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X Twin Acrobat

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  Top Fun @ Cheap Price

| | See all RyuOnline's reviews (14)

For the money this has gotta be the best RC plane out there.

Its got rear rudder control so u can do loops & raise & lower your pitch while flying & do banked turns!

the engines are higher power than the normal Silverlit planes around this price range.

Very happy with the plane & had loads of fun, dont forget ppl to wait till there is NO WIND to fly as it ends up ruining your fun if its abit windy.

Dont give up & wait for a clear day.

The daddy of Silverlit planes by far, i have 2 silverlit planes but this is the best fun!!!!

  Great fun. Goes like a bat out of hell!

| | See all jon1967's reviews (2)

On initially opening the box the plane looked like cheap polystyrene and didn't expect it to last long. Once charged after about 20 mins i was amazed at the speed of the thing for such a small plane. Tends to turn to the left regardless of trim adjustment but not such a bad thing as it won't fly off into the distance. Great for loop the loops and actobatics and you need your wits about you to keep control at the speed it goes. The polystyrene construction proved indestructable and the battery lasts ages on one charge. Well worth the £17.99 for the sheer entertainment value!

  Awesome !

| | See all FrancisD's reviews (1)

THE coolest thing ever ! I love it. Took it out the box, batteries in and it was flying before I knew it !. Easy to fly (once the trim is adjusted) looks cool and does ground take offs/landings ! A total must buy... I recommend to all.

  The plain did more than i thought

| | See all dicko5798's reviews (1)

For how much the plain cost is was a real good buy,
the feed points i.e the bad ones are caused by people not reading the info pam.
well worth the money.


| | See all jinjaboy's reviews (1)

a great little plane, when it first arrived in a big box i was realy exited but when i unwraped it i found out its actually quite small, but dont let the size put you off, i flew it in the park and i was amazed. it flies realy well, does loop-de-loops. i crashed it a couple of times but still good as new. easy to fly and lightweight, i found out that the elevator uses magnets to work to make it even more lightweight. i then showed it to my mate and now he's got one on the way to him.we should be able to do stunt shows together.
this plane is great fun and i highly recomend you to get this plane.
(remember to use brand new batteries in the control, otherwise the charging doesnt work)

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  freakin awesome

| | See all marky17's reviews (1)

its cheap
great fun
just need more room to play with it
i hired a hall with my m8s and both of them have one on different bandwiths of course and its just so much fun that we hire it out every 2 weeks just for that

  Read all these reviews and take heed!!!!

| | See all catcornish's reviews (1)

Flew once and then stopped working. It either won't recharge (the charging light goes out after 1 minute), or the plane is not recognising the signals - not sure but my son is really disappointed, in his words "a load of junk!"

  Mine broke after just a day :(

| | See all mgmt585's reviews (10)

I was really excited about getting this, like a three year old child on christmas day. Flew it outside a few times, always expecting to write it off as I'm totally inexperienced, but it was great fun! Then after no damage whatsoever, batteries still working, the rudder will move but the propellor won't! A tragic end to what seemed such an exciting toy, and from what I've read, it hasn't just happened to me.

  bargain beginer plane

| | See all atomicweasle's reviews (2)

iv been flyin rc planes for a while when this appeared on the market i was very sceptical. i got one not really expecting much, but only to find its awesome.
for starters its mega cheap which is always good
its ideal for people who dont knw how to fly an rc plane only turn control an elevator and throttle
it is virtually indestructable (i crashed it into my wifes oncomming car she wasnt happy!!)
its cheap to upkeep new props are a few quid
it takes off from the ground which 99%of cheap rc planes cant do and looks so cool
once you adjust its trim it does wot u tell it!

its like most things u practice with it an it becomes more than just a toy and youll be dive bombin the neighbours after only a few flights

ok it needs a calm day outside to fly or a large sports center, and for some reason my cats love to chew it but other than that its cool it looks good and its mega cheap ideal for everyone and if you have a couple of mates get them to buy a different colour (different bandwidths) and have a bit of dogfightin action or be cheesy and do a budget airshow for the family

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  A bit dissapointing-Although not bad

| | See all radio91's reviews (3)

Its not quite as good as it looks in the promotional video, It does fly quite well but its hard to control and the controls are slow to respond and also the turing controls are either fully on or fully off there is no gradient inbetween. I also found that it went out of range quite quicky. But hey what do you want for £17.99 Its cleary just a kids toy. If you an adult buy a real rc plane.

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