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Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi FX Lightsaber

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Customer Reviews

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  Obi-Wan Lightsaber

| | See all Imayroam's reviews (2)

It's a Hasbro, not Master Replica.

It is cool though. The picture shows as a darker blue against the Luke saber, but it's in fact identical. (Use the colour of Lukes to gauge the true colour)
Mine seems to need a bit of a hit to make the 'crackle' of sabers duelling, but its not a problem.
I've been duelling with my 6 year old for over a week now, and they're both still intact.

Prices go up and down it seems, so pick your time.

Beware of the packaging they come in, its unlikely you could resell it. Mine was covered in sticky tape etc.

  Force FX Obi Wan Lightsaber

| | See all JamieWanKenobi's reviews (5)

Words cannot describe how great this lightsaber is. I might even go as far to say it is the greatest thing ever. The hilt feels really well made and heavy, as I guess a real one would. I could spend all day and all night (it looks awesome at night) just watching the blade go up and down, but then I'd have no time left to swish it about in the air like some derranged Ninja-Jedi. Or Ninjedi.

This is really such a great product and not to mention the great price! As already mentioned, these things frequently retail for over £100 so buy yours today! Or at the latest tomorrow!

This is the only Force FX Lightsaber I have so far, but it doesn't stop me saying
"I was once the apprentice, now I am the master"
"Only a master of evil, Darth"
to my self, which let's face it, never gets old. Not for me anyway.

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  Top Saber, Top Speed

| | See all JonChen's reviews (1)

I made this order a little over 48 hours ago and never expected this item to arrive anywhere near as soon as it did. This site said they would need 24hrs to process my payment and 24 to deliver and here I am now with a lightsaber on my door step within days of a mouse click.

The saber itself is one of the latest generation of the Force FX Lightsaber Series from Master Replicas. With the most reliable, durable electronics and construction to date. The hilt is nearly all metal and has a fantastic quality and feel to it, as well as being one of the most ergonomic lightsaber designs.
I also own a Vader and Yoda saber but whereas the Yoda was less hefty than Vader's and felt better in the hand it was a bit shorter (since Yoda himself is quite the little guy). With unequal LS size, I could never have a fair duel. The Obi-Wan is a fantastic middle ground and finally allows me to have the destined lightsaber duel that I've always wanted to have since I was a little kid.

It should however be worth noting that these models are officially intended to be collectible displays (which come with their own nifty stands). They are amazing for roleplay, posing and just swinging around and I am sure that these 4th/5th Gen FX are capable of taking alot of strain. Officially, MR state that they aren't meant for duelling and if you decide to do so you will void your warranty.

That being said; with the quality weight of this feat of engineering in your hands, with the bright glow of the blade (which shines bright even in daylight!) and the sound effects that match your every motion, you will feel very tempted to battle.

These sabers are an absolute bargain right now. Originally they all used to be around £100-200, still sell for that much in many retailers, and people are still happy to pay that much for them. I've heard that MR's license from Lucas will be ending in 2008 so no more are going to be produced. If you were ever thinking of getting of of these beauties there has never been a better chance and it may be a chance that won't come again.

As extra info, the newest model sabers are the:
2007 Luke Skywalker (Ep IV)
2007 Darth Vader (Ep IV)

I do hope that MR put together one more model. Preferably a green saber such as Luke's ROTJ or Qui-Gon Jin

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  Top Notch

| | See all exodusonline's reviews (4)

This is a fantastic product, Ive also tried the Mace Windu purple sabre before I got this and there is no comparison, Obi Wans sabre is a beautiful tone blue and is much brighter than the Mace Windu sabre, it also seems more comfortable when swinging it round. Its so good ive decided to order the Yoda sabre. Im a bit 'old' for buying 'toys', however if you were around when the original Star Wars films were aired at the cinema in the late 70's early 80's then you know you must get one of these to fulfill that fantasy of being a Jedi...

  Brilliant Saber, Brilliant Service

| | See all Solidus2008's reviews (2)

What more can I say that hasn't already been said by fellow reveiwers? This lightsaber is awesome, everything about it feels...real! The sounds are crystal clear, the colour and brightness is spot on. 10/10. And as a sidenote, I bought 2 of these, one was slightly faulty (just one of these things, don't be put off at all), and play.com were a class apart in their customer service. They have done all the legwork, and are collecting it from an address of my choice, with a replacement on its way 48 hours after they've received the faulty one, brilliant! 10/10

  Obi Wan - " I will do what I must" , Vader - "You will try"

| | See all nikdarkside's reviews (6)

The picture of this FX saber does not do it justice, this is a really beautiful piece, superd attention to detail and the most balanced of all the FX sabers I own, not that I swing em round like Im a Jedi or anything you understand ! lol. If you only buy one FX saber you cant go wrong with General Obi Wan Kenobi's.

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| | See all TheGrizz's reviews (5)

Took the plunge the other week and succumbed to my longing for a lightsaber. First off, the delivery was superb, it arrived in two days, and well packaged, so I wasn't worried about anything being cracked or damaged.

As for the actual lightsaber, well, it's perfect. Well proportioned, easy to handle, although, people with small hands may find it a bit difficult to hold the hilt properly and activate it. The blade itself is slightly heavier than you might expect, and you'll probably find yourself letting it droop as you walk around, not really a problem, but you may want to keep an eye on where you're walking, instead of grinning like a lunatic at bemused parents.

The price isn't prohibative as well, as I know of friends who have quite happily splashed out over £100 for a lightsaber, so this one by comparison is a bargain.

Well worth it, even if only for the joy of swinging it around pretending you're a Jedi.

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  Obi Wan Force FX

| | See all discostu1991's reviews (1)

WOW! This is ...an amazing product - and one of the best force fx sabers for beauty as well as comfort in the hand. Tis is great for swinging around with either two or one hands, although some weaker armed people may find it a little to heavy for one hand. This really feels like how you would imagine a lightsaber to feel - the hilt is a little weighty but just right, and when its turned on it looks immense! Unlike some other sabers e.g. Darth Vader ANH, you can see its proper colour when you turn it on in day light as well as at night. At night it is so bright its unbelievable, and looks brilliant when fighting other sabers. The Hilt is beautifully made, and i was quite torn between this or Lukes in ROTJ. But this one got my vote over Lukes because i think the gold-chrome metal near the top of the hilt looks beautiful with the rest of the chrome body. The black grip like bit of the handle also makes this look very swish. A 5 STAR LIGHTSABER! you will not regret purchasing this. Thankyou play.com!

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  Absolutely fantastic

| | See all AikonEnt's reviews (23)

He he he he he! That's what I thought the first time I turned one of these on, I just couldn't help myself. For someone that was around to watch the original Star Wars at the cinema it's like having the perfect tool to regress back to childhood and I love it. If you're a Star Wars fan (regardless of your age) you've always wanted a 'real' lightsaber, even if you won't admit to it, this is as close as your going to get. The feel, the sound and the glow of the blade all as authentic as could be, with the added bonus of not accidentally hacking your own limbs off following some over-enthusiastic twirling!

I decided to get both the Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi versions because I didn't want them to be lonely. Plus 2 is always better than 1 and now I can do the whole dual-wielding thing too, which puts an even bigger grin on my face, especially in a pitch black room as these things give off so much light, it's just a dance of red, blue and purple (as the light mixes). The best £110 I've ever spent. I also have to point out here just how speedy the delivery was, the Darth Vader one turned up less than 24 hours after I'd clicked buy with the Obi-Wan Kenobi version following around 24 hours later. So both of them in less than 2 days, now that's what I call service.

Another thing to note here is that each Lightsaber only uses 3 'AA' batteries, so fairly economical to run too. Though you'll probably need to get a few spares because once you've used one of these you can't leave then alone. Whenever you have a couple of spare minutes 'Lightsabers' just pops into your mind. It truly is amazing how much joy a couple of fluorescent tubes can give you.

The only down sides I have are that the hilts are a little big but it does explain in the instructions that this is because of all the electrical gubbins they had to put into them. Also the Darth Vader lightsaber can be a little uncomfortable to hold with the Obi-Wan Kenobi much more hand friendly (especially for smaller hands).

But the biggest downside is that these prove that we could never be real Jedi's because when you're using them you just have the biggest Cheshire cat grin on your face constantly. How are you supposed to have an air of authority if you can't stop giggling every time you turn on your lightsaber?

If you can afford one buy one (and bear in mind that it wasn't so long ago that you would have had to shell out around £250 for one of these), if you can afford more buy more you won't regret it, I certainly haven't.

  absolute brilliance

| | See all plumberman's reviews (1)

Just got my lightsaber and totally impressed.Myself and my little son haven't put the lightsaber down.Just can't wait till i get my next one!!