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Super Micro R/C Helicopter

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Nicosphere's reviews (1)

I bought this a few days ago and it came yesterday,it was a tiny bit hard to control at first but after a few crashes it was still alive lol its amazing! tho i must say im having some problems with it spining out of control but after triming it a lil it works fine!! worth every penny =]


| | See all tom645's reviews (1)

i brought this product thinking it would be a good toy to muck around with in my garden.

it worked well for the first day, but the next day it would fly about 4ft then come crashing down

also the any type of breeze it flies off course

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  Its not all bad!

| | See all mrgiblets's reviews (2)

right... where do i start...?
basically, it does seem a little pricey for what it is, however... its lovely. theres no other word i could think of to describe it.

its hard not to just throw up the throttle when you first have a go, sending it flying quickly toward the ceiling where it makes a loud thud and falls to the ground where you start crying thinking its in pieces....its not? WOOHOO!

its quite sturdy for a polystyrene helicopter, in fact i must have hit the floor several times and its still in one piece! :D

i would reccommend this to anyone who is careful with toys. kids are excluded unless the have a demonstration first as kids generally have the 'trial and error' way of doing things - in which case its more likely to break.

Not easy to manouvre sideways - kind of just drifts more than flying. but, its a very fun toy and if you're careful it will last a long time.
happy flying!

  The amazing little helicopter

| | See all zoolook888's reviews (1)

This gem is a beautifully designed little machine...an incredible way of flying a micro helicopter indoors (it's amazing)...I purchased one a few months ago, & I have had nothing but perfect fun with it ! As some of reviews have stated, it's hard to fly etc ..that's just not true...this tiny & superbly made helicopter is a complete bargain and "it does work, & it is so easy & fun if you trim the thing correctly". Whilst on holiday I noticed the very same Heli's for sale and people of all ages were flying them perfectly ! ... & I had recommended it to some friends and they have all bought one after seeing it fly !...I guess some people just aren't that way inclined !

  Absolute waste of time and money!

| | See all Alphanumeric's reviews (1)

Trim, trim trim, asif it's ever going to get off of the ground.. Despite following ALL instructions and following them carefully the main bar above snapped, it spins round and falls to a disaster.. back propeller is weak and doesn't move very well, 17.99 for this? Sorry but it's probably worth 1.79. I recommend NOT purchasing this, however I have found other products like the Syma Dragonfly alot better and lasts longer, and guess what? IT ACTUALLY FLIES! unlike this garbage. For only 34.99 you get twice as much as this does.. waste of money. Don't buy it, it's a very disappointing (sp) product from play.com. ):

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  Requires Practice

| | See all KitsterTriad's reviews (4)

People below may think the helicopter keeps spinning out of control but really you just trim it by holding onto either the left or right trim button to balance the spin out. My tip is not to hold the 'up' trigger full throttle, but gently increase the lift until it is at a suitable height. Do not turn the helicopter while you are trimming because that will make the situation harder (the right stick). Soon time after time after your practice you'll soon master the controls and really it would be like a stroll in the park (easy). By adding the silver aluminium weight stickers underneath the nose allows the helicopter to move foward because the act of leaning fowards allow the helicopter to fly like a real helicopter.

  Too much spin

| | See all GavinPow's reviews (3)

These micro-helicopters have recently become must-haves for gadget saddos like myself. I'd read so much good stuff about them. But maybe some of the spin (both in word of mouth and performance of such devices) was disappointing. Whether impressive or not, like a previous poster says, Play is setting the standard with very fair prices for its mini-helis, but these little fellas are never going to be airwolf. Mine did fly perfectly on its maiden launch. Out of the box, onto the table, up in the air and straight through my alcove into the kitchen. YESS!! I thought, put it on charge and then tried again. But every attempt since has resulted in eratic all-over-the-place spin stupidity, disappointment, and a broken rotar at the rear. Lucky it has replacements! All in all, for the cash, these helis are, to be truthful actually quite god fun. For what it is (polystyrene, with a motor, two servos and a watch battery) you have to give an appreciative nod. Even if the trimming/getting it to fly in a desired direction are seemingly impossible, these tiny toys WILL levitate directly upwards to crazy heights with a full battery charge. On a calm day outside I got mine to fly above my house (in a straight line up and down - daren't try the directions, it just goes stupid and hits things). I would fall short of calling these things a waste of cash, as they ARE good fun, if a bit frustrating! Previous posters have poo-poohed the users who struggled with the trimming. If you DID have success, how about explaining your tecnique, because these things are about as predictable in flight as a bee in a wig!

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  Super Micro R/C Helicopter

| | See all Marke76's reviews (1)

Don't bother, very, very dissapointed. Out the box it wouldn't fly at all. Despite following all the instructions on 'trimming' etc, all it would ever do is get an inch off the floor and spin arouns in circles. Big thumbs up to Play though, refunded without any hassle at all

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  Great fun

| | See all brok21k's reviews (1)

By the 3rd charge i was an expert. It is pretty hard to control, and your only get 5-6 min of good air per charge, but for under £20 how can u complain.

BTW how can u brake it (its too lite), what a noob!


| | See all lahorance's reviews (8)

look its simple. If you like helicopters and have a bit of spare cash knocking around this is a brilliant laugh. don't be like the other people below in some cases, who thought this would be the ultimate peice of kit. its fun. its frikin funny to control but its ONLY A REMOTE CONTROL HELICOPTER. not the full size one these fools were expecting below. buy and enjoy. don't buy and its no great loss.

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