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20Q: New Version

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all ChamoneMofo's reviews (1)

bought this for a gift for my sisters fella, but i really want one now LOL! its amazing! and really works fantastic price too! this will keep us entertained on xmas day...well that's if i don't run the batteries out first! :)

  Great fun for children and adults alike

| | See all JayFirestorm's reviews (28)

I bought this for Christmas for a bit of fun, and to be honest didn't expect that much from it. But to my surprise, it is actually quite addictive, as you try to outwit it.

The design is clever yet simple. As in the traditional game of 20 Questions, you think of a thing (animal, vegetable, mineral or other), and answer a series of twenty questions as the game tries to deduce what you are thinking of. After twenty questions, it often guesses correctly - if it doesn't, it asks an additional five questions and guesses again. If it hasn't guessed by this point, it gives in admits that you've won.
Most of the time the game wins, but does not 100% of the time. Personally, I think this is a good thing, as it wouldn't be much of a challenge if it won every single game.

The game is very good at guessing - I was surprised at just how specific it is. On one of my first goes, I was thinking of a dog, and yet was surprised that it not only guessed dog correctly, but even suggested a particular breed of dog to boot!

Its main appeal will probably be to children, especially on car journeys, etc., but I think it will hold just as much appeal to adults, who will - like me - think "this will be easy to outwit" and yet finding it fiendishly clever.

Although the inbuilt software is quite clever, at the same time the game is refreshingly simple in today's world of i-pods, mp3 players and multi-function mobile phones.

All-in-all, great fun, and at around a tenner, good value - it will keep you coming back for more. Also recommended is 'Simpsons 20Q', which is great fun for 'Simpsons' fans.

  Very very VERY clever, but not full proof.

| | See all psychomonkeyboy's reviews (12)

I went to my friends houde and played on this little machine. I had played the larger version of this and iwas very impressed. I ll tell you how it works for those who dont know.
Step 1: Think of something, it could be anything, fish tank, indian elephant, diamond,etc.
Step 2: 20Q asks you a series of questions like: Is it a oommon household object or does it have a wight colour.
Step 3: You answer each question by cliking one of 4 buttons, their is: Yes, no, sometimes and unknown. Their is also an undo button which takes you back to the previous question.
Step 4: Answer all the questions and 20q will quess, if it gets it right then you can play another game, if not then it continous guessing until 30 questions then if it still doesnt find it then it gives up.
I have to warn you this machine is pritty smart. I can guess: Duck billed platipus and alien and if your thinking of nothing then it can guess that to and also amazingly it guessed its self !. But it cant guess everything. I got really annoyed so i thought of carbon fiber which it didnt guess. Apart from that its a brilliant little machine and well worth 8 quid. Im getting this for my mates for christams!!!!

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  To 20q or not to 20Q

| | See all Konase's reviews (1)

This is great entertainment for those who have a sense of humour, my daughter and her friends tried so hard to beat the game they didn't realise that we were stuck in traffic


| | See all jeremysgirl's reviews (1)

This is absolutely great, kept the whole family amused and entertained all day christmas and boxing day, very addictive as you want to beat it. We played from 7years old to 60 years old.

  Waste of money

| | See all cazzy66's reviews (1)

Its ok for children as the age on it advises. But not really a laugh for adults as its very simple. I bought it for my brother, but am not even gonna bother giving it to him. The advertising for the product is over exagerrated.

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  i should not of let her have it

| | See all wolfman1971's reviews (2)

i got 20Q for my brother for christmas when my wife asked me what i got him she was not impressed i said give it a go so she tried it and could not believe it knew what she was thinking "i dont believe it let me have another go" she said which she did and got more and more into it now she loves it and takes it everywhere so i have to get another two one for me one for my brother ..THIS IS A TOP BUY AND IT WILL HAVE YOU PLAYING IT FOR AGES AND IF IT KEEPS YOUR WIFE QUIET EVEN BETTER ...WOW

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  Neat little gadget

| | See all TheAlpha's reviews (17)

Had mine a year or so and still get it out every now and then, it's gets things right about 80% of the time if not more, which is pretty good. The back light it useful and the shape and size is perfect. A well earned 4 stars

  Not a bad little gadget

| | See all yvaine's reviews (2)

Bought this as a 6th birthday present, really good little toy, doesn't seem to guess the simple answers though, but totally blows your mind when it guesses the more obscure ones. Definitely worth the money, even if after a couple of weeks you can't possibly think of anything else for it to guess.