higher off the ground soon sorted this problem. It hovers like a dream in mid air and didn't take too much getting used to the controls.

The little light on the front and on the flashing coloured lights on the under carriage are 'wicked' when in the dark - lol

Battery seems to last an age when charged up form USB, not tried by the controller as its seems simpler to do it by USB.

Well worth buying , ive had hours of fun.

  My Honest Opinion.

| | See all fotomojo's reviews (7)

OK, No one can critisise this machine for the cost, 16 pounds very cheap. The helicopter is great out the box, it takes a bit of time and patience to get used to the controls. My most negative issues are only this. The battery life is less than the 8 minutes it promises even without lights. I am having a hell of a job getting ahold of spare helicopter blades for it, due to several crash landings my blades are quite damaged, it still flies OK but now I'm better I would like new crisp bladed. I've contacted the UK distributer who referred me on elsewhere, I've still not managed to locate the spares?.
But at 16 pounds it's amazing, I will probably end up buying another one if I can't get the blades.
If your hesitating to buy Don't. Your love it. Ta George East Ham fotomojo.


| | See all Eve1234's reviews (1)

This is an absolute bargain, so stable and easy to fly, very precise. I would recommend anyone who hasn't tryed RC Heli's before to buy this one! My girlfriend wants one for Christmas now!


| | See all mott98's reviews (1)

wow what a product so shocked how good the product is, it has such a good colour for the creative mind and it flys so!! high, i mean just looking at the picture it looks really good. LOL

  Good buy!

| | See all Bazza5's reviews (1)

This is a great little helicopter that's easy to fly. I found adjusting the left and right trim to be easy, however on mine there is a tiny amount of backward movement which requires a slight forward movement adjustment on the controller. That is a very, very minor niggle though. Would recommend. - Have now solved the backward movement by adding a small piece of blue tac in front of the front wheels.

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| | See all mancunian293's reviews (2)

I bought this helicopter for my husbands birthday [59]
He loved it! It took couple of days to get the knack of flying it,he loves it. plays with it every day,is now practicing to land it on a specific spot. It is good value for the money,has had a few knocks and bangs,is still in 1 piece. The helicopter is permanently on charge in the USB port. Recommended !!!

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