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Bladez 3D RC Helicopter

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Customer Reviews

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  Fun and good looking RC Helicopter

| | See all Salam123's reviews (1)

I found the Bladez 3D to be very stable and easy to control (with practise) and this is coming from a novice! I managed a decent enough hover in the 2nd flight and should be able to master precise movements in a weekend of non stop flights....

Although I recommend having losts of space indoors if you want your heli in one piece!

Still Have to test this outdoors but I imagine it should be fine in calm weather and light winds.

The controllers is a bit cheap but does the job well (hence the 4 stars)

Overall, and excellent RC Heli for the price and is a lot fun!

  Great Toy - have cured the cutting out!

| | See all crookymonster's reviews (1)

This is an awesome bit of kit, novelty has worn off for me so am selling it, but in case you haven't figured it out yet.......
The reason they cut out is usually because the antenna cable is in the way of the sensor, where the little l.e.d comes on. make sure there is nothing in the way of that and problem solved!!!

  Not without problems

| | See all BENJOD's reviews (1)

Initial thoughts were very favourable. Hovers like a dream and manouveres with very little effort. However, mine liked to stop working when it felt like it, usually 30 feet in the air. No warning just instant power loss that required switching off and on again to get it working. Also when the battery was exhausted it just plummeted to the floor...dead. It only lasted 2 charges before it had one plummet too many. Now its held together with glue , tape and rubber bands and flies like its had a good night out with the lads i.e wobbling and confused. Got a spares pack off internet, but the main motor housing contained in the pack is the wrong size for the Bladez motors. After all that though i will buy another Bladez, and just hope my first was a duff one. Lets hope this one lives longer than 2 hours. .......Update 24/3/2009... Second one behaves the same as the first one, i.e not very good. Pretty poor value for money as it broke within 2 minutes as power cut out. Dont waste your money. Better spending £100 on a decent one.

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  What Fun

| | See all chopperjoe's reviews (14)

Best remote control helicopter ive played with. Great fun. The first one didn't work but play returned it post haste and a few days later i had my new one, its fragile unlike some others but makes up for it with its 3d control and size.

  damage control

| | See all capnjasper's reviews (2)

Update: The outer shaft is carbon fibre and fractures at the point where the lower blades are attached by a small screw.You can order 4mm carbon fibre tube from online kite suppliers.The toy can take quite a few hard knocks. The undercarriage is weak however and can fracture on hard landing. The blades will fold when they hit a hard object but you should get some spares because too many hits will cause the tips to break off. The vertical drive shaft may bend after impact and this will cause the inner shaft to bind inside the outer shaft and this will give the impression that the power has dropped off. The shaft can be relased at the bottom brass collar and then eased with the help of some WD40.

  Great...Just keep it indoors!

| | See all KevSixtySix's reviews (1)

A great helicopter. Easy to fly if you just go for it and get it off the ground straight away.
Dont take it outside at all, i took it out on a very very calm day yet the breeze took it away. I had to fly over a river and a train track before i ditched it in some trees. All that time i was worried that it would go out of range or run out of battery. Luckily it didnt. It is very robust, it cut out on me whilst 15ft high but it landed on some grass so it was fine.

  great fun!!

| | See all NDKgooner's reviews (3)

Great fun! Battery lasts for about 8 mins off charge so plenty of flight time. Easy control, and importantly...durable to crashes!!
What else could one want?!!

  Great flyer!

| | See all AliSmith's reviews (10)

I got the helicopter for xmas and thought that it woudl be difficult to fly. Nothing could be further from the truth, as it's really easy to control, once you get the hang of trimming it.

I've crashed it a few times (ooopsie!) but it's not been damaged at

Great fun to buzz around the house!!!

  Addictive fun, but has problems

| | See all looter's reviews (1)

This is a great heli, loads of fun to fly, and great value.
Also has a range of spares available for those innevitable accidents. Spares also available as syma s001 heli (identical) if that helps anyone.
Same problem with mine as listed above , powers just cuts out randomly once or twice during flight time and heli just drops to the floor. Just means i practice a lot of low level manouvering. Still good fun though.

  Very Disappointing.

| | See all marchingontogether's reviews (2)

Pre-ordered and waited nearly 4 weeks for it, that was fair enough .
When it arrived I eagerly opened it up, but the charger wouldn't work, so I contacted Play.com, and was led through the returns precedure.
Just over a week later, my replacement heli' arrived, Great stuff!!
I'll get flying now, OOPS, ER NO, this was also faulty, the transmitter wouldn't work, so back it goes again, this time for a refund.
Looking for a great Heli', then don't choose this one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.