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Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  A very original Resi game!

| | See all Dexterfanboy's reviews (2)

This game mixes what everyone loved from the first three Resi games (the scares, the panic etc.) with the best action of the last two resi games to show you how innovative and fascinating the minds of Capcom work. Its a spin off/prequel to Resi 5 and i suggest you get it!

  If you enjoyed Resident Evil 4 then you love Revelatons!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

Capcom have made the best looking game for the 3ds so far it looks amazing. I been playing Resident Evil: Revelatons on the edge of my seat late at night and at times I have nearly jumped out my skin. This is the most creepy game I have played since Silent Hill 2 on the PS2. The story is very gripping and atmospheric. You get to play as Jill Valentine and Chris Redfied during different stages of the game. Along your way you will have either Parker Luciani or the very hot looking Jessica Sherwat helping you out, depending on who you are playing as with each mission.
The monsters in this game are very nasty looking and if you don't mind spending a bit more money for much better controls then I highly recommend the Circle Pad Pro add on. Overall Resident Evil: Revelatons is a must have game for the 3ds especially if you are a big fan of Resident Evil 4 like myself.

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  A high end console game on a handheld

| | See all PhoShizzle's reviews (1)

Having now played and finished this game, this is easily the most impressive game I have played so far on the 3DS, for many reasons.

Firstly, the graphics are very special and would not look out of place on any console.

Secondly, the game itself works and plays beautifully. I have a few small problems with the aiming of weapons etc but that is down to the fact I struggle with any FPS games without a mouse and keyboard.

Lastly, the story and how it builds is fantastic. I was hooked from the outset and could not stop playing.

All in all it really does not have that "watered-down" feeling you sometimes get from games on handhelds. This game could easily be ported to PC, 360 etc and would still be a rich and rewarding experience on those platforms.

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  Simply Amazing.

| | See all YakumoX's reviews (3)

This game has become one of my favourite games of all time. Everything is amazing about this game. Graphics, gameplay, music-sound, controls, lasting appeal, online play, everything is perfect. This game is a must buy for any 3DS owner. Anyone that doesn't have a 3DS and considers himself-herself a gamer should get a 3DS to play this game. This game is amazing!


| | See all PeteWattsUk's reviews (12)

If you own a 3DS to owe it to yourself to buy this game, its like playing a Xbox360 game on the go and with headphones in it can be an amazingly immersive experience. The story ihas the high Capcom polish added to it, fantastic graphics and Raid mode is addictive. It plays fine without the circle pad add on and has loads of replayablity

Capcom are very quickly becoming the best developer for the 3DS

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  Great wee game

| | See all BigHairyCocunuts's reviews (18)

I bought this as Resi game Operation Racoon city was put back to March, a good game, easy to use touch pad, the only negative is if your used to a control pad for X-Box or PS3 the L1 & R1 buttons can be tricky.
Game wise, quite good, great graphics considering DS, very addictive, and on-line play can be useful against some bosses.
When you complete unlike other games, you get to keep your upgraded weapons, this is pretty useful if you choose to play on hard....
If your a Resi fan as I am, buy it.


| | See all Nath666's reviews (7)

Amazing game the best resi evil since 3, looks great, sounds great, the main story takes at least 10 hours and the RAID mode well i have lost about 13 hours to it so far its beyond addictive! a must buy for any resi evil fan.

  Fantastic game for old resi fans. Highly recommend Slide Pad

| | See all PlatinumNexus's reviews (15)

This game is exactly what i was hoping it would be. After the bitter dissapointment I had with Resident Evil 5, and not having many games for my 3DS i had fingers crossed that Revelations would impress, and that it did!

From the get go, you will feel creeped out, with a very tense atmouspheric soundtrack and the claustrophobic nature of the levels. I do however, highly advise playing this game through high quality headphones to get the full effect (i used beats). Although some of the gameplay of old is missing, and zombies are aswell, as an old school resident evil fan myself, this is the first modern resident evil that hasnt dissapointed me by the abscence of zombies.

This game easily has the best graphics and sound of any 3DS game to date, and as for the gameplay it is arguably the best of any of the modern resident evil games.

One thing i couldnt recommend any more is to also purchase the slide pad pro as without this I was unable to find a way of aiming and moving at the same time (There may be a way but i couldnt find it) It also feels more natural to play this game with two slide pads instead of the one

Best 3DS game ive played to date :)

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  Revelations is a revelation!

| | See all Chuffed's reviews (40)

Brilliant game , good story and gameplay. Plenty of side missions good controls even with out the add on controller. Would say this is the best game to buy to show they capabilities of the 3.d.s. also a very strong addition to the Resident Evil games as it bridges the story between Resident Evil 4 and 5 ( though if you are new to the series the game has a perfectly good story of its own ). I would rate it better then Resident Evil 5! A must buy for anyone wanting a lengthy game and a good challenge. Wasn't that much of a resident evil fan but this game is amazing especially as I can play it on my way to work. Happy Days :o)

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  Finally back to the roots!!

| | See all deano20011's reviews (6)

I have just started playing this and what can I say? There are no faults as yet, though I have only finished the first chapter I was very reluctant to put it down. The graphics are amazing for such a small device, the gameplay is smooth and the new aiming system which allows you to switch between first and third person is a fantastic addition. It's nice to have Jill as the main protagonist once again, this time joined by a newcomer, their mission, to search for a missing Chris Redfield. If you are a fan of the classic Resident evil trilogy/Code veronica X (my personal favourite) then this is for you, it's all about searching, conserving ammo and most importantly, SURVIVING!!!