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Laser Cosmos Projector

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Customer Reviews

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  Great - but use carefully!

| | See all Bethbaggins's reviews (1)

The laser cosmos is indeed amazing but a word of warning - we left it on a couple of times for more than four hours (it warns against this in the instructions) as our son would fall asleep to it, and the laser burnt out. It was just over a year old so we had no replacement option and as it's a laser and not a bulb (we phoned the manufacturer) it cannot be replaced - an expensive mistake! Still want to save up and by another one though!

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| | See all TheMinx's reviews (23)

I can almost guarantee that one of the first words you utter after switching this on will be "wow". Such a great gadget that transforms your room into a magical light show and will be marvelled by many, young and old. I have bought this for a Christmas gift for my partner who loves all things Space i'm sure he won't be disappointed. Reasonable price tag from Play, after doing some online browsing Play was cheapest. Yes the fan does grumble away a little, but not enough to bother or qualify for anything less than a 5/5 star rating.

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| | See all iceman3's reviews (1)

If you are a bit worried about spending this much on a gadget that may be rubbish, dont be.This is an amazing machine that will blow you away, you will not be dissapointed. This is without doubt the best gadget I have ever bought.

  very clever very bright

| | See all thevolbade's reviews (5)

I bought this from play and the Lazar pod from iwoot this by far for me is the better of the two also £30 cheaper from play with this device you get a series of green Lazar pin dot lights across what ever backdrop you project at then on the top there is a turn control that allows you the control the strength of the blue cloud i.e light/dark the whole device is quite light yet sturdy its cooled by a fan which on my own is a bit loud yet when i used this in my g/friends b/room we both laid on the bed amazed at the green dot like stars moving across the ceiling and the blue cloud enveloping and rolling around in the centre of the green stars this just doest cover a small section the further away from the backdrop the more it covers and doesn't seem to loose quality I would give this five stars but for the sound of the fan.

  laser cosmos

| | See all jaiboi2's reviews (3)

Truly a remarkable piece of equipment i really was blown away at how clear the stars are and the cloud formations with the shooting stars flying by once in a while is a spectacle. I recomend this to anyone as a gift or for yourself. It is so easy to use aswell just plug it in sit back relax and delve into your own private universe in the comfort of your own home. I just wish they were a little bit cheaper as it would have been nice to purchase a few of these laser wonders for my nephews for christmas.

  Galaxy In Your Bedroom!

| | See all Mnomic's reviews (2)

I thought this was a cracking little gadget.
When I first turned it on I was expecting to see just thousands of stationary laser lights pointing at the ceiling.
But I was surprised to see that they all slowly rotated around a centre 'cosmos' and not only that but each 'star' seemed to have a mind of its own. They moved about and looked as if they were passing behind other 'stars'. It's quite good to watch just one and see if you can follow it around the ceiling.
I liked the shooting star which shoots past every now and then, they can be easily missed if you turn away for even a second.
The cats also loved this gadget, I don't know who were more mesmerised me or them! At first they didn't know what to think of it, and after doing summersaults for half an hour trying to catch the stars, they eventually settled down and took in the view.
If you've always liked looking up at the stars at night but find it's always cloudy then this is the next best thing, just hook it up, adjust the brightness, sprawl across your bed and enjoy.
This would also be ideal if you have small children aswell. I would have loved to have something like this when I was a kid. Since I'm a 70's child I was brought up with Star Wars so my bedroom would have been a galaxy far far away while mine and my brother's bunk beds would have been the millennium falcon!

  Fantastic Gadget

| | See all mrsshopper's reviews (1)

Loving the Laser Cosmos Projecter, brought for my son but so amazed by the beautiful star effect that will be making a second purchase for myself . It really is awesome and would recommend it in a heartbeat. Great price from play.com.


| | See all dawnf1's reviews (1)

My fiancee bought me this fo my christmas, it is fantastic!!! Switch all the lights off and lie back and watch the cosmos gently moving accross your ceiling. It's so de-stressing and relaxing! I'm sure it would also help people who have sleeping difficulties. Watching it in bed relaxes you to the point of sleep.
Very low hum comes out of the projector so is quiet enough to drop off to.
The cats were mesmerised also, so many green dots, which one to chase? They give up and just sit and watch too!
When he bought this we did a lot of searching for the cheapest one, and play.com with free deivery was the best price. Worth every penny.

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| | See all T100dvder's reviews (3)

This has to be the best gadget I have ever owned! It is truly fantastic to watch the effects on a ceiling and well worth buying. Shame about the daft shape of it..Looks a little like a cheap Soap awards statuette.but you dont see that in the dark while watching what it can do ..5 stars plus!

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| | See all jim38curl's reviews (1)

Fell in love with this before i had even purchased it after reading so many good reviews on this site and others. Managed to justify buying it to the other half as an xmas present for my mum :). Received it a few days ago now and am still finding excuses to not wrap it up. My Son's claimed it at the moment ! Am thinking that we'll have to sort some kind of a cosmos family share out or think about buying another. The stars are really undescribeable, until you see them you can never imagine how good the whole effect is. Only 2 slight grumbles, the first is the same as the other reviewer, the shape of the projector makes it look pretty strange in the living room but ideal for the kids room. Maybe they underestimated how much appeal it would have to adults ( or just thought that adults would like a childish star shape ). Second grumble is that on the advice leaflet it advises not to leave on for more than a 4 hour period to prolong life. I would of liked to put it on and listen as usual to music before i go to sleep. Would be a bit worried now about falling asleep with it on. It may be that a couple of extra hours wouldn't hurt and the manufacturer is just covering them selves ? Anyway, would still highly recommend and would still consider buying another.

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