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Silverlit: X-Rotor R/C Picoo Z Apache Military Micro Helicopter

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Sooo fun

| | See all Darkdeva92's reviews (3)

I got it, its small like i expected but its soooo fun. i'm rubbish at flying it but i'm practicing, the turning goes out of control sometimes and i crash it, you have to turn it slowly like a bike or it turns out of control and spins and its hard to control or it will crash lol....so much fun though i can't stop playing with it...defo a good buy.

  Great Fun

| | See all Mauler72's reviews (1)

Bought this for a mate but kept it for myself.Such good fun easly set up with a quick charge of about 15 minute and your off a perfect bordem beater.Ive got mine on my desk ready to go.

  What a Hoot

| | See all germcevoy's reviews (4)

Brilliant fun. Can't believe the people who are knocking this, Its £12 quid!!, what else do you want. You get at least 10 minutes flying time from a 15 minute charge, it actually flies pretty well. Sure it can be a little unpredictable when the battery is dying but adjust your trim and you should soon be on top of things again. It takes crashes and knocks very well. Only fault I can see is the charger. Impossibly hard to connect it to the chopper but for £!2 quid its all thumbs up.

  Armchair Gunship

| | See all surfjunki3's reviews (2)

Works perfectly. Its much less of a flyer i.e. much more stable than the 'Wasp' helicopter and actually moves in that solid ponderous way you see the things move in the films (almost!). I wish they had these when i had toy soldiers to blow up! Very easy to fly.

  what a giggle

| | See all Abbze643's reviews (1)

Easy to use! Once you get the hang of it which takes 5 min! Keeps a big child like me amused for an hour or so at a time! Plus the dog like to chase it which nacker him out! All round good perchase!!!!!!


| | See all reviewman123's reviews (3)

At first it was a little tricky but eventually i got the hang of it and now i love it. Anyone who says it dosn't work is wrong and don't take enough time to get used to it. Also the battery time is a little short but what do you expect its tiny. Overall its a legendary little chopper and im buying another one.

  Quality little chopper!!

| | See all ParpyMcWhiff's reviews (1)

This is a great little copter and although I was sceptical at first, I bought one anyway and I'm so glad I did! It's a lot easier to fly than the r/c aircraft and as you can fly it indoors it doesnt get away from you. I found that it says 5-6 mins flight time but I get at least 10, while the manual says it takes 30 mins to charge and it only takes 15-20!
I got the hang of the controls after about 5 mins and although it does need occasional touches to the trim to keep it stable, I was flying it around my flat in no time. Flying over chairs, round obstacles and landing on coffe tables suddenly became tricky but very rewarding challenges, I'm really hooked on this thing! Even my 11 year old sister was flying it round the house with confidence after just 5-10 mins with it!
It's also worth mentioning the aircaft is incredibally stable in the air and can withstand a lot of punishment. Mine has taken a pasting and is still flying perfectly. It is however very light and so probably wouldnt fly well outside unless there is literally no wind at all, but it's great for indoor flight. You need copius amounts of space indoors, and once you get used to the controls you'll be negotiating rooms, corridors and stairs like a pro! You even get little sticky weight strips that you can apply to the nose to ive it a bit more forward motion. I only opted for the Apache version as I liked the livery, but I would thoroughly reccommend this spritely little chopper to anyone, espesially aviation enthusiasts, as it really is a great deal of fun. Speaking of which, mine's just charged again, so I'm off to have another go now!!

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  I like it!

| | See all CarlosVader's reviews (6)

This is my first RC heli and although it took some getting used to I've now managed to get it flying well once trimmed. Talking of trim, I found it easier to do this by starting it in the air from my hand then I had time to trim it before it could spin too much. It is a robust little thing too, the first flights ended an crashes but nothing broke and it now works well.
Battery life may only be five minutes or so, but given the size of the thing what more can you expect. I have read that flight time increases with use anyway, not that I'm too bothered as my attention span isn't much more than five minutes.
Overall it's a cool little gadget with an initially steep learning curve if like me you haven't flown one before, but is great once you get the hang of it.

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  Not very good!

| | See all steve12375's reviews (3)

I purchased this helicopter a couple of days ago and am not very impressed! Having read reviews on other Picoo Z helicopters I was expecting something good, but I was wrong! The battery charge lasts 5mins at the most and at least a minute of that the helicopter roters are turning, but not fast enough to get off the ground!
Controlling the helicopter isn't very good as the 'trim' doesn't work very well at all and the helicopter just spins unless you have the turn lever hard right!!
I guess I should have expected that the helicopter wouldn't be very good for that price! But still I wouldn't recommend anyone buy one because of the poor battery life!

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